Uniform Special – Military – Video

I sometimes struggle to come up with mainstream videos to go with my uniform posts but I have the perfect selection for this subject. It comes from the 1991 TV drama Young Catherine.

The year is 1744, and the beautiful young Catherine (Julia Ormond) is torn from her homeland to marry Grand Duke Peter (Reece Dinsdale), the heir to the Russian throne. When Catherine appears in full military garb, the pervy duke is visibly turned on by the spectacle and his thoughts immediately turn to “private inspections” and “discipline”.

And that’s the great thing about the military theme – discipline pretty much goes with the territory and you don’t have to work too hard to find or invent spanking scenarios to go along with it. JS666 and I will be taking a closer look at the military uniform and it’s use by spanking artists and fetish producers in Uniform Special – Military – Pictures. Coming soon.

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