Jedanaesta Zapovijed

The title of this Croatian movie translates as The Eleventh Commandment. It stars Vesna Malohodzic as Korana – a sort of 1970s Balkan version of Zooey Deschanel – irrepressibly cute, cooky and more than a little bit annoying.

Jedanaesta Zapovijed 001 000166

Unlike Zooey (so far) she meets her nemesis in the shape of famous Serbian actor Dragomir ‘Gidra’ Bojanic who delivers just the kind of spectacular otk spanking upon the seat of her white panties that she has been asking for the whole movie.

Jedanaesta Zapovijed 216 0001 Jedanaesta Zapovijed 220 0008

There is much rubbing and sobbing afterwards but the attitude remains unadjusted for long. As the closing credits begin to roll, Gidra drives off and Korana throws a snowball at his car! (not shown in clip)

Some girls never learn.

Many thanks to Harry for finding this and if there are any Croatian speaking readers who can reveal what is being said in this scene please enlighten us.

10 thoughts on “Jedanaesta Zapovijed”

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  2. In begining conversation is following:
    I will beat you.
    Beat me, did you said that?

    After few smacks:
    it hurt me, stop, let me go, dont, damn you, let me go, you animal, faggot, enough, you bastard, please dont, not anymore, no

    1. Many thanks for the translation. Since writing the post I’ve learned that the English title of the film was “Korana Plays With Fire” which hints at the provocative side to her character. Here’s another clip which shows Korana acting out in what I would describe as a Descshanel-esque manner.

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