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Some Vintage Porn

preparing to be spanked Plaid

Panty hose & hat Yellow dress#2

An emailer is appealing for information about these pictures which are special favourites of his. Where are they from, and who is the woman dishing out the spankings? Basically any info at all appreciated.

(If you can’t help, just enjoy the pics)

A Storm in the Baltic

A helluva lot of famous – and some not so famous – people get mentioned here on The Spank Statement and to be honest Wikipedia is a constant companion in working out who half of them are! It’s interesting to check the search terms though to see which names are bringing in the most traffic from Google. Sometimes it’s not who you’d expect.

For example, in September/October the German actress Christine Kaufmann suddenly became very popular with lots of people reading this post about her from last January. I couldn’t understand why until the penny dropped that she used to be married to Tony Curtis who had recently died. She’d been mentioned in all the obituaries and people were googling her like crazy.

More recently this Spank Statement was getting a lot of visitors and I found out the reason last week when the website of Denmark’s national radio station linked to the post. It was reporting on a campaign to get the S&M enthusiast who demonstrated a range of spanking implements on a Swedish TV presenter removed from her position as a priest on the small island of Agersö in Denmark.

If your Danish is up to speed, you can read the full article here but this is a summary of the key points:

The people of Agersö have written to the head of the Danish church, saying they want their priest to be replaced. They did not like her sermon for the Lucia, (Dec 13th) and they DO NOT like that her name is linked to sites on the internet connected to S&M and spanking.

The island will now boycott her Christmas sermon.

“I did not think people like that were allowed to go free.” one islander is quoted as saying.

The priest also works at another island, Omö, where people have no complaints about her, saying: “At least we understand what she says, she speaks Danish. The last priest we had here was Norwegian.”

If this develops into a witch hunt and she is forced out of her post it will be no laughing matter. Hopefully the Danish church will stand by her in which case the only ones with a problem will be the narrow-minded islanders.

This is a chart of the top 20 trending (ie. brought in the most search engine traffic) names on the site for 2010 – Scandinavian lesbian priests NOT included!

  1. Charlotte Ross (American actress)
  2. Seren Gibson (British model)
  3. Jennie Jacques (British actress)
  4. Mary Louise Parker (American actress)
  5. Oksana Shachko (Ukrainian student activist)
  6. Vera Farmiga (Ukrainian actress)
  7. Jennifer Metcalfe (British actress)
  8. Jeanne Tripplehorn (American actress)
  9. Christine Kaufmann (German actress)
  10. Linda Kozlowski (American actress)
  11. Kate Silverton (British TV presenter)
  12. Rosie Jones (British model)
  13. Madeleine West (Australian actress)
  14. Jamie Murray (British actress)
  15. Sarah Silverman (American comedian)
  16. Amy Manson (British actress)
  17. Amy Adams (American actress)
  18. Samantha Woodley (American spanking model)
  19. Cyd Hayman (British Actress)
  20. Katy Perry (American singer)

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hlc c001hlc a002

hlc c003hlc c002

hlc c004hlc c005

New Panties, Please

I forget the name of the player who wore these knickers with a cheeky message at Wimbledon in the 1970s. You can see she’s only on one of the smallest outside courts though.

I suspect that Venus Williams won’t take the “no panties” look onto centre court this year either, but it would be great if she did, and even better if Maria Sharapova followed suit!

Talking of Maria Sharapova, she’s one of the stars of The Sun’s gallery of “Top 10 best tennis bottoms” which you can check out here.

If that doesn’t get you in the mood for watching IT at Wimbledon, then maybe this “consumer test” for women’s tennis pants will do the trick.


From Season 2 episode 2 of crime drama NYPD Blue, first aired in 1994.

Andy finds a way to get sleazy journalist Norman Gardner to keep quiet.

Naughty schoolgirls Suzie and Denise are played by Darcy DeMoss and Stephanie Champlin.

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Encyclopedia of Spanking Art – wonder how the door-to-door sales are going?


Skirts Lifted – New site by a short story writer (and friend of The Spank Statement).

