No Pants Subway Ride

Subway a 4

The annual No Pants Subway Ride, is organized by the New York City collective Improv Everywhere. Participants are supposed to act as if there is nothing strange as they enter a subway car without pants in the middle of winter. If asked, they claim that they simply “forgot” their pants.

It all started as a small prank with seven guys and has grown into an international celebration, with dozens of cities around the world taking part each January. Breaking a social taboo and seeing the reaction of people not aware of the event generally makes it fun for participants and photographers alike.

So let Harry be your guide as he takes you down in the subway on No Pants Ride day and brings you the highlights from the past few years of the event:

Subway 12 e Subway 11 a Subway 12 a

Some of the most enjoyable images show the participants in everyday underwear as they are going about their everyday business. This is in the spirit of the instructions for the event: riders are asked not to wear comedy underwear which indicates that they are taking part in a prank.

Subway not bot 1 Subway a 1

Subway not bot 2 Subway a 6

In practice there are a lot of slogans plastered across pert rears which are obviously meant to be seen and, in the case of the girl in the purple panties below, impossible to argue with!

Subway 12 c3

The undies worn by the ladies in this group are less attention-seeking and a nice range of colours and modern styles are on display.

Subway 12 b Subway 12 d

Subway a 2 Subway a 3

Occasionally there’s even more to be seen, though the
organizers do ask riders to avoid excessive exhibitionism. (Thongs are specifically banned.)

Subway bare Subway bare 1

The event has a spin off too in the shape of its summer time cousin, the New York Underwear Run.

Underwear Run 1 Underwear Run 2

And just occasionally, there’s a bit of bottom smacking involved. The girl with the Cookie Monster panties has a very nice bottom.

Subway spnk a 1 Subway spnk a 2

And before the day is out, that bottom is going to be smacked.

Subway spnk a 3

And here’s a paddling, though with a singularly unsuitable instrument of punishment!

Subway pdl 1 Subway pdl 2

But at least it seems to have made some kind of an impact on its target…

Subway pdl 3 Subway pdl 4

At the end of the journey pants are hastily pulled on and normal decorum is restored.

‘Thank goodness I’ve got through the No Pants Subway Ride without anyone photographing my bottom!’

8 thoughts on “No Pants Subway Ride”

  1. Off topic above but here in Australia we currently have the tennis and Ms Sharapova – a favourite of both of us – is playing well, and of course looking great.
    However her on court shreiking is an abomination. Made all the worse by knowing how this could be most effectively remedied. If ever someone needs a hard spanking to desist from an objectionable habit, it is Maria.

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