Father’s Day


Last week I posted the well known black and white version of this picture in a discussion about spankings in Dutch culture (see comments to this post). I said the 1976 cover from Panorama magazine was a favourite of mine and Harry responded by sending me an excellent quality scan in full colour (click to enlarge).

I like it even more now! 🙂

Harry had a few interesting comments to add:

I thought you’d like to see it in color. I don’t usually care for totally nude girls being spanked, but this is a favorite because (a) the nude daughter and clothed father contrast is iconic of the generation gap at the time, and (b) the girl’s pose and wide-eyed open-mouthed ‘Oh no, I’m being spanked’ expression really sells the shot.

I believe some European countries celebrate Father’s Day on a different date but Gelukkige Vaderdag to you all anyway.

4 thoughts on “Father’s Day”

  1. Your’e welcome JS. Glad to be of service. Seems this picture is widely admired. She’s a very pretty girl of course which always helps. I’ve had an email from a reader who bought the issue when it came out.
    He says that “I remember spotting this cover, and buying it from a news stand in Piccadilly Circus.The main feature was a review of Jacleques Serguinnes’ little book Eloge de la Fessee.”

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