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The Three Belles


A great uniform pin-up spanking inspired by a show at this year’s Edinburgh Art’s Festival. This was found by Harry (see comments below).

Featuring the 1940’s close harmony singing that The Three Belles are renowned for, this brand new show tells the story of ‘London Life’, a fetish magazine in circulation in England before the outbreak of World War Two.

The normally-reserved singers decided to create the show when they discovered a pile of London Life magazines in Lanford’s Antiques in Albert Road in Southsea.

“The show uses real letters from the people who wrote to London Life,” explains Anneka Wass of The Three Belles. “Their stories are often funny and poignant, too.  They never spoke about it in public, but these people decided to seek fun in unconventional ways at a time when rubber, leather, and clothing was strictly rationed.”

True stories featured in the show include the woman who made herself a rubber dress from bath curtains only to nearly choke to death on rubber fumes whilst sitting in front of a fire, and the married couple who found a fondness for cross-dressing at a Christmas party!

“The background to their lives is danger,” says Sally Taylor, also a member of The Three Belles. “It’s tragi-comic.  This side of the war has never been told before.”

The Three Belles will weave vintage songs such as Gimme Some Skin, Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar, and Masculine Women, Feminine Men into the show.

The show, fully-titled ‘The True Story of the Secret Kinks of World War 2′ is set to premiere in July in London before transferring to the Edinburgh Fringe on August 11th.

The Three Belles read London Life and are shocked at what they find but cant resist a little giggle

Uniform Special – Military – Pictures

As I was saying in the previous post, the rigid hierarchies and strict discipline of army life lead to rich pickings for any spanko who can’t resist the allure of a lady in a shiny-buttoned uniform. So with the help of JS666, who found most of the images, let’s explore this theme in a little more depth:

babettegoestowar Private Benjamin

laracroft 002 honeysuckleweeks 001

From Brigitte Bardot in Babette Goes To War to Lara Croft, not forgetting a couple of personal favourites along the way – Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin and Honeysuckle Weeks in Foyles War – military babes are officially hot and a lot of artists seem to think that their bottoms should be too!

Both these cartoons have officers pulling rank over their female subordinates in a way which anyone would find more than just humorous.

youmustbe 002 private 001

In this one by the great Brian Tarsis the only rank-pulling that’s going on is man over woman! An ordinary GI spanks a WAC on the bare bottom for no apparent crime other than wearing a skirt and carrying a handbag. The real excuse for the spanking is perhaps that the artist wanted to work some corny puns into the speech bubbles.

briantarsis 001

The comic strip Terry and the Pirates had an unusual F/F spanking set in the Second World War which first appeared in the late 1940s. According to the Chicago Spanking Review:

We don’t know the details of this storyline, but it obviously takes place after Terry had joined the Air Corp in World War II. A female sergeant finds it necessary to spank a female private in private, but it’s within earshot so everyone knows what’s going on. There’s some nice rubbing afterward, so overall this is a very satisfying F/F scene.

terry and the pirates spanking 2

These fetish-based takes on army disciplinary proceedings are quite realistic, and the officers look well cast in their roles. I believe the lower two pictures are from a 1980s British production.


army01 army02

Something like the above would have been perfect in Female Agents (2008) which featured four of the most spankable French women in army uniform ever captured on film.

femaleagents3 female agents 001

It’s based on some real life war heroes of the French resistance but the lead characters are far from idealised and get portrayed as feckless and disobedient at times. Deborah Francois, the blonde on the far right, especially caught my eye.

The still below shows a long and sturdy wooden table – perfect for bending all four of them over at the same time. The male officer seems to have caught Deborah Francois in possession of an illicit cigarette, and just look at the way her bottom fills out the seat of her pants as she perches on the stool!

female agents 002

See Deborah Francois in a spectacular nude scene here.

On the left below we have some actual women soldiers in tight pants.

company 001 russian army

On the other hand, the marching ladies from Russia and Poland wear above the knee skirts and heels, so take your pick. (Looks like the cameraman in the top right picture is trying to get an upskirt shot!)

cafe comebackalive russian polish1

JS points out that accounts of corporal punishment of women in the armed forces are often dubious. Persistent reports about British practices at naval colleges in the 1940s probably have their roots in male fantasy but that doesn’t stop them being a lot of fun, especially when they surface in respectable newspapers. This letter is just one of a series which were published in the Sunday Telegraph in 2006.