The Woody Back To School Unit – showcasing the fiction of Mr. Humphries

Naughty Girls

Elizabeth Simpson – former spanking model now busy “thrashing the daylights out of sniffy young madams!”

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Pandora – talking of sniffy young madams…

Richard Windsor – Ruler of the Universe
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Lost Spankings – People Like Us

This is the third in a series of four posts by Martyn describing spankings he remembers seeing on television, but has never found on the internet. So far, we’ve had an excellent comment providing more background information about the first of his missing scenes. If you can add anything at all about this one or simply say “Yes, I saw that too” please don’t be shy.

I’ve had an email from another reader describing his own lost spankings, so this is now officially a series that is open to anyone. If YOU have a lost spanking however dimly remembered or obscure send me as much info as you can, and we’ll see if the power of the internet can be put to some truly positive use!

We’ve already had some clown spanking this month, and People Like Us takes us back to the Big Top…

…but this time it’s the circus strongwoman who takes on the bottom warming duties!

And that’s gotta hurt!


People Like Us was a mini series shown in 1977 based on a series of books by R L Delderfield called The Avenue set in the 1940s and 1950s. It followed the lives of the families of one street in South London.

One family, the Frith’s, had a very domineering mother and a weak father. They had two children called Elaine and Edgar.

Elaine became very rebellious, continually at loggerheads with her mother, until the mother decided that enough was enough and Elaine was summoned to the parlour room (front room which was never used).

Her mother announced that she was going to cane her and reached behind the wall mirror and produced a school cane which in itself was a nice little touch. I watched with bated breath, as her mother took the girl to task whilst menacingly holding the cane, hoping for her to say “bend over and touch your toes”, but sadly she was ordered to hold out her hand.

Fast forward about 7 years, and Elaine has run off and joined a circus as people used to do in times gone by. The part is now played by a very attractive actress called Carol Frazer . Her role in the circus was the glamorous magician’s assistant, but she embarks on an affair with the circus owner/ ring master – who is married to the circus strong woman!

They plan an assignation at a local hotel and all is going well but then the ring master’s wife arrives and bursts into their room and confronts Elaine who is dressed in silk pyjamas. She says something like, “Your mother should have spanked you more when you were growing up” and Elaine defiantly spits back, “Actually she used to cane me!”

The strong woman is unimpressed and hauls Elaine out of bed and bends her over (unfortunately she has managed to retain a sheet around her) she delivers a jolly good sound spanking and Elaine’s career in the circus is over.

In Delderfield’s book the strong woman takes Elaine from the bed pulls down her silk pyjama bottoms and spanks her bare bottom, but I guess this might have been a tad too much for the BBC! Shame that they decided to have her wrapped in a sheet though. I believe that quite a few of Delderfield’s novels had spanking scenes in them.

I’ll try and post the spanking scene from The Avenue by R.L.Delderfield, but I need to track it down first. Is there anyone who can send it to me, or point me in the direction of a website that has it? I had no idea it had been made into a TV series so thanks to Martyn for this fascinating description of what sounds like some real buried spanko treasure.

But will it ever be unearthed?

Martyn’s previous Lost Spankings:

Lost Property

An Advert for Adult Education

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Reader’s Top Tens – JS666

Many of you won’t need much introduction to JS as he’s been around and posting to various spanking message boards ever since the days of Arild in the early years of the century. Since Web 2.0 took off, he’s been a great supporter and valuable contributor to this site, amongst other blogs.

You’ll already know him as an authority on our subject whose knowledge and enthusiasm shines through, but what about his personal taste in mainstream spanking scenes?

Here’s his Top Ten:

10. Juke Joint

An old black film in which a mother drags her grown daughter into the next room and whales away on her quite hard, seen briefly through the keyhole.

Richard Windsor uploaded this to Youtube a while back, but it’s now been removed due to “terms of use”.

