Uniform Special (Naughty) Nurses – Part Three – Pictures

Apparently, the “naughty nurse” will be one of the most popular costumes worn at Halloween this year but the sexing up of nurse uniforms is nothing new as the pin-up picture shows (top left)

naughty nurse 002 naughty nurse 001

candystriper naughty nurse 003

Fetishised nurses uniforms are often based on candy stripers (bottom left). In the U.S. a candy striper is a young, female hospital volunteer. The name comes from the candy cane look of their red and white-striped pinafores.

You might have thought that there would be some cartoons of candy stripers receiving extra “candy stripes” to their bottoms. Never found one of those but I do have a nice Dan de Carlo ‘toon which uses a pun on the word “discipline”.

naughty nurse 004 spanked-nurse

naughty nurse 006 spanked-nurse-02

In the top right picture, the spanker is a surgeon who is holding up a screen so the nurse can monitor the progress of this unusual ‘operation’ on her own bottom!

Bottom left is a kinky nurse caning by Hardcastle (aka Paula Meadows) from Janus magazine. I like the senior nurses who are watching with smug satisfaction. I don’t know where the bottom right picture comes from but note that fetish nurses ALWAYS wear high heels, never the practical flat shoes that real nurses wear.

naughty nurse 007 naughty nurse 008

Here’s some vintage shots from fetish producers which are F/F. In this series so far we’ve seen examples of nurses being spanked by doctors, surgeons, senior nurses and patients.

This final set is from a classic British nurse spanking video that uses some very authentic props and realistic uniforms (even flat shoes!!). Two pretty nurses are punished for uniform infractions including false nails, inappropriate underwear and temporary tattoos!

The female doctor who spanks them is played by Mrs Hanbury-Boyce who used to have a fearsome reputation for being one of the most enthusiastic tops in the business.

naughty nurse 0010 naughty Nurse 0015

naughty nurse 009 naughty nurse 0016

Next week I’ll post more screen caps as Mrs H-B get to work on imposing some much needed discipline on the staff of the King Charles Memorial Hospital. And as she says herself:

“I know just how to deal with a naughty nurse!”

3 thoughts on “Uniform Special (Naughty) Nurses – Part Three – Pictures”

  1. Whilst any approximation of a nurses uniform is interesting I have always found the pictures of a proper British uniform as worn until the 1980s the most exciting. The picture of the sister spanking the nurse is therefore the one I appreciated most. The old style uniforms probably were impractical and realistically the new overall style is far more sensible but I certainly think that it was a great look. I spent a lot of time in hospitals in the 60s and 70s but initially I was too young to appreciate the look of the nurses bustling around me. by the time I did the look was already changing.

  2. True the sexing UP of a nurses uniform is a bit of a contradiction in terms. There’s nothing hotter than a full traditional dress, apron, cap and dark stockings!

    I liked the sister/nurse picture too – JS sent me that one. I also remember a Roue cover of a nurse bending over a wheelchair (kneeling on the foot plate) which was very good.

    Good to know these posts have struck a chord with you, Simon.

  3. when i was a little kid and i was having medical probs i was in a hospital in boston mass and i gave one of the Female nurses a hard time so she decided to take me over her knee and whollop my bottom real hard and she made me cry too for my own good and after that i could not sit for a week here and when she was doin this to me she was in her operatingRoom Scrub Dress with every thing on too and she even wore a surgical mask while she wholloped my bottom here and i still remember this till this day here but i am 47 yrs old here and live at home with my dad here and take care of him since he is blind with emaculate degeneration here so i have to do all the driven to places for him and help him with things here but i was woundering if thier is a nice female surgical nurse who would like to whollop my bottom for me cause sometimes i dont pay attention to people when i should be doin it here and i think i need a spanking too with a rectal temputure done while i am getting spanked here any probs kms111066@yahoo.com ty

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