Some Pictures from JS

ellen page drew barrymore

LOOK! LOOK! Drew Barrymore is grabbing Ellen Page’s butt!

Gotta love this picture that JS 666 was kind enough to send me.

EllenPage TheTraceyFragments

He also included a screen grab of Ellen Page from the film The Tracey Fragments so we can see what Drew was getting to grips with.

And if you prefer your film stars with a bit more meat on them, he attached a shot of Kat Dennings looking sensationally curvy. I mentioned in a previous post that Kat was my favourite in the film House Bunny, and looking at this picture, I’m sure I made the right call. JS said “it’s from the L.A. premiere of Thor, when Kat was especially pretty and wore something that fit like the skin of a sausage.”


Plenty to grab hold of there – shame Drew Barrymore isn’t creeping up behind her!

2 thoughts on “Some Pictures from JS”

  1. Is Ellen Page related to Betty Page. Or is Ellen Page just a stage name? I wonder if Ellen was aware of Betty Page when she chose it. I’m presuming the lead picture is related somehow to the movie “Whip It” in which Ellen starred and which involved a lot of roller derby girls and their antics.

  2. Bettie Page is of course Ellen Page’s grandma. I thought everyone knew that Karl. 🙂

    Perhaps Drew is checking to make sure Ellen hasn’t got any protection stuffed down her shorts before sending her off on a trip down Spank Alley! (JS told me that the standard penalty in some roller derby leagues is to send the girl down a narrow corridor with fans on either side swatting at her.)

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