Brit Bot of the Week

It’s a collective award this week to…the female students of Cambridge university!

Their predecessors have amassed dozens of Nobel prizes and other intellectual accolades, but the current crop of undergraduates at Cambridge is focusing on a rather less taxing competition – Rear of the Year!

Female students at the university have submitted photographs of their behinds to The Tab website in the hope of clinching the title. They insist it is innocent fun but critics have accused them of harming the feminist cause and the university’s reputation.

The Tab

Today The Tab featured Leila on its home page sporting see-through white pants with a beige trim.

While other students are using the university library to revise for their impending exams,  Meredith stripped down to her underwear to be pictured taking a book from a shelf.


Blonde entrant Elizabeth from Homerton College wore see-through purple knickers.


Bella, who poses in frilly knickers and stilettos with her long hair tumbling down over a tight-fitting jumper, said: ‘The trick to looking good in knickers is to wear high heels.’


The Tab’s editor Joe Bates, 20, who is reading music at Gonville and Caius College, defended the contest as a ‘bit of fun’ and said that a similar competition for men destroyed accusations of anti-feminism.

3 thoughts on “Brit Bot of the Week”

  1. Any scientist, be he Einstein, or Edison. Hawkins, or Aristotle, would be proud if his assignment in life, was to have studied, the female form. Any parts of her tantalizing body, especially be it her breasts, pubic, or rear end sections, is a masterpiece of sexual, erotic art.

  2. I’m going to send that to a very old friend who is a Professor at Cambridge. That’ll put lead in his pencil!


  3. Maybe they could rename this renowned university ‘CANE’Bridge, with PH’d degrees in ‘Victoria Secret’s. I’m a sure they would all have a ‘spanking good time’.

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