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The Secret of Crickley Hall

The caning scenes in this TV drama are completely unerotic but ghost stories are meant to be spine-tingling and creepy, and on that level I think you will enjoy the clips.

The Secret of Crickley Hall is a James Herbert story that jumps between the modern day and the 1940s. A family move into a spooky old house that used to be a school for orphaned evacuees during the Second World War.

The first clip is a scene between the headmaster of the school, the evil Mr Cribben, and his young teaching assistant played by Olivia Wilde.

So enter Crickley Hall….if you dare!

The mother of the family who have moved into the haunted hall has an unpleasant encounter with the resident ghost. The actress is Suranne Jones.

The teenage daughter played by Maisie Wiliams (Arya Stark in Game of Thrones) is next.

In this clip, the bully from the local school enters Crickley Hall. The presence of such a naughty lady soon arouses the attention of the ghost with the cane…

I’ve included this final scene because it rounds off the caning motif of the story. It’s been said that Crickley Hall has an extreme and unbalanced anti-corporal punishment bias, but I think it’s worth pointing out that the bully is shown here as not just injured but contrite too. Her encounter with Mr Cribben and his cane has done her some good!

I’m sorry. Please tell him I won’t do it again. I’ll be good. Please tell him.

Now admittedly these words are spoken while she is being carried out on a stretcher rather than cradling her sore bottom, but as the mother sarcastically says when she is clearing away the dead rat: “By the looks of it, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person!”

The suggestion seems to be that, unlike the orphaned children in the 1940s, the bully got her just desserts and for certain modern day individuals, a taste of the old methods might not be such a bad thing.

Made In Chelsea and Lemon La Vida Loca

From a reality show about life in the exclusive district of South West London.

Update: Chross has posted another clip from this series.

I thought I’d post this here too because it looks like it’s filmed in the same sex shop with the same sales assistant. It’s from another reality show or rather spoof reality show starring spoof celebrity Keith Lemon. It’s a bit of a let down in the end, unless you’re a fan of F/M. Emily’s sweet spot really should have come under a-tack!

American Horror Story – News

Update: Exclusive preview of the clip that Chross has supplied.


I’ve had a report that the first episode of Season 2 of American Horror Story, which premiered last night on  FX, had multiple caning related scenes.

“Welcome to Briarcliff” is set in 1964 and takes place in an insane asylum on the east coast. An anonymous emailer told me that Lange caned a man and almost caned a girl and there was some dialogue about this between the man and another girl.

This review says that “Jessica Lange plays Sister Jude (a sadistic nun) who uses caning as a punishment for both wards of the hospital and on Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe)… but Eunice actually seems to enjoy it and gives Jude a larger cane to use on her.”

Can anyone add more info or provide a clip?

It sounds like there could be more to come in episode 2 as Sister Jude attempts to “cure” a lesbian.

Dinosaurs On A Spaceship


Hot on the heels of Parade’s End, there was another spanking threat on the BBC, this time in family sci-fi series Dr Who.

The Doctor has met some impressive women from history, including Agatha Christie and Elizabeth I, but in the episode Dinosaurs On A Spaceship he is joined by one of the feistiest of them all: Queen Nefertiti of Egypt as played by Riann Steele. The haughty Queen is threatened with an over the knee spanking by an African big game hunter (Rupert Graves). The Doctor’s companion Amy Pond raises her eyebrows in surprise. So did most of the viewers.



I knew that Adelaide Clemens would be seen nude in episode 3 of Parade’s End, with hopefully a glimpse of the bare bottom that was threatened with a smacking in episode 2, but I certainly wasn’t expecting that she would pose as Venus in the famous painting by Velasquez!

As most of you will know by now, the reclining nude has been the inspiration behind many of the Spank Statement headers, and this beautifully lit image, complete with the reflection in the mirror, is easily the best recreation of it that I’ve seen so far.

