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The Priest and the Vampire

It’s hard to fault this epic studio photograph. Aside from the technical quality,  there’s some real wit and style on display here. Do we call them models or actors or cosplayers? I don’t know, but their passion for what they are doing shines through.


It comes from zadalphotography and the vampire is played by the beautiful Albina while the priest is Adalberto Zanella (aka Zadal).

The other two pictures in the set are just as good.



When she’s not baring her teeth as a naughty vampire, Albina looks like this:


They are from the north of Italy and they deserve a much wider audience for these pictures than they are getting at present.

On his website, Zadal recalls that he has been in love with photography since he went on a trip to Barcelona in 1999. He is constantly looking for models, photographers and make-up artists with which to weave new partnerships and thus have new stimuli and ideas for projects to be developed together.

He stresses that he is not a professional photographer but brings a professional seriousness and attention to his work:

“I want particularly to clarify that, in my case, photography is ‘simply passion’ for this form of expression, unrelated to any interest of an economic nature.”

True to his word, I noticed he hasn’t even bothered to put a watermark on these shots which are better than the work of many so-called professionals.


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

This is not a photo shop, it’s for real. The back story is that Ellen von Unwerth did a shoot with Lindsay Lohan  on the Greek island of Mykonos last summer. The pictures were pretty bland, standard fare (see them here if you’re interested) but, typically enough, Lindsay didn’t arrive at the shooting location on time. So von Unwerth posted this bts shot on social media with the caption “THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING LATE!”