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Brit Bot of the Week

“Should Charlotte Church be spanked?” asked a visitor yesterday.

It’s a good question because the Welsh singer has been in big trouble for insulting the Queen no less. So you could say that the googler who found this site isn’t just some random spanko fantasist but part of a wider topical debate.

As spanking offences go I’d say treason is a pretty serious one! Perhaps a spell across the knee of a footman with Her Majesty looking on would bring closure to all concerned.

Just to add fuel to the fire, she’s been brazenly baring her bottom on holiday while the controversy rages back home.

Let’s face it, there could only be one Brit Bot of the Week…

Brit Bot of the Week

union-jack2This is the first of a new series of picture posts for 2011 which will showcase the bottoms of British celebs: reality tv contestants, models, actresses, soap stars etc.

To encourage a bit of feedback, there will be a poll too in which you can rate each Brit Bot of the Week. I’ll try and keep the pictures as current as possible but I might occasionally dip into the archives for an oldie but goodie. So let’s kick off:

The first Brit Bot of the Week is…

Coronation Street actress Helen Flanagan in a white bikini.

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