The Descendants


NEWS: There’s a spanking in George Clooney’s new comedy The Descendants. Clooney plays “a land baron who tries to re-connect with his two daughters after his wife suffers a boating accident.” In an emotional hospital scene he ends up connecting a little too well…with his eldest daughter’s backside!

Clooney says it was the most difficult scene to get right:

The trickiest one for us was the hospital scene when I am yelling at my comatose wife because it’s a very angry emotional scene and right on the heels of that is me spanking my 17-year-old daughter and all the comedy that ensues. That was tricky because it was such a hard 180 turn. It was a difficult scene to do for all of us I think. We were all trying to find the right tone. There’s an element if you watch that scene after I bring the kids in that you sort of have to start low and let it accelerate until he spanks her…it’s pacing.

The daughter is played by 20 year old Shailene Woodley. You can watch the trailer here (no spanking included).

5 thoughts on “The Descendants”

  1. There’s Oscar buzz for this one. Although there have been Best Pictures with a stray one-smacker (Mrs. Miniver, for example, and True Grit was nominated), I can’t recall any with full-fledged spankings. Could be a first for us.

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