Some Period Drama

There’s a revival of Upstairs Downstairs on TV at the moment set in the same house, 165 Eaton Place, as the original series but two decades on during the 1930s. In the absence of any scenes like these featuring Lesley-Anne Down, I dug a bit deeper to try and come up with something of interest for each of the leading female members of the cast.

Lady Agnes does bondage!


Portrayed by Keeley Hawes, Lady Agnes Holland, is the eldest daughter of the 12th Earl of Towyn and wife of Sir Hallam Holland. Her marriage to Sir Hallam has been happy and devoted, despite financial hardship before his inheritance and their failure to have children.

keeley hawes 04

My best find is probably this picture of Keeley Hawes tied to a bed. It’s very suggestive of spanking I think you will agree. There’s a few other good black and white shots in this set which was taken some years ago by photographer Antoine Verglass.

keeley hawes 03 keeley-hawes


Lady Persie gets her bottom smacked!


Portrayed by Claire Foy, Lady Persephone Towyn, is the younger sister of Lady Agnes. A fascist, she has an affair with Harry Spargo, but later leaves him and her family to go to Germany with Joachim von Ribbentrop. She returns in December 1938 after the anti-Semitic violence in Germany escalates.

Claire Foy is very much the Lesley-Anne Down of the new series. I love the haughty, arrogant way that Lady Persie talks down to the servants and she is definitely in need of something stronger than a newspaper across her behind!

This is a tricky one because while Claire Foy has done a few sex scenes in the past, she has always kept her bottom strictly off camera. There are no nude photos in the closet either like the Keeley Hawes set above or the ones that Lesley-Anne Down did for Mayfair when she was an aspiring actress struggling to pay the rent.

But this just piqued my interest even more so I watched another period drama that she is starring in called White Heat set in the 1960s. It’s off screen (again!) but I don’t think there’s any doubt that Claire Coy – as I call her – takes a nice ringing smack to her bare(?) bottom about 50 seconds into this clip.

Miss Whisset pulls a moonie!


Miss Whissett. played by Sarah Lancashire, is a love interest for the butler Warwick Pritchard.

Sarah Lancashire is well cast as the prim and proper Miss Whissett because she has always refused to do sex scenes or nudity. Unpromising as this might sound I do have an amusing little clip from a 2005 crime series she was in called Rose and Maloney.

Lancashire is a former Rear of the Year but when you watch this you might wonder how she ever won that accolade! Still I love the embarrassment factor as she is putting on her tights when her boss suddenly appears with a party of colleagues in tow!

The disapproving boss is played by Philip Davis who once gave Sally Hawkins this little spanking in yet another BBC period drama. He missed out on a perfect excuse and opportunity for another spanking here though.

Dr Blanche Mottishead is Brit Bot of the Week!


Portrayed by Alex Kingston, Dr Blanche Mottershead is the younger half-sister of the late Maud, Lady Holland and Sir Hallam’s aunt. She arrived at 165 Eaton Place during Maud’s short final illness, and is still in situ after her death. She is a louche character who has a lesbian affair.

When she was appearing in Doctor Who last year the 49 year old Alex Kingston gained a reputation for showing off her fabulous rear in tight jodhpurs. I was going to use this picture for a Brit Bot of the Week post at the time but I didn’t get round to it, so better late than never.

alex kingston1

OK it’s not as good as Downton Abbey and Chross has got the proof!

While Upstairs Downstairs has had nothing much to shout about, its much praised rival Downton Abbey did have a few likely situations and referencesi. So many thanks to Chross for sending me this compilation of the good bits from Series One of Downton Abbey (download only).

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