Berkeley Gray’s Daredevil Conquest

normanconquest poster

Norman Conquest was one of the ‘Saint’ clones spun off in the wake of Leslie Charteris’ popular character. Like Charteris, Gray’s books had many suitable plots and spankable women, but he only managed one scene.

In Daredevil Conquest, our hero is summoned to room 605 of the Park Plaza Hotel to meet a mysterious foreign blonde woman, and soon finds himself embroiled in a murder investigation. This story formed the basis for the film Norman Conquest (aka Park Plaza 605) starring Eva Bartok, but the spanking, alas, was off-camera. The film poster provided some consolation with Ms Bartok shown across the knee of Tom Conway.


From the library of Murray Roberts:

In his first encounter with the Russian girl, Nadina, Conquest comes off second best:

He laughed again – a soft, lilting sound which affected her far more than any yelp of surprise. His serene coolness, his contemptuous glance at the gun, made her fiercer than ever.

“Trick you, Green Eyes?” he said softly. “Now why the dickens should I try to trick you? Don’t imagine that I’m frightened of that silly little toy in your hand. You’re not going to use it….”

He was quite wrong. She used it then and there. A quiver ran down his spine as he saw her finger squeezing the trigger, distinctively he ducked. But there was no report – no bullet. Instead, an unexpected squirt of liquid hissed from the muzzle of the little gun. Some of it missed him, but as she quickly turned the weapon the remainder took him fairly and squarely between the eyes.

“My God! You little devil!”

He staggered back, clapping his hands to his eyes, for the liquid blinded him instantly, and the agony was intense. He hated being taken by surprise – and he hated even more the prospect of losing his eyesight. As he reeled about the room, cursing, he realised with a sense of stunning shock that his wits were leaving him. His legs began to fell like jelly. A thunderous roar was crashing inside his head – and his last conscious thought was that the squirted liquid was a volatile knock-out drug.

And there was nothing he could do about it…

He promises his wife, Joy, that he will get his revenge next time they meet:

“You can’t beat me, Norman,” she said coldly. “You’re only carrying on with this business because you want to meet that girl again.”

“Correct sweetheart.”


“You bet I want to meet her again!”

“You have the nerve to tell me –”

“And when I do meet her again, the first thing I’ll do is to take her across my knee, lift up her skirts and smack her bottom,” said Norman severely. “I’ll teach her to make a monkey out of me! Take that black look of your face, young Pixie, and switch off the green light. You’re with me in this binge from now on. and I shall want you to hold the glamorous Nadina while I do the smacking. I can’t say fairer than that, can I?”

Joy disapproves:

“Oh yeah?” Joy felt, perhaps with reason, that the married state would make no difference in her cavalier’s eyesight. And the very fact that he had met this present blonde menace in such extraordinary circumstances only added to Joy’s unease. He talked glibly of taking the girl across his knee and smacking her, but Joy felt that that sort of treatment was quite likely to have the wrong result. Look at it any way you like, smacking a girl’s bottom is no way to encourage aloofness. Far too intimate, in fact; and yet Norman, like an ass, had thought that he was putting the whole matter on a safe and business-like basis by this suggestion.

Finally, the denouement:

You had me nicely fooled. That’s one up to you. Two, counting your slick performance at the Park Plaza. Which reminds me,” he added, with a sudden frown. “I promised myself that I’d smack you —”

“Don’t come near me!” she whispered, watching him intently. ” I fooled you, yes. Now you will do as I say.” She produced her little gun and pointed it straight at him.

“First, you will put your hands up”

“The term, Gorgeous, is “‘reach for the ceiling,’ said Norman, as he raised his hands obediently. “I might have known you’d be as tricky as a dozen cats. I apologise for not giving you credit…Hey! Mind what you’re doing with that toy! You pulled the trigger once, but you’re not catching me again.”

“This is not the same gun,” said Nadina tensely. “This gun has bullets. If you move a step towards me I will kill you.”

He laughed, deliberately lowered his hands and took out his cigarette case. he flicked a lighter and applied the flame. As he inhaled deeply a sudden twist of his wrist sent the lighter straight past he left ear, and for a fraction of a second her attention was distracted. He moved lithely forward, seized her arm, and twisted the gun out of her hand.

“Silly to try things like that with me.” he said, as he clicked open the gun and examined it. “Well, well! So you weren’t fooling? This is the real thing, and fully loaded. Dangerous little devil, aren’t you?”

He pocketed the gun, seized hold of the startled Nadina, and sat down on the lounge, Her struggles were futile in his steely grip.

Laying her face downwards across his knees he pulled up her skirt and delivered half a dozen resounding slaps on her nylon panties. She was so surprised, and so outraged, that she even forgot to struggle and kick.

“I promised to give myself this pleasure at our next meeting,” said Norman, as he calmly readjusted her skirt and stood her on her feet, “Not that you don’t deserve something far more severe than a slapping.”

Nadina’s face was twisted,

“You hurt me!” she said, rubbing a small hand over her rear.

“How dare you take such liberties? No gentleman does such things to a lady!”

“Agreed, Mademoiselle Borordin,” chuckled Norman, as he smiled into her reddened face,” But I am not a gentleman, and I don’t think you are a lady. However, Let’s forget it. I want to ask you a straight question now that the pleasantries are over. What, in a word, is your game?”

She was looking at him with a new expression on her face. A moment earlier she had been indignant and angry – as any girl might who has just had her bottom smacked by a stranger – and a male stranger at that – a male who was high, wide and handsome. The enormity of the outrage had been intensified by the fact that he had lifted her clothes… But she was looking at him with wide-eyed admiration. he was so strong – so virile – so masterful.

it was not the first time that Norman Conquest had had this effect on a gril at close quarters. There was something in his personality – some magnetic quality which ran with the speed of quicksilver to the feminine bloodstream. She could feel her pulse quickening as she feasted her eyes on his fine masculine features.

“Kiss me!” she said softly.

6 thoughts on “Berkeley Gray’s Daredevil Conquest”

  1. That photo is intriguing. I’ve seen something similar published on another site, and commented on similar lines. You see, he’s set her up for a ‘left-handed’ spanking (I know, because I’m left-handed), yet he’s going to spank her with his right hand. His hand will land somewhere near the small of her back rather than on the curve of her bottom. Hardly satisfactory for him, and quite painful for her.

  2. Fascinating, as I had never heard of the film or seen the poster, which was pretty good except for the common fault of spanking with the wrong hand as noted by Targetarear. But the scene was a disappointment because it cut away from the actual spanking for no legitimate dramatic reason, and it lost both drama and eroticism as a result.

  3. The clip you linked to cut the scene a few seconds too early. She sheepishly says, “I’ve never been kissed or spanked like that.”

  4. Thanks for letting us know about this. I’ll try and find a fuller version of the scene and change the link. I always enjoy any little discussions or comments that come before or after a spanking.

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