It’s always a thrill to introduce a brand new scene to the canon of movie spankings especially one that’s waited 70 odd years to be “discovered”. 

This  Hungarian screen spanking is  from 1938 and was found by Harry.

Antal Pager is a small landowner who begins his conquest of the spoiled daughter of a wealthy builder (Ida Turay) by spanking her when she berates him for not getting her car back on the road quickly enough. (She doesn’t know he owns a bit of property eagerly sought by her dad’s corporation.)

Ida Turay

Ida Turay was the star of the original stage production of Janika in which she cross-dresses as a boy to win back her estranged husband – earning a sound spanking as an (un)fortunate side effect of the deception.

The part was written by her real life husband Istvan Bekeffy, and she later appeared in the movie version. So we now know that this 1949 scene is her second screen spanking by which time she was in her 40s.

The movie had a nice poster too.

janika poster

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