Lessons From Lochgelly

In the aftermath of this summer’s riots in England, there were lots of calls for the return of corporal punishment. In this report from The One Show, screened when the street violence and looting was at its peak, even the BBC seems to be coming over a bit misty-eyed and nostalgic about the days when Scottish teachers beat pupils with a heavy leather belt known as a tawse. As author Ian Rankin puts it: “It sort of worked!”

One thought on “Lessons From Lochgelly”

  1. As an ‘old boy’ from the Scottish school system let me inform you all that it damned well worked in most cases. I was yer typical brat but knew just how far to chance my luck, and NEVER got flogged! It was the idiots and showmen who got their arses thoroughly warmed and striped.
    In later life I became a teacher and saw the decline in discipline and basic politeness amongst pupils from the onset of the day CP was banned. Even today kids will still chant ‘you can’t cane us anymore’! Seeing as CP was banned back in the mid ’80s in Australia, it says a lot about the negative influence of these kids’ parents that they’d bring up caning as a lost enforcer to discipline.
    I like CP with consensual adult ladies, but I also agree, on another parallel, that an element of CP ‘fear’ is a good thing in the background of a well run school.
    BTW when did you last hear of street riots in Singapore? Why do you think that might be the case?

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