Lost Christmas Spanking

Talking about ‘lost’ spanking scenes,i can remember one at christmas in which santa birches a nubile blonde girl-i recall she was dressed in a red ‘baby doll’ with black frilly knickers-this must have been around 1972/3-its probably long since wiped-i think it was on itv.

Can any helpful spanko Santas  add anything to this? It is Christmas after all!!


6 thoughts on “Lost Christmas Spanking”

  1. Freddie Jones as Santa and Pauline Collins as the girl pins it down to the play Carol’s Story in the half-hour series Armchair 30, shown on ITV in 1973. There are a couple problems with the identification, though: Pauline Collins isn’t a blonde (and, unlike some other brunette actresses, I don’t think she ever had a ‘blonde phase’); and, Santa notwithstanding, the play was not shown at Christmas but on August 15 (in a late night slot). The *good* news is that the program has not been wiped and so might be released one day if a firm like Network could be persuaded there’s a market for it. (While we’re at it, let’s also try to convince them to release The Finest Family in the Land…!)

  2. I think it was pauline collins, a 30 minute play. She was playing a prostitute waiting for her next customer, when santa came, he was demonstrating what happens in Germany to naughty children. It was about 1973

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