Underbelly Razor

Underbelly RazorThis is a brand new scene from episode 1 of a 13-part Australian television series. Set in the late 1920s, Underbelly Razor tells the story of two vice queens who were leading members of the “razor gangs” that controlled the Sydney underworld at that time.

Beautiful young redhead Nellie Cameron applies for a job as a prostitute, and one of her first clients, a gangland boss played by Richard Bracantisano, makes her go over his knee. Nellie played by Anna McGahan is reluctant at first, but as he proceeds to spank her bare bottom, she starts to find it enjoyable.

McGahan spends much of the first two episodes nude and she is well cast as Nellie who in real life was “a redhead with a ripe figure and provocative china blue eyes”. I suspect this reviewer had the spanking scene in mind when he wrote that:

Anna McGahan is breathtaking in her portrayal of almost frightening sexuality and amorality. McGahan is to be congratulated too, for not shying away from several displays of dazzling art deco harlotry.

Anna McGahan and Richard Bracantisano

Underbelly Razor is the fourth series in the Underbelly franchise and a prequel to the original series which also included a spanking scene. See Madeleine West spanked in the first series of Underbelly here.

15 thoughts on “Underbelly Razor”

  1. Nice to see, but a bit of a steal from ‘Secretary’. Aussies are still a bit coy about what we spankos need to appreciate a proper spanking session.


  2. I think it’s a delightful clip, the young lady has a wonderful bottom and her reluctance and then apparent enjoyment is interesting. I don’t know why mainstream clips are so much more enjoyable than out and out spanking movies but to me they always are.

  3. Have to agree with Simon and SOTB – these new Aussie scenes are all beautifully filmed and acted. (Great music too).

    This clip also nicely demonstrates one of the principal laws of spanko-dynamics. In any line up of potential spankees the redhead will ALWAYS be picked out!

    Chross has said that he will try to find an uncut version of the scene. It will be interesting to know what the guy says just before she says: “Do I have to?”

    “Get over my knee!” presumably.

  4. Ha! I thought one of these esteemed sites would have this up fairly soon! It is, as we say down here, a real ripper. N.B. Yes the buildup in this clip doesn’t show things in full. Strongly recommend you or Chross get a clip encompassing the entire buildup, I assure you its worth it.

  5. Definitely gladdening to see that a bit of spanking’s being written into scripts these days. The redheaded lass reminded my of one of the girls Jonathan spanks in the ‘Kiss Me Kate’ clip.


  6. Father Jon: As an Aussie and a regular commenter here, I’m pleased you’ve finally come to your senses. A curvy redhead being slapped on her bare arse on prime time tv? You really don’t know how lucky you are.

    Bruce: A ripper? That’s a cricketing term isn’t it?
    I agree that the sight of Anna McGahan’s bottom is enough to make anyone’s middle stump explode! I heard that on Twitter glasses were being drained every time titties appeared on this show. The spanking scene must be worth a crate of 4X at least!

    Chross: Thanks for adding to my post. 🙂

  7. Valdor, yes, I’m an Aussie and love to see spanking being brought back as the sweetest form of male titillation after decades in the wilderness. Like the rest of the English-speaking world we seem to have gone through a puritanical phase here, but hopefully we’ll see some more bare bottom spankings in the future ;-


  8. I can report that this broadcast has had the excellent outcomes of 1) enticing the missus into a good OTK session last night 2) generating very interesting “water cooler talk” around the office about the program, and this scene in particular – widespread popularity and interest! They load up the sex scenes at the start of these “Underbelly” series, nothing like a bit of soft core to get the general populace engaged.

  9. Good to hear that this has gone down well with the viewing public in Oz. Hope you guys will let me know if there’s any more spanking or talk about spanking on Razor. There are THREE very attractive leading ladies and 10 episodes still to go, so you never know.

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