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As I was saying in the previous post, the rigid hierarchies and strict discipline of army life lead to rich pickings for any spanko who can’t resist the allure of a lady in a shiny-buttoned uniform. So with the help of JS666, who found most of the images, let’s explore this theme in a little more depth:

babettegoestowar Private Benjamin

laracroft 002 honeysuckleweeks 001

From Brigitte Bardot in Babette Goes To War to Lara Croft, not forgetting a couple of personal favourites along the way – Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin and Honeysuckle Weeks in Foyles War – military babes are officially hot and a lot of artists seem to think that their bottoms should be too!

Both these cartoons have officers pulling rank over their female subordinates in a way which anyone would find more than just humorous.

youmustbe 002 private 001

In this one by the great Brian Tarsis the only rank-pulling that’s going on is man over woman! An ordinary GI spanks a WAC on the bare bottom for no apparent crime other than wearing a skirt and carrying a handbag. The real excuse for the spanking is perhaps that the artist wanted to work some corny puns into the speech bubbles.

briantarsis 001

The comic strip Terry and the Pirates had an unusual F/F spanking set in the Second World War which first appeared in the late 1940s. According to the Chicago Spanking Review:

We don’t know the details of this storyline, but it obviously takes place after Terry had joined the Air Corp in World War II. A female sergeant finds it necessary to spank a female private in private, but it’s within earshot so everyone knows what’s going on. There’s some nice rubbing afterward, so overall this is a very satisfying F/F scene.

terry and the pirates spanking 2

These fetish-based takes on army disciplinary proceedings are quite realistic, and the officers look well cast in their roles. I believe the lower two pictures are from a 1980s British production.


army01 army02

Something like the above would have been perfect in Female Agents (2008) which featured four of the most spankable French women in army uniform ever captured on film.

femaleagents3 female agents 001

It’s based on some real life war heroes of the French resistance but the lead characters are far from idealised and get portrayed as feckless and disobedient at times. Deborah Francois, the blonde on the far right, especially caught my eye.

The still below shows a long and sturdy wooden table – perfect for bending all four of them over at the same time. The male officer seems to have caught Deborah Francois in possession of an illicit cigarette, and just look at the way her bottom fills out the seat of her pants as she perches on the stool!

female agents 002

See Deborah Francois in a spectacular nude scene here.

On the left below we have some actual women soldiers in tight pants.

company 001 russian army

On the other hand, the marching ladies from Russia and Poland wear above the knee skirts and heels, so take your pick. (Looks like the cameraman in the top right picture is trying to get an upskirt shot!)

cafe comebackalive russian polish1

JS points out that accounts of corporal punishment of women in the armed forces are often dubious. Persistent reports about British practices at naval colleges in the 1940s probably have their roots in male fantasy but that doesn’t stop them being a lot of fun, especially when they surface in respectable newspapers. This letter is just one of a series which were published in the Sunday Telegraph in 2006.

Voice in the Corner has more about these canings here.


But there’s another form of physical punishment associated with army life that women definitely are subject to…forced exercise!


If you haven’t seen it yet don’t miss my military uniform themed clip from Young Catherine in the post below. And if you’ve got any more soldier spanking pictures or stories please share.

11 thoughts on “Uniform Special – Military – Pictures”

  1. Some nice pics there of those girls marching with tight short skirts and heels. There must be some right pervy men who design and regulate women’s uniforms in Poland and Russia! I want a job like that!

    Regarding the letter-writer receiving a good hearty caning for ‘releasing 30 rounds into the air’!!! The mind boggles. What if the gun hadn’t been pointed up in the air? I hope she’s not complaining about that punishment or I’d give her some more!


  2. The story line in the “Terry and the Pirates” bit is that the girl has gone AWOL to be with her sailor BF but is terrified of her sergeant, “Black Martha,” who has rep as a monster. Martha eventually chases them down but reveals that she has been covering for the girl because (1) she has an unexpected soft spot for young lovers, and (2) she knows that the officers who would handle the situation are all men, who have no idea of the right way to handle a woman (!).

  3. Yes the still comes from Army Hundred but Army Stripes has a storyline set in WWII and is from the same producer – Moonglow (thanks Tim)

    Both tapes are clearly a must for those who like their girls spanked in army uniform.

    Army Stripes

    Army Stripes1

    As Maitre points out the Moonglow site has details of Army Hundred which stars the well known spanking model Nikki Mountford in the white t-shirt. The triple spanking scene sounds awesome!

    “Alison, Jane and Nikki are three young army privates at a week-end camp. But Nikki has gone AWOL in order to see her boyfriend while Alison and Jane finish the guard duty. Near the end, Jane is cleaning her rifle and accidentally discharges a clip of ammo, nearly killing Alison. All hell breaks loose; all three are put on a charge and summoned to see the Chief next morning in front of the rest of their company.

    Initially the girls are reluctant to tell the truth, and the Colonel sentences them to a triple spanking to try to break their wall of silence. They are spanked simultaneously, the room echoing to the smacks.

    Alison soon cracks and explains what has happened to the horror of the other girls. Nikki is sentenced to 50 strokes of the cane for going AWOL and Jane 100 strokes for dangerously discharging a rifle, while Alison escapes with no more punishment. Running time: 46 minutes.”

    Army hundred

  4. Valdor yes these are good dvd discs ,Moonglow did some grand ones they do not seem to make many new ones now which is a shame ,love and spanks ,timxx

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