Voice in the Corner has more about these canings here.


But there’s another form of physical punishment associated with army life that women definitely are subject to…forced exercise!


If you haven’t seen it yet don’t miss my military uniform themed clip from Young Catherine in the post below. And if you’ve got any more soldier spanking pictures or stories please share.

Uniform Special – Military – Video

I sometimes struggle to come up with mainstream videos to go with my uniform posts but I have the perfect selection for this subject. It comes from the 1991 TV drama Young Catherine.

The year is 1744, and the beautiful young Catherine (Julia Ormond) is torn from her homeland to marry Grand Duke Peter (Reece Dinsdale), the heir to the Russian throne. When Catherine appears in full military garb, the pervy duke is visibly turned on by the spectacle and his thoughts immediately turn to “private inspections” and “discipline”.

And that’s the great thing about the military theme – discipline pretty much goes with the territory and you don’t have to work too hard to find or invent spanking scenarios to go along with it. JS666 and I will be taking a closer look at the military uniform and it’s use by spanking artists and fetish producers in Uniform Special – Military – Pictures. Coming soon.

Uniform Special (Naughty) Nurses – Part Three – Pictures

Apparently, the “naughty nurse” will be one of the most popular costumes worn at Halloween this year but the sexing up of nurse uniforms is nothing new as the pin-up picture shows (top left)

naughty nurse 002 naughty nurse 001

candystriper naughty nurse 003

Fetishised nurses uniforms are often based on candy stripers (bottom left). In the U.S. a candy striper is a young, female hospital volunteer. The name comes from the candy cane look of their red and white-striped pinafores.

You might have thought that there would be some cartoons of candy stripers receiving extra “candy stripes” to their bottoms. Never found one of those but I do have a nice Dan de Carlo ‘toon which uses a pun on the word “discipline”.

naughty nurse 004 spanked-nurse

naughty nurse 006 spanked-nurse-02

In the top right picture, the spanker is a surgeon who is holding up a screen so the nurse can monitor the progress of this unusual ‘operation’ on her own bottom!

Bottom left is a kinky nurse caning by Hardcastle (aka Paula Meadows) from Janus magazine. I like the senior nurses who are watching with smug satisfaction. I don’t know where the bottom right picture comes from but note that fetish nurses ALWAYS wear high heels, never the practical flat shoes that real nurses wear.

naughty nurse 007 naughty nurse 008

Here’s some vintage shots from fetish producers which are F/F. In this series so far we’ve seen examples of nurses being spanked by doctors, surgeons, senior nurses and patients.

This final set is from a classic British nurse spanking video that uses some very authentic props and realistic uniforms (even flat shoes!!). Two pretty nurses are punished for uniform infractions including false nails, inappropriate underwear and temporary tattoos!

The female doctor who spanks them is played by Mrs Hanbury-Boyce who used to have a fearsome reputation for being one of the most enthusiastic tops in the business.

naughty nurse 0010 naughty Nurse 0015

naughty nurse 009 naughty nurse 0016

Next week I’ll post more screen caps as Mrs H-B get to work on imposing some much needed discipline on the staff of the King Charles Memorial Hospital. And as she says herself:

“I know just how to deal with a naughty nurse!”

Uniform Special – (Naughty) Nurses – Part Two – Literature

I’ve only found one nurse spanking in novels (unless you count The Outlander in which an English nurse from the 1940s travels back in time to mid-18th Century Scotland and ends up with a very sore rear).

Although not that well known, the scene in Passion’s Vineyard by Carl Venturi is a mini classic in my opinion. The book is described by Amazon as “a searching study into the socio-sexual mores of California’s vast grape growing community, and will make you long for the day when everyone in wine country drove something other than a Prius. Hot blooded paisanos take their women violently and it becomes the right of the Italian overlord to pick the ripest of these choice young women to put to use as an object of lust, lasciviousness or love.”

