Keira Knightley on The Jonathan Ross Show

Keira Knightley was on a chat show last night talking about her role in A Dangerous Method and how she coped with the spanking scenes.

Update: After plugging A Dangerous Method, she was then asked about the time she had to choose a bottom double for the movie Domino. I’ve now edited together a clip of the best bits from the interview.

2 thoughts on “Keira Knightley on The Jonathan Ross Show”

  1. In the April 1, 2012 New York Daily News, there is a picture of Keira Knightely and some quotes from an interview she has given in the current(?) issue of “Interview” magazine. Here is the comment of hers that caught my attention:

    “I know with ‘A Dangerous Method’ people liked the spanking an awful lot. … It’s weird, though, with the spanking. When we were in Venice, I didn’t get asked about it once. … But in England, it was pretty much the only thing I got asked about. I’m not quite sure what that says about the English.”

    LOL (sorry, but that strikes me as funny)


  2. Hi

    Well I always say that the English reputation for being a spanking obsessed nation is exaggerated….

    but I don’t think I’ve managed to convince many people so far!

    And KK hasn’t helped my case one bit!

    This is the clip of the interview:

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