When Sid Threatened Sally

bless this house the movie part 2 031 0009

As an extra little treat this holiday time, I’ve edited together a compilation from the movie version of TV sit-com Bless This House (1972). It’s intended as an homage to the actress Sally Geeson as much as anything else. There are three excerpts which together make a complete little story climaxing with a nice threat that hasn’t been posted before:

  1. Sally sporting a blue bikini gets into a scrape involving a garden hose and a very wet neighbour. There’s a close up shot of her bottom as her flighty antics spiral out of control and she runs to ask her father for help – disturbing his Sunday afternoon nap.
  2. Sally leads an environmental protest and ends up on the wrong side of daddy yet again. (includes more views of Sally’s bottom this time in purple flares)
  3. The final reckoning involves just the threat of a spanking but it’s a good one. It’s met with defiance at first but she sure makes a quick exit when it looks like he might be about to act on it! (skip to 3.25 if you just want to see this)

Hope you can see why Sally made such a big impression on me when I was a kid anyway. She was actually 23 when she played Sid James’ teenage daughter in this movie.

sally and sid

If you happen to be in the mood for some more bottom-warming 1970s nostalgia at Christmas you could watch this previously posted clip which comes from just a year later than Bless This House and is also a cute threat from a movie version of a popular tv comedy.

Family based British sit-coms provided ample opportunities and near misses down the years but nothing in the way of actual spankings until, most unexpectedly, My Family, in 2011!

sally and sid 002

Bless this bottom: Sally ‘n Sid (Sid is under the newspaper!)

2 thoughts on “When Sid Threatened Sally”

  1. yes Sally is a little cutie ,cheeky to her dad played by Sid James plesant English sit com when they had good ones on television ,love and spanks ,Timxx

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