Pose, Panties and Panic

2010 Houston Ballet Amy Fote 949402875 JpV4y-M

Thanks to a remarkable portfolio of new pictures which Harry has kindly made available to The Spank Statement – plus some great video finds from Paul – we now have an unprecedented overview of how the ballerinas who have danced the role of Lise in La Fille Mal Gardee took their frilly-pantied spankings!

La Fille Mal Gardee (The Wayward Daughter) is a pastoral rom-com set in 18th Century France. The Widow Simone (traditionally played by a male dancer) tries to keep Lise occupied with household chores, but she is a red-blooded country girl and her romantic flirting with Colas leads to numerous admonitions from her eccentric mother. When Lise goes too far, she is unceremoniously led or carried over to a garden seat at the side of the stage and spanked over the Widow’s knee.

The disciplinary proceedings are interrupted by the arrival of Farmer Thomas and his son Alain who the Widow intends that Lise should marry. As the pair enter the first thing that they see is Lise’s upturned and uncovered bottom getting spanked!

nadia nerina nadia nerina1

1960 Nadia Nerina: these well known pictures from the original London production by Sir Frederick Ashton show Farmer Thomas reacting to the sight of Lise’s exposed buttocks. Ashton’s staging has since become a much celebrated classic of the ballet repertory but for its feelgood magic to work, you need a nubile heroine with wit, adorability, superlative classical technique…and a very pert smackable bottom!

Nerina certainly fitted the bill but what about her many successors in the role?

La fille mal gardée Erkel Színház 1973 1 001 0003

1973 Budapest: From a production at the Erkel Színház theatre, the picture shows the arrival of Farmer Thomas but the spanking is still in full flow.

1978 Karen Kain Canada

1978 Karen Kain: from a National Ballet of Canada production. The ballet entered their repertory after Ashton’s protege Alexander Grant became the Artistic Director in the mid ’70s. A very camp Widow Simone seems to have a knowing eye on why this scene might be especially appealing for some people. The caption reads:

Jacques Gorissen takes Karen Kain off her feet during yesterday’s rehearsal.

One review praised Karen Kain’s performance:

She manages even to be charming while being turned over her mother’s knee and spanked.

And the spanking didn’t do her career prospects any harm either. Karen Kain herself became the Artistic Director of the Canadian National Ballet in 2005.

1980 Lesley Collier

1980 Lesley Collier: A still from a performance that was filmed. A couple of smacks land before the arrival of Farmer Thomas and his son. Watch the video clip here.

1989 1254777119047 f Australian ballet Tonkin

1989 Fiona Tonkin plays Lise in an Australian Ballet version. This is an excellent publicity still.

1994 Tonkin 1 1994 Tonkin 2

1994 Tonkin 3 1994 Tonkin 4

1994 Fiona Tonkin: 5 years on, Tonkin danced the role again in a production which is available on DVD. You can see her spanking, which is longer than Collier’s, here.

2000 Margarita Pleskova

2000 Margarita Pleskova: From a Czech production and probably a posed publicity shot. The fingers in the mouth make a striking touch.

2000 Hong Kong Ballet

2000 Hong Kong Ballet: In this very enticing poster Colas is shown peeking at Lise’s bottom as it gets spanked. His presence puts a different spin on the scene altogether and the expression on Lise’s face is priceless. “If you’re in the slightest doubt as to my desirability and overall fabulousness, just check out these buns!” she seems to be saying.

2004 Lise Lucinda Dunne

2004 Lucinda Dunne: The lifting of Lise’s skirt is actually written into the choreography of the scene, but the direction is not always followed.

2002 Nina Kaptsova

2002 Nina Kaptsova: This is from a Russian production by the Bolshoi Ballet.

2006 65 Birmingham Nao Sakuma 2006 Sarah Lamb

2006 Nao Sakuma (left) and Sarah Lamb (right): these two have been widely posted before but not in such good quality. From two productions by the Birmingham and London Royal Ballets respectively: the skirts are lifted but the bad news is that in the London version the spanking was interrupted before it began as can be seen in this clip featuring another dancer – the delightful Marianella Nunez.

Korean Ballet1

2006 Korean Ballet: this looks like a publicity still.

2007 LPH Paris Dorothee Gilbert 2007 LPH Gilbert

2007 Dorothee Gilbert: played Lise in Paris and a review said:

The spanking of Lise provoked hisses of pain around us in the audience, and the concern for cette fille was palpable.

At the time I mentioned that I couldn’t find any pictures so I was excited to receive these from Harry as it shows one of the most famous and beautiful French ballerinas…with her bottom in severe peril!

Harry said: “What’s best about it is her panicked ‘Oh no I’m being spanked!’ look direct to camera. Oddly Simone seems to have left one layer of petticoats intact after raising the rest, which is contrary to the logic of the scene in so many ways!”

