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A Naughty Fairytale

A video directed by Ellen Von Unwerth telling a very naughty fairy story at the end of which the Prince, the Princess and her cousins  “all live spankingly happy ever after!”

F/F Hairbrush 3.10

F/F Riding crop 3.40

M/F Riding crop 4.08

F/F and  F/M Hand spanking and riding crop 4.25

Champagne for Caesar

An off-screen spanking but there are plenty of finer points to appreciate about this scene from Champagne for Caesar which I think will be new to many of you. The 1950 comedy stars Ronald Colman as Beauregard Bottomley (the name is important) and Celeste Holm as femme fatale Flame O’Neal.

Unnatural Causes – Lost Property

HA-LE-LU-JA! One of Martyn’s long lost spankings has turned up! God bless the power of the blogosphere and the generosity of Steve in particular who gets a massive hat tip for sending me the clip.

I’ve now uploaded it to YouTube so Martyn and the rest of you can see this rare treasure. It’s pretty much just as Martyn described in his post from September last year bar one or two minor details. John Duttine doesn’t actually cane Miranda Richardson but, as Martyn promised, it’s a very intense and gripping scene overall. You can read Martyn’s memories and Harry’s extract from the book of the series here.

Don’t forget, if you have a “lost” spanking scene that you would love to see again you can always try writing to me about it. You never know where it might lead!

The Singing Hill

Tanner left a comment requesting this rare clip from a 1941 Gene Autry film. The spanking isn’t shown but there’s plenty of discussion about it and a kinky butler who volunteers to do the deed. Best of all perhaps, is the classic aftermath shot of Virginia Dale riding a horse with a pillow over her saddle! Pretty memorable stuff, and as Tanner says:

“I was quite young, but somehow the idea of a pretty girl getting spanked and sitting on a pillow excited me. Spanko DNA at work perhaps.”

You can read a thread about this scene on Chross’ forum here.

Santa Barbara

I’ve uploaded a video that I think is a pretty rare scene that not many of you will have seen before. It’s from the 1980s American soap Santa Barbara.

Wikipedia reveals that Nancy Lee Grahn plays Julia an intelligent, uncompromising lawyer who has a Tracy/Hepburn-esque romance with Mason Capwell. (Off screen, Grahn was briefly involved with Mason’s portrayer actor Lane Davies.)

It’s one of those spankings that doesn’t quite happen, but it’s an epic confrontation…