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The Rise and Fall of the Bobby Soxers


In the early 1940s, Hitler was busy trampling Europe underfoot but over in America there was a different kind of terror that was threatening the nation. A moral panic that moved quickly from state to state spread, not by the march of the jackboot, but the pitter-patter of the bowling shoe!

The rebellious teen tribe known as the bobby-soxers was on the rise. Their crimes were too numerous to mention but close analysis of the films of the period reveal that some of the most common included:

  • Using slang
  • Laziness
  • Over the top emotions
  • Careless use of the telephone
  • Dancing to swing and big band music


America had invented the teenager and the guardians of traditional family values promptly came up with an invention of their own:

The Teen Spanking!


Educational insititutions were taking no chances either. In Utah, a brand new intake of college freshers turned up wearing the bobby soxer uniform of sweaters, skirts and ankle socks with bowling shoes. They were lined up and paddled in public as a deterrent. Better to be safe than sorry.


The power of the press was employed to try and suppress bobby soxer rebellions wherever they broke out. The dreaded saddle shoe is clearly visible in this still of Betty Lynn being spanked with a newspaper from the film June Bride (1948).  In the same year,  Betty played another bratty bobby soxer in Sitting Pretty and was threatened with a bottom-warming in that too.


I spotted a very similar scene in Harry’s post on the popular high school stage play Men are Like Streetcars. It tells the story of naughty Maudie Mason a character whose roots lie in the bobbysoxer era even though the play was still being performed into the 1970s.


Soon even rural areas of the country were being defended with necessary force. This is one backwoods bobby soxer who won’t be commiting any of those top 5 sins again in a hurry!


Shockingly, even the all American sweetheart and child star Shirley Temple grew up to be a bobby soxer. See her threatened with a spanking here.

Bobby soxer demigogues included the likes of Frank Sinatra and the less well known, but equally dangerous, Van Johnson. How many teenage girls fantasised about being in the position of June Allyson in the film Too Young to Kiss? Draped across Johnson’s knee, she is undergoing some much needed correction from her leader.


Unfortunately for the bobbysoxers, the authorities were able to exploit a vulnerability in their fashionable attire. Those “poodle” style skirts were just asking to be hoiked up!


While there is little authentic picture evidence of this tactic being employed, an excellent approximation from the early 21st Century shows what it might have looked like.


The raised skirt panty spanking must have proved a very effective weapon as by the end of the decade the bobby soxers were in retreat. At the top of this post we see a student with a comb stuffed down her sock but it was a different kind of hair grooming device which proved their final undoing.The ultimate deterrent was reluctantly put into use against the remaining rebels.



Hairbrush-ima soon had the bobby soxers begging to surrender and behave!

Credits: [Bobbysoxer6] This picture is from Harry’s collection and it’s never been on the internet before.

[utah] JS 666 sent me this version of the famous student paddling picture which is better quality than the one seen on most sites.

{Bobbysoxer5] I found this on Richard Windsor’s blog.

[Bobbysoxer3] I think this is from the website Punished Brats.

Brit Bot of the Week – Lily Cole

Lily Cole

Since we’ve been talking about redheads this week, I thought we’d better have a ginger Brit Bot of the Week too, the first one so far, as it happens.

Lily Cole also ties in with last week’s Pirates post because she appeared in the Doctor Who episode The Curse of the Black Spot which was set on board a pirate ship. She played a “stroppy homicidal mermaid”, and while I’m not sure if mermaids actually have bottoms to spank, this one certainly needed some taming!

The 23 year-old student and supermodel first got a mention on The Spank Statement about four years ago when she played a schoolgirl in the St Trinians movie. Since then, unlike co-star Gemma Arterton, she’s kept her bottom comparatively under wraps and well out of the headlines.

