The Three Belles


A great uniform pin-up spanking inspired by a show at this year’s Edinburgh Art’s Festival. This was found by Harry (see comments below).

Featuring the 1940’s close harmony singing that The Three Belles are renowned for, this brand new show tells the story of ‘London Life’, a fetish magazine in circulation in England before the outbreak of World War Two.

The normally-reserved singers decided to create the show when they discovered a pile of London Life magazines in Lanford’s Antiques in Albert Road in Southsea.

“The show uses real letters from the people who wrote to London Life,” explains Anneka Wass of The Three Belles. “Their stories are often funny and poignant, too.  They never spoke about it in public, but these people decided to seek fun in unconventional ways at a time when rubber, leather, and clothing was strictly rationed.”

True stories featured in the show include the woman who made herself a rubber dress from bath curtains only to nearly choke to death on rubber fumes whilst sitting in front of a fire, and the married couple who found a fondness for cross-dressing at a Christmas party!

“The background to their lives is danger,” says Sally Taylor, also a member of The Three Belles. “It’s tragi-comic.  This side of the war has never been told before.”

The Three Belles will weave vintage songs such as Gimme Some Skin, Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar, and Masculine Women, Feminine Men into the show.

The show, fully-titled ‘The True Story of the Secret Kinks of World War 2′ is set to premiere in July in London before transferring to the Edinburgh Fringe on August 11th.

The Three Belles read London Life and are shocked at what they find but cant resist a little giggle

8 thoughts on “The Three Belles”

  1. Actually the 2012 Edinburgh Festival, not last year’s. I have a much fuller article about this for you, with more pictures. Will be in touch soon. In the meantime, for likely spanking action at the 2014 Edinburgh Festival, search for the internet for Three Belles. (Add Portsmouth or London Life if you need to narrow down the results.)

  2. Very nice! I’ve updated the post.

    I know a few readers of this blog who will be VERY interested in the show about London Life magazine.

    P.S. thanks for accepting my invitation, Harry. And looking forward to learning more about Mr. and Mrs Clark.


  3. Aye, a ‘guid skelping’ brings back memories of growing up in Scotland pre-political correctness, where skelpings were the ready antidote to juvenile cheek. Many’s the skelping I witnessed as a youth, but always dodged getting them myself.
    Maybe that’s where I got my predilection in later years for spanking adult females.

  4. Just a scintilla more information for you: the blonde doing the spanking is named Anneka Wass, while the girl on the receiving end is Sally Taylor – and, perhaps predictably, she’s a redhead.

  5. I was just sent this pic and before I posted it I thought I would look around to see if it had been posted somewhere else first. Of course yours was the first blog I came to and lo and behold, there it is 🙂

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