There are two spankings in the book. For not looking after his deceased father properly, our hero accidentally spanks the WRONG REDHEADED NURSE IN UNIFORM. How many bonus points do you get for that combination? In the second scene, he spanks a rude telephonist before sacking her. (but I haven’t included that one here).

passions vineyard coverHe closed his eyes, and gave a great sigh, and then suddenly his head twisted to one side and I knew he was dead. I yelled. I was mad as hell that she hadn’t been around to take care of that bloody phlegm, because he must have been spitting it up for a long time.

“Nurse, Goddamnit, get your ass in here!”

I heard footsteps down the hallway, and then in came the auburn-haired broad who’d let me in at the front door. She had an angry look on her face, and her hazel eyes were flashing. What did you say to me she snapped, and she raised her hand to slap my face.

I said to get your Goddamned ass in here I snarled. My father’s dead. And he’s been spitting a lot of blood and it looks as if he’d been doing it for a long time. What the hell have you been doing today, besides parading around in that fancy uniform and acting like a Picasso painting on display?”

“How dare you!” And then she did slap me.

I saw red. I never was much of a gentleman, and the frustrations of the last five years seemed to burst inside of me as I grabbed hold of her slapping wrist, twisted it behind her back, and fastwalked her over to a low couch by the door, my right knee banging her bottom along the way while she yowled and threatened to have the police on me.

I sat down on the bench, I flung her over my lap, I hoisted up the white antiseptic skirt and the whiter slip underneath it, and there was a bottom ideally made for spanking. Spacious, jouncy, sheathed with a white satin-elastic pantie girdle, and the tabs clung to her white stockings as if they loved her legs so much they’d never let go.

“You stop that, or I’ll have you sent to jail for life, you filthy swine you! Who do you think you are to treat me this way?” she yelled at me, straining to get loose. I clamped my right leg over her calves,

I grabbed one of her wrists with my left hand, and I raised my right hand and I let her have the hardest spank she’d probably ever had in all her life, flattening down the plump right cheek of her behind and letting it spring up again. She let out a yowl that would have passed muster for a wildcat, and she tried to throw herself off my lap. I wasn’t having any. My hand rose and fell over her big backside with satisfying, noisy whacks until she stopped cursing and screaming and threatening me and began to sob and finally to yell, “Oh my God, you’re killing me, please stop it, stop it! For God’s sake, give me a chance to talk!”

I let up after about forty wallops, and I rudely shoved her onto the floor. She fell on all fours like a cat, and she shook her head several times as if dazed, and the tears were streaming down her face, and then she put one hand back to her bottom and began to massage it carefully, while she looked back at me and sobbed,

“You big overgrown bastard, you bully you! I’ve only been here an hour because Miss Tolson, the regular nurse, got sick and Doctor Franklin had to get a substitute in a hurry, and I was just going out of town on my vacation. And this is the thanks I get.”

The anger was all out of me now and I sat there dully, and I stared over at my dead father, and then back at this auburn-haired cutie, and then suddenly I began to laugh my fool head off. What a hell of a homecoming it was after five years! Yes, I had sure made some headway all on my own in San Francisco. I’d learned how to forget my almost virginal shyness towards women and take a strange broad over my lap and blister her bottom black and blue at first meeting. I wasn’t sure that was the kind of social grace that would be acceptable in Fresno. But at least it showed that I had Venturi blood in me, and I think maybe my father, wherever he was now at this moment, was probably laughing too and calling me a bastard in that inimitable way of his and thinking that maybe after all I could make the grade.

All the time I was laughing, this auburn-haired nurse whose behind I had just walloped crouched on her knees with her left palm on the floor and her right hand still rubbing her burning seat, her eyes very wide and her mouth gaping, as if she had just recognized a lunatic. I couldn’t really blame her. Here my father had just died, I had given up my job and everything else in San Francisco, and then without showing any respect for the dead at all, I’d grabbed the poor girl and given her a fantailing she hadn’t really deserved at all.

I said, just put it on the bill. If I made a mistake, I’m sorry as hell. And I won’t give you any alibi that because my old man just took off for the stars, I lost my head. You can call me whatever you want, you can call the cops and prefer charges against me if you want to. Then I grinned, some of my old devil-may-care arrogance coming back. But I’ll say one thing, whatever I have to pay for spanking your gorgeous butt, it’ll be worth it. She had got up now, and she was still rubbing her bottom, and then she shook her head and began to giggle even through her tears.