She did do a Lolita themed spread for Playboy which included some nice pin-up shots of her small but perfectly formed posterior.

lily cole 005

And she appeared on the catwalk with Jean-Paul Gaultier in an outfit which seemed to be channeling both Emma Peel AND John Steed at the same time!

lily cole 008

Jean-Paul Gaultier has recently been attending to Lady Gaga’s backside but unfortunately on this occasion he didn’t use that crook handled brolly across Lily’s leather clad behind. The tight black jump suit certainly looked good from behind though.

lily cole 006 lily cole 007

But it”s thanks to Harry for sending me pictures of the outstanding bottom moment of Lily Cole’s career so far. If anyone knows where these were taken I’d be glad for some more information. Clearly it’s a fashion show with Lily looking very demure and “butter wouldn’t melt” in a navy blue calf-length dress. It’s hard to imagine her ever playing a stroppy homicidal mermaid in the thumbnail image…

lilly cole naughty

But click on it to see Lily unleash her inner rebellious redhead attitude!

Game of Thrones

Esme Bianco - Game of ThronesShe was seen nude in the first episode of the HBO fantasy saga Game of Thrones, but Esme Bianco has some even more interesting previous acting experience.

The burlesque artist once made an arthouse spanking video!

In the short 2010 movie by Ruth Hogben, Esme spanks her friend Valeria with a variety of implements.

You can tell it’s art because it’s in black and white and slow motion…otherwise it would be porn…obviously.

esme bianco game of thrones esme bianco game of thrones1

Called Buttocks by most websites, the correct title of the film is actually English. explains why:

To open the second week of our latest season of fashion film, our fashion body takes a distinctly sexual turn with filmmaker Ruth Hogben’s ‘English’ – a visual quest, it seems, to redefine our contemporary callipygian ideal. In layman’s terms?

Hogben’s film focusses on the buttocks, with the Rubenesque forms of two voluptuous Burlesque artistes her titillating anatomical subjects.

esmebianco 002

And as for that title, it’s plucked from the fact that flagellation in all its forms was dubbed ‘the English vice’, with many a Victorian pornographic pamphlet to attest to the nation’s latent lust for a lashing. Why wasn’t this outlawed in a time of rampant Protestant puritanism? Outwardly prim and proper aristocrats and judges were too fond of spanking to give up the naughty habit!

There’s nothing latent about Esme Bianco’s lust for a lashing that’s for sure. She also popped up in some photos promoting a designer spanking paddle.

There was another British bottom on display in the first episode of Game of Thrones. Petite Emilia Clarke plays the last Targaryen princess, Daenerys, after replacing Tamzin Merchant who dropped out for unknown reasons. Dany is described as small of stature and very beautiful with silver hair, purple eyes…

…and a behind which “redefines the contemporary callipygian ideal” all on its own!

emilia clarke game of thrones1 emilia clarke game of thrones
emilia clarke game of thrones2 emilia clarke game of thrones3

So this week’s poll question is: what does HBO actually stand for?

The poll is now closed. See the poll results here.

Before her surprise appointment in GOT, Emilia Clarke had only appeared in one professional production – a single 2009 episode of the soap opera Doctors. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get the same treatment that Tracey Childs received in this show.


Update 2012: In Season Two of Game of Thrones we were treated to a spanking scene.

game of thrones spanking game of thrones spanking1

In the episode Garden of Bones, cruel Joffrey finds two prostitutes in his chambers (an unnamed woman and Ros). The teenage king orders the pair to make out with each other, but when he realizes that his uncle Tyrion sent them, he commands Ros to spank the other woman. We get to see some hand spanking before a belt is suggested by Joffrey.

The scene progresses into ever more cruel forms of sexual sadism as Ros is forced to whip her companion and then beat her bloody with a stag-horned scepter, while Joffrey aims a crossbow at them both. Joffrey is getting back at Tyrion because he stopped him from beating up his betrothed, Sansa Stark, in a previous scene.

Chross has posted a number of download options to view the earlier parts of the scene here.

The scene with Sansa is in the Song of Fire and Ice series of books by George R.R. Martin on which Game of Thrones is based, but the follow up with the prostitutes is not.

According to this commentator:

In the book, that scene with Sansa was particularly disturbing because Joffrey had her stripped naked, but obviously, the HBO wouldn’t show 16-year-old actress Sophie Turner sans garments. So how did the writers portray Joffrey’s cruelty? They one-upped the book in a spectacular manner.

She adds:

Producers everywhere: If a woman plays a prostitute and is naked throughout an entire scene, her character deserves a name, damnit!

