Ear Grabbing

I don’t have a title for this new clip and neither does Chross (help please!) but it’s a nice bare bottom flogging with a build up which includes an ear grab and ear grabs are always good!

Thanks to JS for sending me the bottom picture. He says that “despite appearances, I’m sure the girl isn’t really Debra Winger.”

Ear Grab4
Ear Grab1 Ear Grab2
Ear Grab6

6 thoughts on “Ear Grabbing”

  1. I don’t have a name for the movie that clip comes from, but I have been looking for it for years. When I was younger my older brother had the entire movie on dubbed VHS tape. I used to sneak into his room when everyone was out of the house and watch his collection. This was the first real spanking I saw in an adult movie and it blew me away. I would watch it as often as possible. The name he had on the tape was “The Evil Mistress,” but i’ve searched and haven’t been able to find it.

  2. I am a 66 year old man. In 1965, my 16 year old girlfriend was being fitted by her mother for her prom dress in the sewing room of their house. After being warned about complaining and whining, my future mother in law grabbed by future wife by the ear, marched her over to a chair, made her kneel in it, and then commenced to spank her ass and the backs of her thighs with the yardstick she was using. My lovely girl was then forced to kneel there during the entire afternoon. Each time she required fitting, mother walked over, grabbed her by the ear, brought her to the fitting stool, did her pins and needles, then grabbed the ear, marched her back to the chair for another smack or two and more kneeling. I was privy to the whole thing. I was so aroused. Sworn to never reveal this incident, I am breaking that vow in tribute to your devotion to ear pulling as part of an embarrassing pre-spanking. Bravo !

  3. Ok, finally had time to do some research!

    And, thanks, Jon!

    I first came up with nothing while looking for “Evil Mistress” on IMDB as well. And that search term will give you tons of all the wrong stuff in Google, too generic….
    So I took a closer look at the clip.

    I am pretty sure it is a French 70ies / 80ies porn judging by the way it was made. And the number plate of the car the guy enters.

    Then I tried to get a still with the best possible view of the spankee´s face.
    I then googled some French porn stars from that era and thought the girl might be Dominique Saint Claire.
    So I put in “Dominique Saint Claire” and “Mistress” in Google and it gave me an IMDB hit with “Evil Mistress” right away. Strange, I know.

    Anyway this may well be from
    “L’esclave du désir, innocente et pervertie” (English: Evil Mistress) from 1985


    We do have a character called “La Gouvernante” in it, as well….


    1. Chross,

      Good work!!!! The rest of the movie was pretty strange from what I remember watching in my brother’s room….but I always skipped right to this spanking scene. Very cool.

  4. Thanks Chross for a brilliant piece of detective work and thanks Jon for providing the all important clue.

    I’ve had the scene for a while on an old VHS collection that a reader sent me. It must have been very exciting for Jon to come across it at a young age. During the 1980s spanking scenes were mainly confined to just this kind of obscure European soft porn flick. And I don’t think I saw any of them at the time! 😦

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