Hands of Iron

I’ve had this clip for a while but I don’t have any information at all about where it comes from. No title, no date, nothing.

Does anyone recognise it?

11 thoughts on “Hands of Iron”

  1. I recognise it too but can’t supply any background info. She had a lovely arse though and the pianist clearly liked spanking her too.

  2. It does have that certain European delicacy which American spanko stuff just doesn’t have.
    There’s another very similarly sensitive spanking situation in a clip from
    ‘Discipline Domestique’ if you can find it. It’s about the French spanker invited to dine, and then spank the lady of the house post prandial pleasures, while hubby watches to music.Very tasteful.

  3. Thanks kl, Ken and Chross for the help with identifying this clip which I now realise is one I spent a long time looking for in the 90s.

    During that decade I came across a list of movie spanking scenes that didn’t contain any old chestnuts such as McLintock or The Iron Maiden. Just recent scenes from the 1980s to the present. This was before I got the internet and so the information was like gold dust to me! Many of the scenes, such as Tank, Sorority Babes, Love Crimes and Live Nude Girls, are now old classics themselves but at the time they were the cutting edge of must-see new mainstream spankings.

    The films were pretty obscure but I eventually managed to buy most of them on video, but one always eluded me – a film called “In Excess” which starred… Julian Sands and Joanna Pacula. This turns out to be a third alternative title for this movie. No wonder I had trouble finding it!

    Still better late than never, and I agree that it’s a good scene and Joanna Pacula is a very beautiful spankee. On her Wikipedia page it claims that she was the first actress to be spanked on the bare bottom in a mainstream movie.


  4. Very interesting research about Joanna. I remember her from a BBC series too some years ago. I can’t recall the name of the series but I do remember her unusual surname.

    That movie was made in 1992, a time when spanking was still taboo in mainstream movies. Very brave!


  5. FJ: The surname is Polish and the other scene you mentioned sounds like “La Fessee” the French film about the adventures of M. Leon the “master spanker”.

  6. Joanna played Doc Holiday’s main squeeze in Tombstone in 1993. In it she is portrayed as a whore who puts up with Doc’s addictions and his physical abuses.

    She really is quite attractive and playe the role in Husbands and Lovers so well. It really is a cerebral look at power issues and the last gasps of the concepts of free love and open marriages.

    It shows the lack of understanding of the whole issue of spanking and submission. The scene where her dominant lover finds her in the greenhouse and whips her with a crop before taking her from behind is chilling, yet so powerful. It shows her addiction to the submission, not the master.

    The last part of the film, where her husband goes to kill her perhaps illustrates the point the best. This is the ultimate power trip. She goes out, knowingly accepting he may shoot her. Her husband has trumped the lover at last. She returns home to her true master.

    Really heavy stuff for the times.

    Thanks for sharing the clip!


  7. Thanks for the great movie review Jim! You make a strong case that this film treats the subject of spanking and submission in a sensitive and positive way – 12 years before Secretary was hailed as ground-breaking for doing something similar.

    The whole (Italian) film was uploaded to Youtube in 29 parts but about 9 parts are now removed including the spanking scene and the cropping scene you mentioned.

  8. I often wonder about actresses who agree to go into movies where they are spanked according to script, Dana Delaney featured in at least two, to my knowledge, now Joana Pacula seems to have been in two also. There are others whom I can’t think of right now, but do these women have an inclination for being spanked in real life or is just movie producers who have been impressed by them in a previous movie who write a spanking scene into the movie script?

    Perhaps we might see the delightful Maggie Gyllenhaal from ‘Secretary’ appear in yet another film to be spanked.

    Just a thought……


    Just a thought….

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