Jilly Cooper’s Riders

Jilly Cooper's Riders

I try to keep half an eye on the blog search terms for ideas and inspiration, and someone arrived here last week after searching for “spanking scene in Jilly Cooper’s Riders.” I don’t know if that person had heard that there was one, but a jodhpur clad behind with a riding crop AND a hand across it on the cover of the DVD might have reasonably made them think so.

The opening titles of the 1993 TV adaptation are even more promising as you can see on my Youtube clip. I don’t know who the bare bottom belongs to but, like the cover, it’s just a tease and there are no further CP scenes.

riders fenn

Talking of jodhpur clad behinds though, the best thing about Riders was Fenella, the sassy stable apprentice played by Sienna Guillory in her first screen role when she was 18.

Watch this clip to see what I mean – as I said, no spanking, but boy Michael Praed really should have had her over his knee and applied a very stable hand to those heavenly hindquarters.

Sienna is now most famous for playing Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil movies – a cyber-space version of Fenella really.

sienna guillory in riders 

“Jill’s got everything a girl wants to be – she dresses to kill, says whatever she wants and can shoot anyone between the eyes in a fifty-yard radius. She’s hard as nails and she’s great fun. And not at all afraid of being quite the sexy minx.” (Sienna Guillory)

Still no word on the new TV version of Jilly Cooper’s Octavia, which MIGHT have a spanking scene, IF the book is followed closely. It’s been put “on ice” due to the economic downturn and it’s beginning to look as if it will never be screened now.

Finally, if you’re a fan of jodhpurs and you haven’t seen it already don’t miss Rachel Riley’s Countdown appearance earlier this year.

2 thoughts on “Jilly Cooper’s Riders”

  1. Wow! The ass that launched a thousand spanking fantasies!!

    Never seen that before so massive thanks Damien for finally revealing what those jodhpurs were stretching so tightly across! And pleased to report that it doesn’t disappoint – she is indeed very well endowed as I suspected. 🙂 🙂

    I read on her Wikipedia page that she was expelled from her posh girl’s boarding school for stealing. Hmm..think I can feel fantasy one thousand and one coming on!

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