Inna Horizontal Position

Faithful followers of The Spank Statement will know Harry and remember with great fondness his two brilliantly researched and ground-breaking pieces on the November 2009 FEMEN protest in Kiev. (See top menu for links if you haven’t read them yet)

The bad news is there won’t be a third part this year, but Harry has been in touch to assure me that he is still following the activities of the FEMEN group and that:

The FEMEN girls are currently in Western Europe: they did a French maid stunt in Paris yesterday. (Maybe they will come to London and do a vice anglais show…?) You may also like the attached which is from this year’s annual July protest against the fact that all hot water in Kiev is turned off in the summer: their response is to wash themselves in the public fountains.

VAL 6561

The girl being scrubbed is Inna Shevchenko, Alexandra’s sister. She didn’t get involved in FEMEN until after the 2009 spanking protest, so we haven’t seen her in an even more appealing horizontal position!

The French maid stunt was a protest against Dominique Strauss Kahn and they performed it on the footsteps of his Paris home. The girls named the event “La France, sors, déshabille-toi et gagne!”, which means “France, go out, take off your clothes and win!”.

french maids

You can see a gallery of pictures showing what they got up to during the protest here.

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