Lacey Spanked Hard

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“Find out all about the book that’s turned your girlfriend into a rampant spankaholic.”


The Fifty Shades of Grey effect shows no sign of abating with the September issue of FHM magazine hosting an A-Z guide to “the book that’s turned your girlfriend into a rampant spankaholic.”

The model who gets tied up and spanked otk with a Coco de Mer paddle is Lacey Banghard {her real name believe it or not), and , according to the editorial page,  she enjoyed every minute of it.


As usual in this type of magazine, the spanking is F/F in spite of the fact that the book is all about a woman being sexually dominated by a MAN. The A-Z list has some amusing moments though, and I thought the letter L was the most interesting;


L – Lucy Hale

The 23 year old actress – the pixie faced star of The OC and Pretty Little Liars – is a front runner to clinch the role of Anastasia Steele in the upcoming Fifty Shades movie adaptation. Who wants to see Lucy spanked to a quivering climax? Everyone, that’s who. Everyone everywhere.

7 thoughts on “Lacey Spanked Hard”

  1. As much as I’d like to see a spanking delivered to Lucy Hale, or Ashley Benson, or Amanda Seyfried, or any of the other actresses whose names have been mentioned regarding 50 Shades, it’s extremely unlikely that the movie adaptation will contain a spanking. That’s too controversial a subject for the studio or theaters. If any spanking does make it into the movie, it will be off screen, and very fake.

  2. The role of Anastasia Steele should be in quite contrast to Lucy’s next outing as the voice of Periwinkle’s in the new Disney animated movie ‘Secret of the Wings’ (A Tinkerbell Tale!).

    Is she up to the task of Anastasia really?

  3. If Brian is right she won’t need to be up to much, but I don’t know…it feels like things really have moved on since the days of 9½ Weeks which missed out the spanking. But the more major Hollywood productions still seem shy of showing the kind of scenes that have become almost commonplace on cable tv. So this should be a good test of just how far we have come.

    PS. Apparently Periwinkle is a very naughty fairy!

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