Time Out or Spanking?


Click on the image to read a page from Time Out, the London listings magazine. It’s a feature about sex salons held at upmarket lingerie boutique Coco de Mer in Covent Garden. The blonde lady being spanked with a ruler is Nichi Hodgon – “a 28-year-old journalist, card-carrying feminist, and occasional sexual submissive.” Her website, where I found the picture below, explains that:

Drawing on her experience as a professional dominatrix and a personal ‘switch’ and submissive, Nichi creates an intimate, relaxed atmosphere in which she shares sensual sexual knowledge and tips, and demonstrates how to use a wide array of sex toys, S and M props and domestic objects alike to enhance your pleasure in the bedroom.


The domme in both pictures is Coco de Mer’s Allison England who featured in these previously posted tv clips. According to the Time Out article. Allison went over Nichi’s lap for “quite a walloping” in the shop window!?? Note too the nice pair of green silk assless panties in the bottom right corner.

Nichi Hodgson has written about sexual politics for The Guardian and Huffington Post amongst other websites, and recently released a BDSM flavoured memoir called Bound To You. One interesting example of her journalism poses the question “How realistic is the S&M in 50 Shades of Grey?

Personally, I prefer a partner to use their hands to chastise me and find looking up at someone I adore as I anticipate their slap across my cheek unbearably erotic.

In this piece for The New Statesman, she denounces the hypocrisy of The Sun newspaper which sent a photographer to one of the Coco de Mer sessions, but didn’t use any of the pictures because they were deemed “too racy”.

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