The unnamed prostitute is played by Maisie Dee whose previous credits include a stint as a spanking model for On her first day of filming she was given a trailer with the label ‘Nubile Whore’ written on it! Maisie has written a great blog post about her experiences working on the show, and it’s a story that ends happily too because her character eventually did come to get a name. Read the full story here.

Jeggings – For or Against?

A couple of summers ago I remember getting a series of charming emails from a friend who was visiting New York. He couldn’t believe the fashion craze for leggings or tights that was so popular there:

Summer just hit New York and it’s a joy just walking around taking in the beautiful weather – and all the tights… 🙂

He told me lots of stories about the women he had seen with their tights-clad bottoms “churning and winking” in different areas of the city – including this one:

Last night I attended an opening at a gallery Downtown. The artist was a young Hispanic kid who’d made some quite good paintings in a sort of graffiti-style.
But: another guest was a woman in white tights that looked like they were spray painted on her. It looked like she walked around with a bare behind.

And what a behind it was!

And she just walked around, sipping wine, looking at the paintings and chatting with her friends. Someone asked what I thought of the paintings and I murmured something or other. What I wanted to say was:

The best piece of art in here is that woman’s bottom.”

I think that women dress like that for two reasons: 1. They know they have a great bottom. 2. They like to show it.

I could add a third reason: it helps keep your balance on the subway!


The trend has spread everywhere since making it one of the biggest bottom-centric fashions since…well I suppose since the last time leggings were all the rage back in the 1980s.

Not everyone is so happy about it though. One group of women have set up a website campaigning AGAINST the wearing of tights as outerwear. Their manifesto also arguably explains why the fashion is so enjoyable too. It just depends upon your point of view really.

Let’s Be Clear:

The wearing of tights as pants is an abomination.

Tights are not pants.

Sure in the context of sports, ballet, hair metal, and renaissance fairs, tights function as suitable leg coverings, but still…they are not pants.

No. These are not activities that transform tights into pants; these are historically acceptable acts of Pantlessness.

Tights as pants leave nothing to the imagination. Tights as pants are an affront to those of us who prefer not to know the most intimate details of the neighbor’s bodies. Tights as pants are the fashion equivalent of Too Much Information.

This gratuitous divulgence of assets repels where the tights-as-pants wearer presumably wants to entice. We have tired of tolerating attempts to force tights into a non-native garment category and have decided to do something about it.

Jeggings are an extension of the same trend, a cross between jeans and leggings that must have inspired many a spanking fantasy.

leggings 003 leggings 004

A couple of comedians from appropriately enough, New York, have put forward the PRO jeggings argument in a more entertaining way. Emma & Ari haven’t just come up with a manifesto, they’ve set it to music AND made a spoof pop video to go with it!

The best thing about Jeggings – The Official Music Video (apart from the sound effect of elastic snapping on to butt) is the disapproving mother who chases Ari around while trying to spank her on the seat of her jeggings with a rolling pin!

jeggings 001

jeggings 002

jeggings 003

Plenty of celebrities have embraced the trend including Paris Hilton, Jennifer Love Hewitt and of course Lindsey Lohan who we have to thank for starting it all apparently.

paris hilton leggings jennifer love hewitt leggings

And who, if she is found guilty of the charges of theft that she’s currently facing, should have plenty of reason to regret starting such a spank-friendly fashion!

Ana Beatriz Barros

Probably the most high-profile bottom in the UK at the moment belongs to the model Ana Beatriz Barros. It’s all thanks to a Christmas TV advert in which she appears alongside a host of other celebrity names. The disco-themed ad for Marks and Spencer has music by The Bee Gees and, most importantly, Ana modelling the clothing chain’s skimpy underwear range – in triplicate!

abb 001

At one point, the three A-B-Bs turn and stick their A-S-Ses out towards the camera. It’s more Agent Provocateur than trusty old M&S but who’s complaining?

abb 002

And what a perfect excuse to revive an old Christmas ad starring the Brazilian beauty. You’re probably familiar with the picture of Santa Claus spanking Ana from Cosmo magazine 2007, but there are a lot of poor quality, heavily cropped versions of it knocking around the net.