With hindsight, some clues did appear in the previous episode when Adelaide’s character witnessed the slashing of the painting by a suffragette in London’s National Gallery. According to a review:

The impact of her witnessing the slashing of the Rokeby Venus by Mary Richardson at the National Gallery is portrayed with a striking and impactful visual moment that reveals Valentine’s true appreciation of beauty, coupled with the burgeoning desire and sensuality that lie in her heart.

Quite. And more to the point…I’ve got my next header for 2013. 🙂


Inspired by Parade’s End, I thought I’d take a look at what I’ve got on my hard disk related to suffragette spanking. It turned out to be mainly contemporary accounts from old newspapers.

I’ve had this report for a few years now, I can’t remember where I found it but I think it was on one of the spanking blogs.

suffragettes 002

Martyn sent me these two reports a few months ago after he had spent an afternoon browsing an Australian government website.



In the first episode of Parade’s End, there’s a great scene where Valentine and a companion stage a protest at a golf course. It’s an ‘event’ that the modern day women’s group FEMEN would be proud of as they interrupt the game of a group of old Tory buffers and throw water at them. It would have been perfect if it had ended with a spanking, but unfortunately, they make a narrow escape after being chased across the links by the furious golfers.

parade's end

That’s why the man threatens to smack Valentine’s bare bottom in the clip that I posted last week. The scene takes place at an Eton cricket match and he thinks that she might be planning a similar stunt.

But he probably needn’t have worried. Considering the newspaper reports above, the ready availability of flogging apparatus nearby, and the public school masters no doubt present amongst the spectators, it would have taken a very brave suffragette indeed to disrupt a cricket match at Eton during that period!

Parade’s End


Parade’s End is a new drama set in the years leading up to, and including, the First World War. Comparisons with Downton Abbey are being made but all you really need to know is that the BBC/HBO series, based on the novels of Ford Madox Ford, is much better and writer Tom Stoppard has laced his script with very entertaining spanking references!

In episode 2 Valentine Wannop, a campaigner for women’s rights played by Kirsten Dunst lookalike Adelaide Clemens, is threatened by Sandbach (Malcom Sinclair) a traditionalist Member of Parliament. My clip includes a second amusing little scene.

In the first episode, we also had a woman saying suffragettes should be whipped and a man saying they should be spanked. And there are still two more episodes to come. Can Valentine’s posterior survive unscathed?

Update: In episode 3 Adelaide Clemens showed her bare bottom in an awesome nude scene which I’ve posted here

Sergeant Cork

I am happy to bring you a rare slice of Victorian domestic discipline which wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some teamwork from three stalwart contributors – thanks to Murray Roberts, Harry and Michael Gray.

In this TV series Sergeant Cork works for Scotland Yard’s newly formed Criminal Investigation Department, enthusiastically employing the new science of forensics to tackle crimes in the melting pot of 1890s London.

The Case of the Amateur Spy, an episode originally shown in 1964, has Cork investigating the theft of vital naval documents. His No.2 Bob Marriott is sent to a house which has been set up as a love nest for a girl who has run away from home. As the detective enters the house, he discovers that her disapproving parents have got there first.

We cut away to a maid watching through the keyhole just as the girl is being put across her father’s knee, but cut back in time for two nice in vision smacks to the seat of this flighty young madam’s dress (reports of bloomers and hairbrushes proved unfounded!).

sergeantcork 002

Of the 66 editions of Sergeant Cork, only 36 still exist so we are very lucky to have this scene which remained unobtainable until the surviving episodes were recently released by Network DVD. If you watch to the end of the four minute video you will be rewarded with much bottom rubbing and a second, this time entirely off screen, spanking! The father is played by Jerold Wells and the daughter is Madeleine Mills.

Some Period Drama

There’s a revival of Upstairs Downstairs on TV at the moment set in the same house, 165 Eaton Place, as the original series but two decades on during the 1930s. In the absence of any scenes like these featuring Lesley-Anne Down, I dug a bit deeper to try and come up with something of interest for each of the leading female members of the cast.

