Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

John Patrick Shanley’s Danny and the Deep Blue Sea is already known to us thanks to this 2008 post by Chross. It includes links to a couple of clips from the two-handed play which might be better known, from a female perspective, as Roberta and the Deep Red Bottom!

Two troubled people meet in a bar in the Bronx and spend the night together. The morning after Roberta works through her issues with Danny in a scene which veers between romantic comedy and heavy psychotherapy.

Danny is knocked back when he tells Roberta that she is forgiven for her past sins:

“Who do you think you are? A priest?”

Losing patience, Danny punishes her with an otk spanking that is intended to lift the burden of guilt that she has been carrying since childhood. Afterwards Danny consoles her and Roberta thanks him; her throbbing bottom a reminder that she can now move on in her life.

Originally produced off-Broadway in 1984, the play has been performed quite regularly ever since and is a favourite with students in theatre workshops and drama classes.

The pretty actress playing Roberta in this first clip is wearing skin-tight leggings! Only four smacks but very solid in impact and definitely no padding!

This 2011 clip is distinct from the others as the sparring couple are played by middle-aged actors. It’s also a filmed version not a “live” performance.

Julia Smyth

Julia Smyth makes an older but very attractive Roberta in a scene that is lighter in tone and wouldn’t be too out of place in a 1960s sit-com. The director annoyingly focuses on Danny’s face during part of the spanking but overall this is an excellent scene.

Some of the build up is missing but 6 hard spanks are applied to the seat of Alessija Lause’s sweat pants in this very recent production.

This is included as an example of how NOT to do it. It’s from a drama class and the lack of a chair for the spanker to sit on is probably to blame for this disaster as much as anything.

Just to make up for the last one I’ve included more build up this time. The actress playing Roberta wears jeans and is a real spitfire who needs taming. She finally gets just that at 2.35.

From a 2013 production in Berlin. Karsten Mielke spanks Monika Gossman.

Karsten Mielke and Monika Gossman

5 thoughts on “Danny and the Deep Blue Sea”

  1. Excellent set of finds! Many thanks to Harry for tracking them down and yourself for posting. Three of them are absolutely top notch mainstream scenes. Looks like it might even be a better source than Kiss Me Kate for producing good spanking scenes on stage..

    John Patrick Shanley has directed a couple of movies, wonder if he’ll ever bring this one to screen? I looked up his credits and notice that there has been two TV movies based on this play, one French and one Catalan:


    Probably impossible to track down, but there’s a challenge for someone!

  2. Hi Luther: I don’t know about rivalling Kiss me Kate but Harry has certainly given a massive boost to the profile of this play amongst spankos. Glad you liked the clips. I think the spanking in DDBS is best defined by what it ISN’T: It’s not kinky or sexy, it’s not comic or frivolous, it’s not severe or brutal, it’s not abusive or even sexist. It’s just a good, honest, straight-down-the-middle, no nonsense, does-what-it-says-on-the-tin, PROPER otk spanking!

    …and you don’t get too many of those these days!

    I think the Catalan movie is this clip (which is one of the two Chross originally posted back in 2008.)

    spanking at 6.05

    1. At least she thanked him. Pity he hadn’t whipped up her skirt, and had an extra camera on hand from the other angle. Oh well………


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