Sergeant Cork

I am happy to bring you a rare slice of Victorian domestic discipline which wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some teamwork from three stalwart contributors – thanks to Murray Roberts, Harry and Michael Gray.

In this TV series Sergeant Cork works for Scotland Yard’s newly formed Criminal Investigation Department, enthusiastically employing the new science of forensics to tackle crimes in the melting pot of 1890s London.

The Case of the Amateur Spy, an episode originally shown in 1964, has Cork investigating the theft of vital naval documents. His No.2 Bob Marriott is sent to a house which has been set up as a love nest for a girl who has run away from home. As the detective enters the house, he discovers that her disapproving parents have got there first.

We cut away to a maid watching through the keyhole just as the girl is being put across her father’s knee, but cut back in time for two nice in vision smacks to the seat of this flighty young madam’s dress (reports of bloomers and hairbrushes proved unfounded!).

sergeantcork 002

Of the 66 editions of Sergeant Cork, only 36 still exist so we are very lucky to have this scene which remained unobtainable until the surviving episodes were recently released by Network DVD. If you watch to the end of the four minute video you will be rewarded with much bottom rubbing and a second, this time entirely off screen, spanking! The father is played by Jerold Wells and the daughter is Madeleine Mills.

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