Linzi Drew

Top marks again to star contributor Martyn for spotting that the model in this 1982 Iron Maiden photoshoot bears an uncanny resemblance to 80s spanking video star Linzi Drew!

Is that model in the Iron Maiden feature – none other than Linzi Drew? Looks quite a lot like her in the otk photo, less so in the standing up shot, right sort of body shape that’s for sure! 1982 would be about the right time.

I think a close look at the pictures in this post proves that he’s right.

linzi drew 001 linzi drew 002

The left shot comes from Linzi’s Warden’s End shoot for Janus. The features are identical right down to the eye make up. The style and colour of the hair looks different, but the cover shot for soft porn mag Smart (left below) shows that she did once sport a chestnut coloured 1980s perm.

linzi drew 005 linzi-drew 008

During a varied career in the UK sex industry Linzi worked as a stripper, glamour model and porn actress and was at one time the editor of Penthouse magazine. At her height, in the 1980s, she appeared nude on a monthly basis in Club International.

Roger Waters Pros Cons HH linzi drew 009

Linzi had minor roles in a handful of mainstream films including An American Werewolf in London. She also appeared bare-bottomed on the cover of Roger Waters’ solo album The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking. (By this time she had gone blonde!)

But it is for her appearances in Janus that we know her best. I remember the classic Warden’s End photo shoot (and video) had an instant wow factor. It stood out because of the attractiveness and poise of the model who looked like a page three girl – which I now know she was!.

The idea of a traffic warden coming in off Old Compton Street to give a ticket to the assistant in the Janus shop was amusing, original and, just about, believable! The authentic uniform gave added realism and massive extra sex appeal too

You can download Warden’s End here or simply view the full photo-spread by clicking on the thumbnails.


Linzi appeared in another video called The Cane and Mr Abel. Produced by Harrison Marks, it was one of the first UK titles to be released in the new video cassette format.

And it was the first spanking movie that Martyn ever owned!

Linzi plays a PE teacher who illegally canes a very attractive sixth form girl on her bare bottom for writing a malicious note about her. She gets caught and in turn gets spanked by the headmaster. I just couldn’t believe I was watching it on my own TV! It cost a whopping £50 back in 1985 but I thought it was the best 50 quid I had ever spent! How times have changed!

7 thoughts on “Linzi Drew”

  1. I bought that video as well, it probably wasn’t the 1st I owned but it must have been amongst the first few. And yes the price was horrendous and I probably had to miss a few drinking sessions with my friends to afford it. Also at that time (early 80s) I was still living with my parents and had to wait until they were out to watch it. The wait was agonising as I was desperate to see the film, partly because in those days some videos of that type were of exceptionally bad quality and almost unwatchable. When I did finally see it I enjoyed it immensely. Somehow these days, when I don’t have to worry about anyone walking in and being horrified by what I am watching, it’s not as exciting.

    1. simon: thanks for that trip down memory lane which I’m sure will have struck a chord with many. I once bought a tape which turned out to have nothing on it at all! It’s true some of the excitement can get lost these days when so much is handed to us on a plate. Can’t say I feel nostalgic for the wobbly pause button on VCRs though!

  2. A very attractive young lady with a fine bottom for those caning pics.
    As we’re talking relative costs between now and the ’80s I got to thinking, how old would Linzi be today? She’s probably an ould granny. I wonder if she ever looks back on her old pics and movies 🙂


    1. No idea how old Linzi is now, but I do know she is married to another porn star Ben Dover and they have a a young son who is in one of the UK’s most popular sitcoms – Outnumbered.

  3. BTW there was a particular page three girl of the 1980s that Linzi reminded me of. She used to be my favourite – Jilly Johnson.

  4. I used to lust over Linzi in the 80’s… hmmm, a lot of *ahem* hand relief when I couldn’t get a girl on the odd occasion (although I was a babe magnet back then, lol) as I was like a dog on heat in my student years!
    Thanks for the memories, I have a little more self control nowadays 🙂

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