The Lost Flipper

diver detail

The Lost Flipper is an unpublished drawing in chalk, pen and ink by an anonymous artist. The current owner, who bought it at auction, told me that he believes it to be a preparatory sketch for a finished painting.

He explains that:

“While searching for his missing flipper, the diver comes across a fantastical scene in the coral reef below; an octopus is using it to spank a pair of misbehaving mermaids!”

The Lost Flipper

No use of this picture without permission

4 thoughts on “The Lost Flipper”

  1. I have seen this somewhere before or a scene very like. I even thought I had a copy somewhere or one on a similar theme.

    Maybe the artist did finish it and it is that one that has done the rounds earlier and this is just an earlier version.

    In any case a great find.


  2. Would certainly love to see the finished painting if it’s knocking around the net anywhere.

    Think I might have seen some mermaid spankings before, but not the same as this one.

  3. Sorry I can’t find it – but I have a lot of uncatalogued pix – I might have seen it in a magazine like Janus back in the 80s or 90s – it was very similar – may be the same one – just not sure – if not, it might have been the same artist.

    good find anyway 🙂 DJ

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