Lady Agnes does bondage!


Portrayed by Keeley Hawes, Lady Agnes Holland, is the eldest daughter of the 12th Earl of Towyn and wife of Sir Hallam Holland. Her marriage to Sir Hallam has been happy and devoted, despite financial hardship before his inheritance and their failure to have children.

keeley hawes 04

My best find is probably this picture of Keeley Hawes tied to a bed. It’s very suggestive of spanking I think you will agree. There’s a few other good black and white shots in this set which was taken some years ago by photographer Antoine Verglass.

keeley hawes 03 keeley-hawes


Lady Persie gets her bottom smacked!


Portrayed by Claire Foy, Lady Persephone Towyn, is the younger sister of Lady Agnes. A fascist, she has an affair with Harry Spargo, but later leaves him and her family to go to Germany with Joachim von Ribbentrop. She returns in December 1938 after the anti-Semitic violence in Germany escalates.

Claire Foy is very much the Lesley-Anne Down of the new series. I love the haughty, arrogant way that Lady Persie talks down to the servants and she is definitely in need of something stronger than a newspaper across her behind!

This is a tricky one because while Claire Foy has done a few sex scenes in the past, she has always kept her bottom strictly off camera. There are no nude photos in the closet either like the Keeley Hawes set above or the ones that Lesley-Anne Down did for Mayfair when she was an aspiring actress struggling to pay the rent.

But this just piqued my interest even more so I watched another period drama that she is starring in called White Heat set in the 1960s. It’s off screen (again!) but I don’t think there’s any doubt that Claire Coy – as I call her – takes a nice ringing smack to her bare(?) bottom about 50 seconds into this clip.

Miss Whisset pulls a moonie!


Miss Whissett. played by Sarah Lancashire, is a love interest for the butler Warwick Pritchard.

Sarah Lancashire is well cast as the prim and proper Miss Whissett because she has always refused to do sex scenes or nudity. Unpromising as this might sound I do have an amusing little clip from a 2005 crime series she was in called Rose and Maloney.

Lancashire is a former Rear of the Year but when you watch this you might wonder how she ever won that accolade! Still I love the embarrassment factor as she is putting on her tights when her boss suddenly appears with a party of colleagues in tow!

The disapproving boss is played by Philip Davis who once gave Sally Hawkins this little spanking in yet another BBC period drama. He missed out on a perfect excuse and opportunity for another spanking here though.

Dr Blanche Mottishead is Brit Bot of the Week!


Portrayed by Alex Kingston, Dr Blanche Mottershead is the younger half-sister of the late Maud, Lady Holland and Sir Hallam’s aunt. She arrived at 165 Eaton Place during Maud’s short final illness, and is still in situ after her death. She is a louche character who has a lesbian affair.

When she was appearing in Doctor Who last year the 49 year old Alex Kingston gained a reputation for showing off her fabulous rear in tight jodhpurs. I was going to use this picture for a Brit Bot of the Week post at the time but I didn’t get round to it, so better late than never.

alex kingston1

OK it’s not as good as Downton Abbey and Chross has got the proof!

While Upstairs Downstairs has had nothing much to shout about, its much praised rival Downton Abbey did have a few likely situations and referencesi. So many thanks to Chross for sending me this compilation of the good bits from Series One of Downton Abbey (download only).

Pan Am

margotrobbie 001

“Valdor have you seen Pan Am the tv series?” asked Tim last week. It’s a good question because since writing this post, Pan Am has put air hostesses – and their uniforms – right under the media spotlight like never before.

The series features the trademark sky-blue Pan Am uniforms worn by their stewardesses in the 1960s. The costume department made the replicas using an old uniform which was studied and 20 craftsmen worked on producing each outfit. The technique was the same formerly used by Pan Am itself.

