Unknown Dutch Clip

Can anyone help identify this clip which is probably a Dutch production. It’s a good otk M/F scene on underwear. I’ve asked the noted spankologist Chross for help but he says he hasn’t seen it before. So it must be a rare one!

12 thoughts on “Unknown Dutch Clip”

  1. It’s from the dutch movee “Van de koele meren des doods” (“The cool lakes of death”), based on the 19th century novel by Dutch author Frederik van Eeden. The spankee is the beautiful actress Renee Soutendijk.

  2. thanks Tim – this sounds like an interesting movie with shades of “A Dangerous Method” about it as van Eeden was a psychiatrist and the novel was initially thought to be a case description of one of his patients.

    [from Wikipedia] “The novel relates the story of Hedwig Marga de Fontayne, the scion of a wealthy family, whose sexual frustration manifests itself as a death drive. After the death of her mother her father turns alcoholic, wasting the family’s fortune. She begins to fantasize about sex and becomes a habitual masturbator; sexually frustrated, Hedwig marries but then runs off to England with a piano player. A child is born but dies quickly, and Hedwig goes to Paris, where she becomes a prostitute to support her morphine addiction. Destitute and descending into madness, she is admitted to the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, to the psychiatric ward where a friendly nurse helps her beat her addiction. She returns to the Netherlands, and spends her last years with a family that formerly farmed on the family’s lands.”

    I can’t think of any other spanking scenes from Dutch cinema so it’s something a bit different. And yes I agree she is very attractive. I’m sure Chross will add this to his database and perhaps a better quality version of the clip can be found.

  3. Yes, I can confirm the information regarding the film’s title and the actress being the spankee. Its the girls father actually, who is spanking her due to demands of her governess, If I recall correctly.
    Well there are some known spankings from dutch movies, for example the nice bare bottom otk spanking with Rutger Hauer and Monique Van De Veen in “Turkish Delight (1973)” directed by Paul Verhoeven, and also in an episode of the series “Floris” by the same director. Presumeably there are a lot more, we, as foreigners, probably just never heard about them.
    sincerely yours maitrefesseur

  4. Well, being Dutch, I’m sorry to inform you that the number of Dutch spanking scenes in mainstream movies is very, very low. “Turkish delight”, “The cool lakes of death”, and “Floris” (which was a television show by the way) are alle there is. And some “funny” BDSM-scenes (all of them F/m) in other movies like “Wat zien ik” (“What do I see”) and other horrible movies. Don’t waste your time on that.

  5. By the way, the DVD-version of the same clip is a bit longer, where we can actually see the girl being put over the knee of her father. If I can rip that complete scene from the DVD, I’ll post it.

  6. thanks Tim! that would be great 🙂

    And widening the remit beyond films and tv, this is probably the finest contribution that Holland has made to our cause IMO. I believe that Panorama magazine is a Dutch publication anyway,

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