2008 Ivone Freirie: A very nice spanking is dished out in this Youtube clip from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Widow is played by Guga Pellegrini – a female dancer – and she doesn’t hold back, getting in a record TEN smacks to whoops of delight from the audience!

2009 Brazil: A performance from the Centro de Artes Madeleine Rosay.

2009 Aimi Hamman skirt 2009 Aimi Hammann

2009 Aimi Hamman: these pictures from a version staged in Kansas are of special interest because they reveal that not all Lises are spanked upon white panties!

2009 Anne Brazilian trainee dancer in France 2552687045 1

2009 Anne: We don’t know much about Anne except that she was a Brazilian dancer training in France and took care to wear some extra protection in the form of leggings under her skirts when she played Lise!

2009 Leticia Fraietta Lima 1 2009 Leticia Fraietta Lima 1a

2009 Leticia Fraietta: another spanking without the skirts raised from the Ballet Leonora Lima in Brazil.

2009 Lina Penteado 2 319 2009 Lina Penteado 2 320

2009 Brazil: from a production staged at the Teatro do Centro de Convivencia, we have eight photos from four different evening and matinee performances featuring two different dancers all rather enthusiastically watermarked.

2009 mat 1 280 2009 mat 1 279

What’s especially piquant about this set is that, on one evening performance, the ballerina playing Lise had a slight oversight about her costume and ended up being spanked on her own everyday white panties instead of her frilly ballet panties!

2009 Lina Penteado 1 368

This explains why Simone was a bit hesitant about lifting her skirt in the following matinee performance!

2009 mat 2 345 2009 mat 2 346 Lina Penteado 2009 mat 2 347

2010: Aimi Fote: You can see this picture, which is from a production in Houston, Texas, at the top of this post. “My favorite of the lot, I think. Pose, panties and panic, can’t be beat.” commented Harry.

2010 Alina Cojocaru a

2010 Alina Cojocaru: Royal Ballet, London. Not so much panic here – more tense, nervous anticipation.

2010 Saggio Perla: Thanks to Paul for finding this video, Harry has some interesting comments about it: “One attractive feature of the ballet is the way spanking is part of the relationship between Lise and the other village girls: it’s a recognized hazard for all of them, and they collaborate to help each other – so that later in the ballet, when the ‘Lise is going to be spanked’ music starts up again, the girls distract the Widow’s attention by getting her to do the clog dance and Lise escapes (unfortunately for us). That affects the way we watch the earlier sequence where Lise is backing away along the line of girls and doesn’t see her mother behind her. I’ve got photos of some productions where the other girls reacting as to a terrible disaster, because they obviously know exactly what is going to happen to Lise now that she has been caught and there’s nothing they can do to help her. Now look at the Saggio video: Lise is giving ‘don’t let on’ gestures and the girls are nodding vigorous encouragement even though they must surely be able to see the Widow! Unless I’m completely misreading the video, those girls deliberately get Lise spanked!!”

2010 Chile: There’s some outstanding work from the (female) dancer playing Simone in this video clip. Not only does she give Lise some extra smacks in the lead up to the actual otk spanking, she smacks the bottom of one of the supporting ballerinas too! And Farmer Thomas wanders on early and gets to watch at his leisure!

2010 Hungary Budapest 2010 Hungary Adrienn Pap and Komarov Alekszandr-1011238725dVA

2010 Adrienn Pap: We’re back in Budapest again for these two. Harry said: “I like Lise’s consternation in the left photo: the sense of no escape from the inevitable. If you look carefully, the right photo again illustrates that not all Fille spankings are on white panties, and in this case they don’t even match the rest of her outfit. These look like publicity stills, so who knows, maybe, like the ballerina from Brazil the year before, Adrienn is not quite in full costume.”

2011 BRB g 2012 Sakuma

2011 Nao Sakuma (again): Five years on and Sakuma is still dancing the role in Birmingham and still getting spanked with a rather nonplussed expression on her face. The picture on the right is from 2012.

2011 RDVA a 2011 RDVA b 2011 RDVA c

2011 River Valley Dance Academy North Dakota: A fine trio of pictures showing the moments before and after as well as the spanking itself which features a very comical looking Widow.

2011 Schuylkill Valley

2011 Schuykill Valley: A production by the Schuykill Ballet Theater in Pennsylvania. Harry said: “Interesting in showing that the spanking is not always staged with Lise’s head downstage, though I have no idea how the entrance of Thomas and Alain would work: the point of the moment is that (a) Lise can’t see them arrive and doesn’t know why the spanking has stopped early, and (b) Simone is embarrassed that their first view of her daughter is of her uncovered bottom being spanked.”

2012 Breslau Paulina Wos

2012 Breslau: This one comes from a staging in Breslau Poland. Harry said “I got a bit optimistic when I noticed that the costumier had decided to emphasize the rusticity of the setting by omitting the girls’ ballet tights. Sad to say that Lise is spanked on her skirt. Sadder to say that it’s not even OTK. But at least it is done in public – with boys as well as girls present!”