9. Too Young to Kiss

June Allyson pretends to be a little girl and is treated accordingly by Van Johnson; notable for showing her still sore the next morning.

tyk 001

Also notable for the use of Allyson’s own slipper as the implement. Watch it here.

8. Across the Wide Missouri

Clark Gable’s squaw declines to admit their relationship and gets taken across his wide lap.

Marilyn Monroe is said to have fantasised about being spanked by Clark Gable so she was probably a fan of this scene too!

7. Wagon Train: The Maggie Hamilton Story

Robert Horton tames a spoiled Susan Oliver ; Horton was a major sex symbol at the time, so it must have set feminine hearts a-fluttering.

rh 001

One for the ladies

6. Serie Rose (Episode “La Fessee”)

The mistress demands that a servant girl be whipped on her bare bottom and enjoys it entirely too much; the servants then get up a conspiracy which results in the mistress getting the same thing — which they enjoy entirely too much.

The actress who really seems to relish her role as the strict mistress is Tina Shaw. Download the first part here and the second part here. (links from Chross)

5. “Love Crimes” (Unrated version)

Sean Young sets out to bust Patrick Bergin and gets her britches walloped for her trouble.

There’s a good write up about this scene on The Spanking News, and you’ll find a link to download the clip too.

4. Secretary

At last, a film that looks, even if only light-heartedly, at the dynamics of an S/M relationship.

mg 001

The careless typist who gets a very real spanking is of course Maggie Gyllenhaal.

3. Roots of Heaven

We don’t actually see anything, probably because it was bare, but a splendid depiction of the humbling of a haughty aristocrat.

Jaqueline Fogt’s public comeuppance is the first scene to be nominated twice in “Reader’s Top Tens” so far.

2. Blue Hawaii

How Elvis should be remembered.

Pay your deepest respects to The King of Rock N’ Roll here.

1. McLintock!

I hold out for the Maureen O’Hara scene, if only because that’s the one that lit my fire so many years ago; nothing like seeing such arrogance brought low.


Talking of fire, John Wayne certainly sets Maureen O’Hara’s backside ablaze. You’re probably already familiar with the scene so why not try watching O’Hara and Stefanie Powers being interviewed about the movie (in two parts)?

Part One

Part Two

Ever at the cutting edge, JS has just sent me details of a NEW mainstream scene that he has found. This will be the subject of my next Spank Statement, so don’t miss it.

If you’d like to have your own Top Ten mainstream spankings featured, please send me an email with your selections.

Read the other posts in this series:


Michael Gray

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Lost Spankings – An Advert for Adult Education

This lost TV spanking was seen by Martyn comparatively recently so it can’t be all that “lost” Somebody else must have seen it, so please let us know if this jogs any memories.

Like the previous one (see two posts down), it’s a “near miss” rather than an actual bottom warming. Still, I think it sounds great and I’d love to see it myself, not least because it stars Sandra Dickinson, an actress who always played the same character – a dumb blonde straight out of the Marilyn Monroe School of Spankable Stereotypes!

In effect, its a comedy sketch, although it was made with the serious aim of promoting adult learning courses. I’ve added some extra info about Sandra Dickinson at the end, the rest is written by Martyn.

Sandra Dickinson and Leslie Grantham star in an advertisement for adult education. This probably aired about 8 or 9 years ago.


Very dumb

It begins with them both in bed, Leslie reading a book and Sandra nodding off, which brings us into her dream sequence (or rather her nightmare) Shot I think, in moody black and white, the stressed out Sandra finds herself back at school. She is late for a lesson and has to run down a dark spooky Victorian school corridor.

Once inside the classroom things take a turn for the worse. The teacher (brilliantly played by a very scary Jean Marsh) demands to know why Sandra is late, all the time tapping her ruler menacingly. Can’t remember all the dialogue but it ended with Jean Marsh promising Sandra that next time she transgresses she will be getting the ruler across her bottom!

jm 001

Very scary

Sandra awakens from her nightmare mumbling “the ruler across my botty!” to which Leslie Grantham says something like “not tonight love, I’m reading my book”.

