Home to Roost


Remember Pervy Peter the Russian Grand Duke in Young Catherine? He was played by an English actor who I thought seemed vaguely familiar but it was only when I looked him up on IMDb that I realised it was Reece Dinsdale. The same Reece Dinsdale who used to be in a 1980s sit-com called Home to Roost.

Ironically in this series he prevents a spanking – by grabbing hold of John Thaw’s arm just as he is about to deliver some long overdue smacks to teen daughter Julie’s denim clad bottom. He then warns his dad about the legal implications of ‘resorting to violence’ with an ‘unprovoked attack’ on his sister. Not so pervy after all perhaps!

From Series 2 episode 7 of Home to Roost (1986), Julie is played by Rebecca Lacey.

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