So I thought I’d post the FULL photoshoot in HQ!

As well as the spanking pic, we get Ana being stripped and molested (in the nicest possible way) by a pair of elves. There’s one of Santa checking his list with Ana on his knee too – and guess who’s been very naughty indeed? Don’t know who they got to play Santa, but I like the way he looks genuinely cross.

It couldn’t be the real one…could it?

It’s been a great year here on The Spank Statement with some encouraging signs of growth in visitor numbers. Viewing stats for the last two months have both been all time highs and a new record for views in a single day was set in November too. So thanks to everyone who has joined in the fun during 2010. I’m going to try a new look for 2011 so if you notice some strange things happening it’s only me tinkering around with the settings.

There’s just one more thing to say…

Red Bottoms

Q. What have Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, Christine Aguilera, Kylie Minogue, and Madonna got in common?

A. They’ve all sported red bottoms in 2009! Oprah was even seen leaning back to show off her red bottoms on TV!

I’m referring of course to the achingly fashionable Christian Louboutin shoes which retail for nearly $1000 a pair.

cl 004

Honestly now, what else could I have meant?

As Jay-Z’s song I Know from the American Gangster album proclaims:

“Red bottoms, you gotta have ’em, you glad you got ’em!

And as a leading shoe retailer said on his blog recently:

“I’ve had so many women ask for the shoes with the red bottom.”

cl 002

Imagine that!

Lady: Excuse me, I’m looking for red bottoms?

Salesman: “Only too happy to oblige, madam!”

cl 001

I’d like to see a video of some spoiled fashionista being given a red bottom with one of her own Louboutins – perhaps for maxing out her credit card. The heels might get in the way a bit but they could always be used as handles. It would make a great subject for a cartoon too.

This classy photoshoot from Harpers and Queens is halfway there. The location is the Ritz Hotel in Paris and the model with the very long legs is Russian Natalia Belova. Click on the final picture (which was very carefully chosen) below and read the quote about Christian Louboutin meeting up with a more than satisfied customer!


Click to read the quote top left

And if you’d like to see a bit more of Natalia Belova…

nb 002nb 003

…this time she is modelling Aubade lingerie, with no sign of a red bottom, unfortunately.

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Ditsy Daisy

Following on from the Agent Provocateur video (see the post below), I have some screen grabs from model Daisy Lowe’s new MTV reality show 24 Hours.

dl 005

The fly on the wall documentary tracks her every move as she gets political at the G20 protest, lends a charitable hand in Barnardos, and struggles to use a can opener. Quite a way to dispel the ditsy model stereotype there, Daisy!

It’s full of product placements and in one scene, she appeared on a rooftop in AP bondage gear complete with a riding crop. The crop should have been put to some use when she lifted her dress up to reveal a pair of assless panties. (more like a bra for the butt really).

dl 002

dl 001

Here’s a few more highlights from her career to date. The guy in the foreground of the left hand picture is enjoying the view. The black and white shot is from an arty shoot for Paradis magazine and finally on the right, another day…another pair of assless panties! What a trooper!

dl 003dl 006dl 007

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Muckington Manor Revisited

Behind the scenes footage from last year’s wonderful Agent Provocateur photoshoot featuring Daisy Lowe and Tiah Eckhardt as naughty maids, and Catherine Bailey as the Lady of the Manor. There’s some carpetbeater spanking amongst the general kinkiness – an implement we don’t see enough of these days!

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A Day At The Races

Thanks to Mitch over at All Things Spanking for finding this picture of former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins being playfully spanked with a riding crop by supermodel Megan Gale at the Australian Derby Day.

mg 01

The incident was televised (on Channel 7) apparently, and reports say that sales of the sparkly riding accessory have since gone through the roof.

mg 04

Let’s hope their buyers put them to good use, and perhaps the fashion will catch on at other race meetings. That could make next year’s Royal Ascot, where the picture below was taken, a LOT more interesting.

mg 06

Jennifer Hawkins also famously endured a very public humiliation due to this classic wardrobe malfunction a few years back. The girl just can’t seem to keep her bottom out of the news.

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