Hot Cockles

A clip from a new documentary about art during the Rococo period. Contains M/F, M/M, and F/M. There seems to be a continuity error because the first lady to get spanked bends over the knee of one of the men but in the close up she has her head on the other lady’s lap.  See an HQ version here. (Don’t know if this works outside UK).

The use of actors to recreate scenes from 18th Century French art did not stretch to nudes unfortunately. When it came to the infamous painting of Louise O’Murphy by Francois Boucher (which used to be used as the header to this blog) the presenter, Waldemar Janusczak, did it himself! Fully clothed thankfully!

Politically correct Boucher

Don’t worry I won’t be using this as my next header!


Illustration of the game ‘Hot-Cockles’ from the 1801 book Sports and Pastimes.

56210181 Hot cockles:  Engraving from Fernand Roybet (1840-1920).

6 thoughts on “Hot Cockles”

  1. ‘Hot cockles’, eh! I read somewhere that Elizabeth Hurley used to hold parties in which blindfolded recipients had to bend over for a spanking and asked to guess who the spanker was. Not so much of a game as an excuse to deliver and take some spankings, and why not?
    I have attended parties where we played ‘musical spankings’, the ladies revolving around a circle of seated men, skirts ahoy, until the music stops when they lay across the lap of the nearest spanker for some serious smacks. At the end of the game there are some very nicely reddened bottoms.

  2. Rococo Art, the painter Boucher, the court-life of Louis XV, Diderot, a mention of the Louvre, Casanova, a definition of a Greek word—who says spanking can’t be educational?

    1. Ha! Yes I like to think that like the BBC in the days of Lord Reith, The Spank Statement is here to “educate, inform and entertain.”! 🙂

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