Fairground Attractions


Talking of ‘windy upskirts’ a reader has emailed me with some memories and some pictures too:

When growing up I used to go to the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen once or twice a year, and the thing I loved the most wasn’t all the carousels and stuff, it was standing outside the ghost train where wind blew up the skirts and dresses of girls and women. Some of them knew about it, but others were completely surprised and – boy, oh boy! – I loved seeing their underwear.

In the US, Coney Island is not only a beach for New Yorkers who can’t afford the Hamptons but is also an amusement park. Like so many others they had this thing blowing air from underneath lifting women’s skirts and dresses as they exited from the ghost train. But they also had an added attraction: two dwarves armed with wooden paddles who ran up to the women and gave their bottoms a fearful whack while their skirts or dresses were up!

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12 thoughts on “Fairground Attractions”

  1. Do those upskirts wind machines still exist? I also remember them from boyhood, at British holiday resorts, where the girls used to purposely wear billowing skirts to enable them to cast aside modesty to give the lads a momentary thrill.

  2. A delightful find. Especially the paddles part.
    I know so many are bare bottoms “purists” when its spanking, but its also very nice to the ladies getting their undies warmed sometimes too.Think of all the great Bettie Page spankings when hers were left up.
    As for the effectiveness-there’s no women’s underwear existing that offers any real protection from the sting of a paddle.

  3. Obviously a True Spanko invented this little bit of entertainment. Ladies meet PERVO the Paddling Clown! Unfortunately, that operation would last about two nanoseconds after the National Organization of Women found out about it and sent in their Special Forces Team led by Commander Gloria Allred.

  4. Yes, standards have changed over time. All those movie spankings from the ’50s were delivered over skirts or knickers, I don’t recall any bare bottom OTKs. The femos were responsible for the long moratorium on movie spankings, but I’m happy to see that it’s becoming popular again – and bare bottom is the norm.
    Remember that secretary delivering herself bare bottom over the boss’s knee in ‘Californification’? We’d never have seen that in the ’50s!
    Hey, there’s a thought, Chross must have that clip somewhere.


  5. FatherJon,
    Yes, those machines still exist. Try googling ‘Oktoberfest upskirt’. Alas, no paddles though.

  6. I’ve never seen anything ‘sexually exciting’ about girdles. They were known as ‘passion killers’ when I was growing up. Still, we can’t all be the same 🙂


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