“If that doesn’t beat all;” she finally managed. “I thought your father was a regular heller, and I was only here a few hours, and now this. You know, I don’t think I’ll be able to sit down for at least a week. And my job’s over now anyhow, and here I was going on my vacation.”

“Let’s have a cup of coffee in the kitchen, since you won’t be sitting down for a while anyhow, and talk it over.”

Don’t miss Uniform Special (Naughty Nurses) Part One here

Uniform Special – (Naughty) Nurses Part One – Movies and TV

As there is quite a bit of material relating to nurses I’ve decided to split this Uniform Special into three parts each dealing with a different media. We begin with movies and TV.

Many of us have fantasized about spanking a nurse at one time or another. So who is the most spankable screen nurse of all time?

Kate Beckinsale and the classic crisp white 1940s uniform she wore in Pearl Harbor would I’m sure get plenty of votes. JS666, who helped me with these posts, is especially keen on ER’s Linda Cardellini who sported unisex “scrubs” (“basically pyjamas with all the possibilities they have” says JS!). Then there’s “Hot Lips” Houlihan in M*A*S*H* played by Loretta Swit who wore army medical uniform.

kate beckinsale nurse linda cardellini nurse

lorettaswit michelle trachtenberg nurse

More recently, in Mercy Michelle Trachtenberg played a naive graduate who is thrown in at the deep end of the world of nursing. Plenty of scope for spanking fantasies there and she looked especially cute in that modern uniform complete with a child-friendly cartoon print!

The nearest thing to a nurse spanking in a Hollywood film that I could come up with is Celeste Holm in Champagne for Caesar. She’s actually a bogus nurse whose real aim is to spy on her bed-ridden patient. When her cover is blown he takes a hairbrush to her backside! Unfortunately the spanking is off screen, but she does look great in her 1950 uniform and cape.

celeste holm nurse

The TV series Trapper John, MD, which began in 1979, was a spin off from M*A*S*H complete with another hot nurse who had a provocative nickname:- Nurse Gloria “Ripples” Mancusi (played by an actress with the decidedly UN-provocative name of Christopher Roberts!).

christopher roberts

According to a comment by Fatherjim on the Chross blog:

There was an episode, where Trapper’s “friend’ comes to the hospital and tries to stir up trouble, including taking Trapper’s job. He tells the head nurse, and her subordinate blond nurse (Ripples) that Trapper says that the nurses could all use a good spanking.

Later, the head-nurse who obviously believes the lie threatens Trapper to leave her nurses alone, to which he replies, “What do you think I’m going to do, spank them?” She replies, “You’d best not lay one hand on my nurses,” implying he might do just that, as if it were possible that a doctor could and would spank the nurses.

Naughty nurses were all over the place in British films of the 1960s and 70s, first in the Doctor and Carry On series and later in sex comedies such as Rosie Dixon Night Nurse. This brings us to my personal favourite screen nurse – Anita Harris as Nurse Clark in Carry On Doctor.

Anita never got spanked but in one scene she is trying to rescue a junior doctor who is stuck on a roof. He grabs on to her skirt but slides back taking her skirt with him! Anita is left in her red knickers pulling a pose that Samantha Woodley would be proud of! You can watch the whole roof escapade here.

anita harris 003 anita harris nurse

As the chill wind of political correctness took hold, naughty nurses became thinner on the ground although comedian Benny Hill was chasing them around parks and trying to slap their behinds well into the 1980s.

benny hill naughty nurses

Moving into this century, Hill might have approved of Scrubs which featured fast-paced screenplay, surreal humour and good old-fashioned slapstick. Not to mention some very hot women!

Sarah Chalke as Elliot Reid plays a doctor but she got a swat from a patient and then appeared in a hot fantasy sequence as a naughty nurse too (see the embedded video). Best of all at the end of the clip she bends over for another swat from Donald Faison for failing to keep his little fantasy about her a secret.

I’m sure I must have missed some screen nurse spankings so if you can add to this post please leave a comment. And don’t forget to check back for my summaries of naughty nurse spanking in fetish pictures and stories which I will post over the next week or so. That’s if your blood pressure can stand it.