Underneath the traditional uniform, girdles were mandatory to improve posture. Some of the cast members found them “extremely restricting” during filming.

In the first episode Laura, played by Margot Robbie, undergoes a weight check and her supervisor also makes sure that she is wearing a girdle by pulling on the waist band and letting it snap painfully back into place (some sources have claimed that she is slapped by the supervisor.)

Laura is the sister of another air hostess Kate who keeps a protective eye on her younger sibling. When Laura goes missing in episode 4, Kate asks the pilot Ted if he has seen her. Ted doesn’t know where she is but suggests that:

“If she needs a spanking, I’m your guy!”

In a heart-stopping moment, Kate turns round at the top of the stairs and looks down at Ted who hastily adds:

“I know…restricted aerospace!”

Kate’s reaction is ambiguous though. She could have been thinking that a spanking for her younger sister would be just what is needed! This theory is reinforced by the next scene which cuts to Laura who is partying the night away with fellow trolley-dolly Maggie played by Christina Ricci!

Maggie is a rebellious Bob Dylan loving beatnik who is not afraid to test the rules of her superiors and is a ‘bad’ influence on Laura. The pair have gone out exploring the Indonesian night life and end up at a venue where they drink beers, play dominoes, eat chicken curry and watch cockfights. Eventually, they end up dancing on the tables!

Back at the hotel, Kate admonishes her sister for being so irresponsible. Robbie and Kelli Garner are really believable sisters, and their arguments crackle with tension. Anyway, Laura storms off in her nightgown and finds Ted sitting watching television. There’s still trouble with the signal so Laura ends up perched in the window holding up the aerial for him – a punishment of sorts I suppose.

With hindsight, Ted might have thought he was a little hasty with his “restricted aerospace” comment and if he’d given Laura a good spanking he would have found more support from his peers than he expected. This is the 1960s after all not the 1980s!

ted and larura

Self-assured womanising pilot Ted offered to spank the naive air hostess Laura in episode 4 of Pan Am

In the same episode there is a scene where Laura is asleep on the bed – but she jumps out of it quickly when she spots a lizard clambering over her mosquito net and we are treated to extended views of Margot Robbie in her girdle. Girdle-snapping was a quite a common practice as this 1969 exchange of letters from the Ann Landers problem page reveals:

Dear Ann Landers: I’m a young woman who is in and out of elevators at least two dozen times a day. I deliver dental materials from the lab. A certain fellow in this building also rides the elevator a lot. I don’t think he is delivering anything. I think he just likes elevators. I have never spoken to this guy but I’ve come close to slapping him a couple times. His idea of fun is to snap a girl’s girdle when her arms are loaded and she can’t defend herself. I don’t want to make a scene but I’d like to put this creep in his place. Any suggestions? — Arlene

Dear Ann Landers: I was interested in the letter from Arlene, the gal who complained about a fresh punk who rode elevators a lot and got his jollies snapping girdles. He especially enjoyed zeroing in on young gals whose arms are loaded with packages or lab material. Why didn’t you suggest pantyhose, Ann? The guy will go out of his head from frustration. — Schenectady

Dear Schen: Pantyhose is no substitute for a girdle. And any girl who thinks otherwise should avail herself of a three-way rear view mirror — Ann

So to answer Tim’s question, yes I have been watching Pan Am and even if it’s not as good as Mad Men it deserves credit for getting a spanking reference into the script so early on. And the uniforms are fantastic!

Finally, before her role in Pan Am Margot Robbie was best known for playing Donna in Australian soap opera Neighbours where she regularly appeared in another very traditional kind of uniform.

margot-robbie 001 margot-robbie 002

The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff

This is from a new comedy drama that parodies the works of Charles Dickens. I think you will enjoy it for the humour more than anything.

In the second clip which was shown after the credits, the evil Dr Wackville, headmaster of St Nasty’s, encourages viewers to use the BBC’s red button digital interactive service.