The Threepenny Opera


7 Stages Theatre
5  Days to Go
3 Penny Opera
1 Sound Spanking

The countdown is on before a brand new stage spanking in Atlanta, GA.  See Bertolt Brecht’s musical The Threepenny Opera from Sept. 9-25.

Live musicians and Atlanta’s best actors perform powerful songs of revolution like ‘How to Survive’ along with classic numbers ‘Mack the Knife’ and ‘Pirate Jenny’ in this raw musical about power, sex, and the evil things one must do to stay alive in a corrupt world.

The picture shows Aaron Strand as Macheath, and Stephanie Lloyd as Polly Peachum.

Buy tickets here.

2 thoughts on “The Threepenny Opera”

  1. I’m not aware that there is a spanking in most stagings of Brecht’s play, but there is some delightful dialogue. At one point Polly Peachum has an argument with her mother about her affection for an unsuitable man, I think Mac himself. Mom says that type of relationship never works, and Polly replies, “I shall be an exception.”

    Mom responds, “I’ll tan your bottom, you ‘exception.'” (Ich werde dir den Hintern versohlen, du Ausnahme.)

    “Love is greater than a tanned bottom,” Polly declares. When I first heard that dialogue, however, the translator had rendered it “rosier than a tanned bottom.” Yumm.

    1. “Love is rosier than a tanned bottom.” sounds like a perfect motto for a Valentine’s card.

      These lines may be what inspires directors to include a spanking in SOME versions of the show. We can’t really be 100% certain that there’s a spanking in the Atlanta production, but considering how prominently they’re using the picture in their publicity I think I’d want to demand my money back if there wasn’t. They even put it on the back of a bus.


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