Uniform Special – Air Stewardesses

The air stewardess uniform – what’s NOT to like? Especially when Firmhand’s Samantha Woodley is inside one!

otkair a013otkair a016otk-air-samantha-woodley

It’s essentially a sexed-up military outfit although there have been plenty of adaptations to suit changing fashions over the years. This is one of the earliest pictures I found and, interestingly, the uniforms are not so different from those worn today (below).

stewardess 002

stewardess 003

The 1960s saw an influence from pop culture with rising hemlines and…bowler hats!?

stewardess 007

This trend continued in the 1970s with hot pants and kinky boots…while others preferred the space age star-trekkie look.

stewardess 004stewardess 005

Probably THE finest example of stewardess uniform sporting in a movie EVER came from the delightful Zooey Deschanel. Click to enlarge the picture, which comes from the 1970s-set Almost Famous, and make your palm go all itchy (below left – thanks to JS for sending me this one).

zd5 stewardess 006

The 1990s saw even shorter skirts, and even longer legs! (above right). Uniform addicts will also have enjoyed the 2002 movie Catch Me If You Can based on the life of Frank Abagnale Jr. who, successfully conned millions of dollars by posing as a Pan American World Airways pilot. Never mind the money, how many hostesses did he get to put across his knee?


Leonardo di Caprio in Catch Me If You Can

Political correctness doesn’t seem to have affected the world of the stewardess much. All right they might be known as “flight attendants” these days but that’s about as far as it goes. Airlines still use the sex appeal of their stews in adverts just as they did back in the 1960s and 1970s. They are there to serve AND look attractive and glamorous. And if they fail to come up to scratch, old school discipline doesn’t seem out of place.

And when it comes to stewardess spanking scenarios, you don’t have to look far for an authority figure. The pilot is officer, headmaster and father figure all rolled into one.

stewardess 009

Commercial aviation was still in its infancy when James Murray played a pilot who spanked Evalyn Knapp in the 1933 film Air Hostess. True, she wasn’t actually wearing her uniform at the time, but it hadn’t taken long for movie makers to spot the potential of a bit of stewardess swatting.

stewardess 002

This proved to be something of a false dawn, but punters must have thought that they were finally onto another winner when Roger Corman’s sexploitation epic The Naughty Stewardesses was released in 1975.

naughty stewardesses

It included some nice pilot-on-stew ass action but sadly, no spankings.

stewardess 001

The politically correct 1980s weren’t likely to produce much of interest in the movies, but this was the heyday of spanking magazines. British mag Derriere used a stewardess on the cover of one of its early issues. The shot came from another film called Air Hostess – which wasn’t exactly a remake of the 1933 version! Made by Harrrison Marks, it was set in a bar with the naughty blonde flight attendant supposedly off-duty and spanked over a bar stool. At least she was still wearing her uniform.


This fetish producer (NuWest?) has gone one better and used a pilot as the spanker to create an excellent and realistic looking image.


Author Will Henry no doubt found a willing audience for his shrewdly titled novel Spanking Stewardess. A well thumbed original copy was sold on ebay with the description: “Six young women share an apartment and discover that spanking is a great way to keep things in order. They also discover that a red-hot bottom can lead to heated bedroom adventures. Discover how six luscious gals do it!”

Will Henry 002 uniform up

It contains some line illustrations, but surprisingly not many artists have tackled waitress-in-the-sky whackings. One honourable exception is Paula Meadows who dreamed up a truly spectacular intiation ceremony.

stewardess 008

The new millenium saw this Lynx video which used stewardess spanking as a form of in-flight entertainment! We’ve come a long way from the days of Evalyn Knapp that’s for sure, but some things never change and the spank appeal of the air stewardess is one of them.


Sexy Lynx stewardesses

The last decade also saw the Britney Spears Toxic video of course.


Hmm…now where’s James Murray when you need him?

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Uniform Special – SCHOOLGIRLS!!! Part Two

“Sits alone and bends his cane / Same old backsides again,”

(from “Baggy Trousers” by Madness)

The musical Our House is based on the songs of the 1980s British pop group Madness, and these lines come from one of their most famous hits which is all about schooldays.

The routine for the song sees the cast in school uniforms with a ‘classroom’ stage set of sliding desks. There’s also a cane-wielding headmaster.

In the original British production, when the two lines are sung, one of the BOYS kneels up on a desk and gets a stroke of the cane from the headmaster.

