Brit Bot of the Week – Nigella Lawson

nigella_lawson-butt_02 74699_nigellalawson_ass01_123_344lo

These pictures are a few years old now but you can’t say that this Brit Bot of the Week isn’t topical! She didn’t turn up at court in a pair of those did she!?
Makes you wonder what the public furore might have been like if Charles Saatchi had put her across his knee outside that restaurant!

4 thoughts on “Brit Bot of the Week – Nigella Lawson”

  1. Funny that! I love Nigella and watch all her cooking shows, hoping for a glimpse of her bottom rather than for any interest in her complicated recipes. However, I’ve formed the opinion that she may just be sensitive about her botty, giving instructions to the cameraman to either keep his focus above the waist or frost over the lower part in editing. Might just be my over-active speculation 🙂
    Nice pic anyway.


  2. Its much better than I expected. it was always said that she insisted that pictures of her bottom were completely off limits in her UK TV shows.
    Although generous its certainly shapely and the trousers couldn’t be much tighter.
    Perhaps the stress of her recent trial and tribulations has made her lose weight.

    1. Agreed she has a fine rear, but the pictures date back to around 2005/6. Since you mention it, could these pictures be the reason why she banned butt shots in her show? If so, it’s a pity because Nigella is a great role model and spokeswoman for the healthy, curvy woman and has nothing to be ashamed of as far as I can see (and I’ve looked pretty closely!!).

      1. Maybe someone should just ask her, seeing as we’re all interested in Nigella’s bottom. “Dear Nigella, there’s been some ongoing debate about your rear…….” kind of thing. Does anyone have the name of her agent?


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