Uniform Special (Naughty) Nurses – Part Four – Two Video Reviews

To round off the series on nurses I thought we’d take a look at two classic nurse spanking videos.

tr 9

Temperature Rising is a Strictly English production from 2001 and stars Tiffany Jones as Nurse Darling and Lucy Bailey as Sister Bottomley.

It opens with Nurse Darling presenting herself on a hospital examination table to receive the attentions of Sister Bottomley. Sister enters and wastes no time in giving Nurse Darling a hand spanking, followed by a dose of the hairbrush.

Suddenly, they hear the doctor coming and Sister covers up the nurse’s red bottom, hides the hairbrush in her pocket, and pretends to be taking her temperature. Sister explains to the doctor that Nurse Darling was feeling unwell and that she was just giving her a check up.

tr 002 tr 3 tr 001

But it’s not long before he discovers that Nurse Darling’s high temperature is in her bottom! He demands an explanation and the truth comes out that Sister has been giving the nurse some unofficial discipline so that her transgression would not appear on the record.

tr 0023 tr 008 tr 6

The doctor gives Sister the choice of being reported to Matron or receiving the same punishment that she has just given the young nurse.

tr 0020 tr 0021 tr 0020

Unlike the F/F scene which has a “going through the motions” feel about it, the M/F OTK scene in Temperature Rising is a tour de force. Both participants are really up for it and there’s a highly charged chemistry between the two. They both seem determined to give 100%.

tr 0019 tr 0018 tr 0017

The spanking may not be the hardest but this is a marathon not a sprint and the doctor maintains an unremitting level of intensity. He never pauses to take a breather and by the end his face is glowing with perspiration and Lucy’s bottom is glowing bright red too!

tr 0015 tr 8 tr 4

Additional entertainment is provided by the non-stop verbal sparring. Lucy has plenty of quips and excuses but the doctor maintains a tone of quiet authority throughout. She has met her match and she knows it. And somehow, in between the amusing banter, Lucy still finds time to respond to nearly every single spank with a delightful “Owww!”.

tr 0011 tr 007 tr 2

There is something truly cathartic about the climax as the Doctor tames this naughty nurse.

You can buy Temperature Rising here.

Click on the Continue reading link for a second video review with lots more pictures.

I don’t know the producer of the second video as my copy, probably a bootleg, has no credits on it apart from a title: Punishment Ward 10. I don’t know anything about the models playing the nurses either but I do recognise the doctor as Mrs Hanbury-Boyce who appeared in a number of Janus photoshoots and videos around this period. (A calendar on the wall reveals that it was made in 1999).

Naughty Nurse Sampson is in trouble for flagrantly flouting hospital uniform regulations. The rules say all knickers should have a depth of 5 inches and hers are well under the limit!

pw10 003 punishmentward10 pw10 001

Doctor Warburton even has a catalogue filled with pictures of big white nursey knickers that she uses to reinforce the message! Nurse Sampson seems to find this funny but Doctor Warburton warns her that she will soon have that smirk wiped from her face and asks Sister Meridith to demonstrate what her underwear should be like.

pw10 004 pw10 002 pw10 007

Nurse Sampson is offered two options: dismissal or a spanking. So it’s OTK time and she has to count the spanks as Sister Meridith looks on and takes notes.

pw10 008 pw10 010 pw10 0014

pw10 0015 pw10 0018 pw10 0019

She’s not smirking now. Nurse Sampson’s bottom is burning red and she is pleading for mercy.

“I’m sorry” she sobs.

“We want you VERY sorry! We want ALL defiance out of your system!” counters Doctor Warburton as another flurry of spanks descends.

But there’s still plenty of defiance left in her system.

“You’re mad you are!” she tells Doctor Warburton…most unwisely.

pw10 0021 pw10 0022 pw10 0023

pw10 0025 pw10 0027 pw10 0028

Sister Meridith and Doctor Warburton decide that further measures will have to follow and force Nurse Sampson to strip. The flogger and the cane will be employed before this naughty nurse is finally brought in to line.

It’s a hard morning’s work for Doctor Warburton who must now deal with another slovenly dresser. Nurse Emily Maxwell has been seen with black knickers and a black bra showing through her white uniform. Doctor Warburton is very concerned about the reputation of the hospital.

pw10 0031 pw10 0032 pw10 0033

pw10 0034 pw10 0036 pw10 0037

The nurse agrees that she will accept punishment from Doctor Warburton rather than lose her job.

pw10 0038 pw10 0039 pw10 0043

Down come the offending knickers.

pw10 0044 pw10 0046 pw10 0050

pw10 0049 pw10 0045 pw10 0047

Nurse Maxwell is soon squirming and begging Doctor Warburton to stop. Eventually the spanking comes to an end but the punishment is far from over – a dose of the paddle and the cane still await.

pw10 0055 pw10 0053 20111014-123040

As a final humiliation, she is made to jog in the nude as Doctor Warburton speaks to Sister Meridith on the phone. Can you hear Emily? says Doctor Warburton holding out the phone. “These young nurses need the exercise you know!”

3 thoughts on “Uniform Special (Naughty) Nurses – Part Four – Two Video Reviews”

  1. Is there never a situation where a doctor earns a punishment. Maybe for misdiagnosis which leads to patient having the wrong operation , when the patient or his/her family spanks the doctor

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