This is a clip from a Dutch version that has a MUCH better way of doing it!

What you DO get in the British version though is authentic 1980s school uniforms, knicker-flashing, and a move in which the boys hoist the girls upon their shoulders and spank them. While the girls flail their legs wildly and shout, the boys grunt like Maria Sharapova serving an ace, as they spank!

Not the most efficient way of spanking someone admittedly, but it does look pretty spectacular.

If you’d like to watch these performances in full you can see the British version here, and the Dutch version here.

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Uniform Special – SCHOOLGIRLS!!! Part One

Ok admit it – this is the one you’ve been waiting for! From St Trinians to Britney Spears via a whole shed load of dodgy Japanese anime and sleazy Western porn, the schoolgirl scenario stands right at the centre of the spanko-sexual universe.

Or does it?

uss 02

A recent thread on the British Spanking forum posed the question:

“Is schoolgirl fantasy/roleplay becoming a thing of the past?”

The theory goes like this: Concern about the sexualisation of minors, coupled with a decline in the use of traditional uniforms, has led to the “schoolgirl thing” becoming the preserve of an ever dwindling minority of aging spankophiles. And maybe that’s no bad thing.

uss1 43

The “pro” group, on the other hand, say there’s nothing sexier than a fully grown woman dressed as a schoolgirl, and it’s all just a bit of fun that will never go away completely.

But has it gone away at all? It could be argued that the sexy schoolgirl motif is more ingrained into our culture than its EVER been! Let’s take a look at some of the evidence.


Soap operas always seem to be FULL of schoolgirls in uniforms. Australian soaps such as Neighbours and Home and Away are notorious for this with the camera lingering over bare thighs and white knee length socks.

Confessions of a Shopoholic star Isla Fisher began her career in Home and Away as a pupil at Erinsborough High, whilst Kylie Minogue first appeared in the Australian short checked tunic too.

uss1 35

But let’s get up to date with one of today’s naughtiest pupils shall we?The blonde second from left is Tessa James who plays the bitchy spoilt princess Nat Franklin in Home and Away. She’s as shallow as a puddle, and knows exactly who she is and where she stands: at the centre of the universe!

uss1 36uss1 37uss1 38

Here, in a classic naughty schoolgirl storyline, she enters the classroom with a swagger intent on causing trouble. She doesn’t take long to disrupt her classmate’s studies, and take revenge on a rival.

uss1 39uss1 40uss1 42

Now she’s reprimanded by her teacher who hands her over to be dealt with by the strict headmistress. The final picture shows her bending over!

Below is another good example from the British soap Hollyoaks. Two pupils played by Carley Stenson and Gemma Bissix are caught messing around in the gym when they should be in lessons.

As if that’s not bad enough, they’re wearing non-regulation high heels on the wooden gym floor!

uss 07uss1 09uss1 06

They’re discovered by a teacher who sends them to see the headmaster. Result? Just a detention unfortunately – plus a healthy boost to viewing figures!

Soft Porn

Lad’s mags are always up to the same sort of tricks. Models such as Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh must have spent more time in school uniforms since they left school than they ever did when they were younger. The cane in the last picture should really be put to some actual use.

uss 01 10uss1 11uss1 12


This 2006 advertisement for Ryanair caused some controversy. The flimsy excuse: cheap flights during the school holidays!

ryanair ad


The “School Disco” clubbing scene is surely proof that women love dressing up in sexy schoolgirl outfits every bit as much as the guys enjoy looking at them.

uss1 14uss1 15uss1 16

“Headmasters” wielding canes are usually present at these events too.


Film scenes featuring uniformed schoolgirls actually receiving corporal punishment are extremely rare.

The Leaving of Liverpool (1992) is a good caning scene marred by the fact that the recipient, Christine Tremarco, is standing up rather than bending over. Christine Tremarco is now playing a school teacher herself in the BBC drama Waterloo Road.

Probably the best mainstream schoolgirl scene also features an actress who has gone on to even greater fame since. The Australian mini-series Brides of Christ (1985) has the young (though not so young as she looks) Naomi Watts bending over alongside Melissa Thomas for a few strokes of the ruler from a puritanical nun. They are wearing the same previously mentioned style of uniforms seen in modern day Aussie soaps.

