Uniform Special – (Naughty) Nurses Part One – Movies and TV

As there is quite a bit of material relating to nurses I’ve decided to split this Uniform Special into three parts each dealing with a different media. We begin with movies and TV.

Many of us have fantasized about spanking a nurse at one time or another. So who is the most spankable screen nurse of all time?

Kate Beckinsale and the classic crisp white 1940s uniform she wore in Pearl Harbor would I’m sure get plenty of votes. JS666, who helped me with these posts, is especially keen on ER’s Linda Cardellini who sported unisex “scrubs” (“basically pyjamas with all the possibilities they have” says JS!). Then there’s “Hot Lips” Houlihan in M*A*S*H* played by Loretta Swit who wore army medical uniform.

kate beckinsale nurse linda cardellini nurse

lorettaswit michelle trachtenberg nurse

More recently, in Mercy Michelle Trachtenberg played a naive graduate who is thrown in at the deep end of the world of nursing. Plenty of scope for spanking fantasies there and she looked especially cute in that modern uniform complete with a child-friendly cartoon print!

The nearest thing to a nurse spanking in a Hollywood film that I could come up with is Celeste Holm in Champagne for Caesar. She’s actually a bogus nurse whose real aim is to spy on her bed-ridden patient. When her cover is blown he takes a hairbrush to her backside! Unfortunately the spanking is off screen, but she does look great in her 1950 uniform and cape.

celeste holm nurse

The TV series Trapper John, MD, which began in 1979, was a spin off from M*A*S*H complete with another hot nurse who had a provocative nickname:- Nurse Gloria “Ripples” Mancusi (played by an actress with the decidedly UN-provocative name of Christopher Roberts!).

christopher roberts

According to a comment by Fatherjim on the Chross blog:

There was an episode, where Trapper’s “friend’ comes to the hospital and tries to stir up trouble, including taking Trapper’s job. He tells the head nurse, and her subordinate blond nurse (Ripples) that Trapper says that the nurses could all use a good spanking.

Later, the head-nurse who obviously believes the lie threatens Trapper to leave her nurses alone, to which he replies, “What do you think I’m going to do, spank them?” She replies, “You’d best not lay one hand on my nurses,” implying he might do just that, as if it were possible that a doctor could and would spank the nurses.

Naughty nurses were all over the place in British films of the 1960s and 70s, first in the Doctor and Carry On series and later in sex comedies such as Rosie Dixon Night Nurse. This brings us to my personal favourite screen nurse – Anita Harris as Nurse Clark in Carry On Doctor.

Anita never got spanked but in one scene she is trying to rescue a junior doctor who is stuck on a roof. He grabs on to her skirt but slides back taking her skirt with him! Anita is left in her red knickers pulling a pose that Samantha Woodley would be proud of! You can watch the whole roof escapade here.

anita harris 003 anita harris nurse

As the chill wind of political correctness took hold, naughty nurses became thinner on the ground although comedian Benny Hill was chasing them around parks and trying to slap their behinds well into the 1980s.

benny hill naughty nurses

Moving into this century, Hill might have approved of Scrubs which featured fast-paced screenplay, surreal humour and good old-fashioned slapstick. Not to mention some very hot women!

Sarah Chalke as Elliot Reid plays a doctor but she got a swat from a patient and then appeared in a hot fantasy sequence as a naughty nurse too (see the embedded video). Best of all at the end of the clip she bends over for another swat from Donald Faison for failing to keep his little fantasy about her a secret.

I’m sure I must have missed some screen nurse spankings so if you can add to this post please leave a comment. And don’t forget to check back for my summaries of naughty nurse spanking in fetish pictures and stories which I will post over the next week or so. That’s if your blood pressure can stand it.

4 thoughts on “Uniform Special – (Naughty) Nurses Part One – Movies and TV”

  1. I can’t remember any actual spankings of nurses on British TV and since nurses have always been a favourite spanking fantasy of mine I think I would have remembered. There was an episode of the Avengers where Steed gave a nurse (dressed in the full traditional uniform of the 60s) one smack before locking her in a cupboard. Seems a shame that there haven’t been more especially when you think of some of the attractive actresses who have played nurses over the years.

  2. If you mean the scene one minute into this clip, Simon, then I think you’re mistaken about the swat. He puts his bowler hat down and just grabs her round the waist I think. (Had to watch it several times to be sure)

    But hey Patrick McNee was reported to be a subscriber to Janus magazine so he certainly would have relished a nurse in full traditional uniform across his knee!

    “Seems a shame that there haven’t been more especially when you think of some of the attractive actresses who have played nurses over the years.”

    I can’t argue with that!

  3. I don’t think that’s the episode I meant. I think it was the Linda Thorsen series but it was a long time ago and I might be getting confused.I always felt that The Avengers should have had some spanking in it. I personally would have been happy to be spanked by Mrs Peel and to spank Tara King or Purdey.

  4. there was a series Doctor in the house and Doctor at large on television in the 1970s some are on dvd discs i got one disc for one pound 99 pence with 3 shows the other day in the works store,love and spanks ,Tim xx

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