The lack of a seat for the unfeasibly large-bosomed Widow seems to be the problem here but this red-headed Lise still gets four decent whacks in the crouching position. Judge for yourselves 35 seconds into the trailer.

2012 Asheville rehearsal

2012 Sarah London: From a production by Ballet Conservatory Asheville North Carolina, this rehearsal shot is interesting because the widow is out of costume and Lise’s panties are black! The spanking is an example of the ‘narrow escape’ way of staging the scene as can be seen here.

2012 Roberta Marquez:  Paul went to see a Royal Ballet live relay which was shown in London  cinemas on 16th May 2012. He commented that “I went to see this live twice during this run, both times featuring Alina Cojocaru, but this didn’t happen either time!”

2012 Munich Ballet: Some nice facial expressions from this  German production.


14 thoughts on “Pose, Panties and Panic”

  1. “An unprecendented overview” is absolutely not exaggerated. A great and exquisit post, thanks very much. There are a lot of possible clips on my search list from now on…yours maitrefesseur

  2. How delightful! My wife and I are in our sixties (been married and very hot for each other for 47 years.) We are subscribers to the Pennsylvania Ballet. Recently we were in the audience for this performance. We had to skip dinner out, return home and make passionate love immediately after the performance. But, not before my still slim and attractive wife, climbed across my lap, lifted her skirt, (showing off the frilly undies I love for her to wear when we go out on the town) and had me give her a good, hard spanking. If you are titilated by spanking, you must go see a live performance of this ballet.

  3. An amazing collection of pics!! It’s funny really, just this week I was watching some new clips of La Fille and the spanking scene has changed completely it would seem.

    The two most prevalent that I observed were as follows. One set of productions eliminated the spanking scene altogether and instead has the widow smacking Lise across the face several times while Lise covers it. The other scenario keeps the spanking scene only this time both participants are standing. As they go around in a circle the widow smacks her bottom and Lise jumps in the air several times. Quite honestly, it looks really silly in regards to spanking.

      1. I think I can clear this up (in fear of sounding like a know-it-all)…
        There are 2 versions of Fille in the current repertory.
        1. Ashton with music by Herold.
        This version of the ballet contains a spanking early in Act 1 where the widow gives Lise several smacks while standing. Lise jumps in the air with each smack (I think this is the scenario Richard describes). This spanking is always present in the Ashton version.
        Later in Act 1, the widow is trying to persuade Lise to churn milk, and at one point gives her several slaps around the face as she tries to run away. The slaps are in time to the music. However, there is one clip on youtube that has Lise bend over and get smacked on the bottom! If I haven’t sent this clip to Valdor I will put that right…
        Towards the end of Act 1, Lise is taken otk, usually has her skirt lifted and sometimes between 2 and 4 smacks are landed, occasionally more, but more often it seems the spanking is aborted as soon as the widow raises her hand. Royal Ballet usually abort, but occasionally spanks are landed – I don’t know whether it depends on the ballerina or the timing or what…
        In older recordings and sometimes amateur productions (sometimes found on youtube), Lise kicks her legs and arms, before the spanking starts and during if it actually takes place. More often it seems that she just raises her legs and arms and stays in that position – I prefer the kicking. Another subtle point is that Lise very occasionally rubs her bottom afterwards – I like that as well.

        2. Gorsky with music by Hertel
        This version sometimes contains a spanking where the widow lifts Lise by the waist and spanks her as she spins her around. I think this is usually in the 3rd Act.
        There are sometimes some single swats given in Act 1. It is equally common for there to be no spanking at all in this version.

        Sorry that was a bit long, but I wanted to try and clear up the different chastisements and clarify the 2 versions in case people didn’t realise there were two of them – I found out by buying a DVD of the wrong version! I’ll send relevant links to Valdor to demonstrate the different variations I’ve described if it’s of interest.

      2. Hi Paul. thanks for explaining the difference between the two productions. I once
        discussed with Harry the possiblity of doing another post about the other
        bottom smackings, so I’ll try and get round to it in the near future.

        If you’d like to send me any more clips please note that my ValdorUK
        Youtube account has been removed but you can email me at the usual address
        or just leave a comment here.

        And here’s another one that Harry sent me,

        Smacking at 1.00, spanking at 9.00.


  4. Amazing collection! Thanks so much for putting this together.
    I love spanking pics from mainstream performances. Odd that I’d not heard of this ballet before. Probably have seen pics before but with no explanation of the performance they came from.

  5. this remains a popular ballet, and luckily, there is a regular, if infrequent, stream of clips posted on youtube. I’ve sent a long list of youtube links to Valdor (please check your junk folder if you haven’t received it). The otk spanking is usually around 20 mins into the ballet.


  6. Having also recently sent material to Valdor and had no reply, I’m worried that the problem might not be with his junk folder. Valdor, please let us know you’re OK!

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