The Magdalene Sisters (2002) has a caning by nuns too. It’s very dark and sadistic but at the start of the film there is a good scene in which Anne Marie Duff flirts with the boys in her early 1960s Irish schoolgirl uniform – much to the disapproval of her headmistress.

uss1 26

Oshiritataki is a Japanese clip that doesn’t look very realistic, and it’s only available in a poor quality version. You’ve got to love those Japanese sailor-style uniforms though.


I’ve already mentioned St Trinians, which has recently been revived, but true connoisseurs of older uniforms should check out the stage play Daisy Pulls It Off.

uss1 22uss1 23uss1 25

Daisy Pulls It Off is a parody of adventure stories about life in 1920s girls’ English boarding schools, such as those by Angela Brazil. As in St Trinians, the gals are played by older women and the headmistress is played by a man.

Another similarity between the two is that there is no mention of corporal punishment, but at least those gymslips are guaranteed to set the pulses racing.

uss1 24

Internet Porn

Someone once said the internet is 98% porn and 2% people in chat rooms calling each other “loser”. Exactly what percentage consists of schoolgirls getting spanked I don’t know but it seems like a lot! And it knows no international boundaries – these pictures are from American, English, Japanese and Europaean sites respectively.

uss1 30uss1 31jo6uss1 32

To judge by some of the comments on the BS (appropriate initials!) thread, a lot of the pressure against schoolgirl fantasy roleplay is coming from politically correct zealots within our own community. But why should we have to live by a different set of standards to everyone else?

uss 25So let’s just relax and lighten up a bit about the whole schoolgirl thing shall we?

In Part Two, I’ll post a NEW mainstream video clip featuring a schoolgirl in uniform getting a single stroke of the cane. Shame it’s not six of the best, but it’s a nice scene that’s well worth a look.

So don’t miss “Uniform Special – SCHOOLGIRLS!!! Part Two.” Coming soon.

You can also read previous Uniform Specials on maids here and waitresses here.

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Her Ladyship is Not Best Pleased

In my last post, we left two naughty maids as they had been sent to the library of Muckington Manor by their mistress for failing to do their chores properly.

usm 12

For those who want to cut to the chase and see what happens when they are in the library, click this link. Then (after clicking on the cover of the book), open the menu (bottom left), and click on “Discipline”; OR click on the hidden link in the far left skylight of the roof of the house.

(Includes short video clip and excellent line drawings)


The picture of the maids above comes from a “sexy adventure booklet” made for lingerie company Agent Provocateur called The Lady of the Manor.

daisy head

The dark-haired maid is played by 19 year-old model Daisy Lowe (above), who has since become a regular in the gossip columns and the star of a reality TV show.

She is the daughter of a model (Pearl Lowe) and a rock star (Gavin Rossdale) and was described in The Sunday Times last month as “London’s hottest it-girl”. She has also been in the news for dating super-cool record producer Mark Ronson.

dl 10

Daisy Lowe and Peaches Geldoff

The other maid is a a stunning Australian redhead called Tiah Eckhardt.

tiah 01

Lady A-P is played by famous model and actress Catherine Bailey. The scenes were shot in a country house outside Oxford.

lap 01

According to reports, the fabulously sexy 46 year-old enjoyed playing the role of the mistress in charge of two naughty French maids. One minute she is whipping their bare bottoms; the next she is half nude, being massaged by them in a bubble bath.

“I liked being in control.” she said.

I bet she did! How satisfying for a middle-aged former it-girl to get to discipline today’s young pretenders.

And Daisy and Tiah look genuinely intimidated by her, as she strides up and down the library tapping her riding crop, with their quivering little bottoms entirely at her mercy. What a sight!

I mentioned the line drawings, which are by Tim Major. I particularly like the one where the imperious mistress is dragging the pair of miscreants to the library by their ears.

If you’ve read this far, you will probably prefer to click the link above and read the whole story.

You will discover that the maids were luckily spared punishment for their laziness in doing their chores. But later, after spying on their mistress romping with a lover in the stables, they are found out by a piece of hay in Tiah’s hair.

“Her ladyship is not best pleased.”

So it’s back to the library, and this time the misbehaving maids are not so fortunate.

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