Although there isn’t a spanking, the whole atmosphere of this 90 second commercial fairly crackles with spanking tension and it was not hard to imagine a rather better ending to the dream, with Sandra touching her toes in front of the class!

Sandra Dickinson was spanked in The Tomorrow People, a children’s science fiction television series, which first ran between 1973 and 1979.

You can watch that scene here.

The Tomorrow People was remade in the 1990s but, according to Wikipedia, “was almost completely different from its predecessor. The original cast, characters, and music were not used.” Neither presumably was otk spanking! Curiously though, Jean Marsh made a guest appearance in one episode as a (probably very scary) villainess.

Martyn’s other Lost Spankings are actual SPANKINGS – not near misses – so watch out for the full descriptions coming soon.

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When a bunch of shapely asses paraded outside Grand Central Station to promote a “Booty Call” class at the New York Health and Racquet Club, they began a trend in guerilla advertising which has taken the world by storm. It has even led to the creation of a new word for “derriere media placement” otherwise known as ASS-VERTISING!

assvertising 001assvertising 002assvertising 003

New York 2004

“People were going nuts, as building windows were lined with people in their offices trying to get a glimpse, passers-by stopped to watch the action, and a bunch of news reporters came to have a look.” said a spokesperson.

The idea soon caught on. At a photo convention in the Ukraine, a long legged model was paid to walk around in a mini skirt and deliberately drop pencils. On bending down to pick them up, the Kodak logo was revealed on her white panties. The theory of course is that blogs and internet sites would use the pics, and provide lots of free exposure for the company.

assvertising 004assvertising 005assvertising 006

Kiev 2005

Russian tyre manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon:


And so did booty loving Italians, along with a funny press release from phone company MTN, which may well have been translated by Google:

It was MTN Company, a brave and innovative integrated communication agency of South Italy, to realize about the great potentials of the bottom as advertising media.

The agency has taken advantage of the ass of fascinating models to promote itself and its creative minds, and to launch the new company website.

assvertising 008assvertising 009assvertising 10

Models have been walking around Italian towns, attracting people’s gaze not only by their body appearance. In fact girls have rising their skirt more than once, showing their bottom and white panties with MTN logo.

The ass-vertising has been used within a wider re-positioning campaign, characterized by the integrated use of traditional and non-traditional communication media,

The operation has given excellent results: within only a week the website accesses have raised over four times, and the news is spreading all over the net!

Still in Italy or Rome to be precise, these picturesque assverts could be used to promote tourism as much as anything!

assvertising 11assvertising 13assvertising 15

Rome 2006

Back in New York, Gene Simmons plugged his reality show Family Jewels complete with an unapologetic justification for his assvertising campaign and a false claim to have invented the idea.

Gene Simmons has always had a firm belief in the notion that it’s not necessarily what’s up front that counts. He also counts the backs. He believes women are beautiful and the world is a better place for it. He believes women should be looked at and adored. And in light of that spirit, he has decided to unabashedly and unapologetically create the first ever “Ass”vertising campaign to launch season 2 of his hit real-life A&E series Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

assvertising 22assvertising 17assvertising 23

New York 2007

Gene will be joined by 25 scantily clad women at Hard Rock Cafe New York in Times Square where his model entourage – wearing underwear that reads, “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” across their rears – will be handing out branded panties to the people of NYC. After about 30 minutes at Hard Rock, Gene and his girls will make their way down to street level where they’ll walk through the busy streets to a chartered Double Decker Bus. From there, they will hit various hot spots around NYC to spread the word – and the panties.

In a related development, ass-vertising has also been appearing in movies. At least I assume that’s the thinking behind these derriere-enhanced product placements featuring Michelle Trachtenberg in Eurotrip and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the cheerleader in Tarantino’s Death Proof.

37F768A6d01assvertising 20

Finally, to announce to the world it will cease to charge booking fees, online travel agency Zuji Australia has chosen to spread the message using a classic combination of blonde models and white panties.

assvertising 21

Ass-tounding Ass-tralians! Sydney, September 2009

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