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Caning Competition II

Below is a clip from a Japanese TV show in which two women compete to see who can take the hardest strokes with a variety of implements.

The blows are full on and unquestionably painful.

They begin by caning each other with plastic rulers, but the stakes get raised in later rounds as more fearsome implements are used, and a male caner takes over…

Stay tuned to The Spank Statement to see the whole competition blow by blow, and find out who is the first to submit.

Coming Soon

I’m going to try and upload some clips from the Hungarian gameshow Balazs.

They show girls paying a forfeit which involves three doms who come on stage each bearing a different implement – a crop, a small whip, and a paddle. Their fellow (male) contestants have to choose one of the three men.

In a carefully choreographed punishment sequence, the girl is led to a chair by one of the men and placed over his knee; a second holds her arms, while the chosen one then beats her with his implement. Around twenty strokes are delivered in all.

I can’t stress enough how much I love these clips. In fact, they fit in so well with the pervy-but-fun style of this blog that I hope to upload them all and post them on here eventually.

On the face of it, it’s all done for laughs, and yet there is a genuine element of humiliation about the spankings and probably some real pain too. We get a superb close-up of the bottom during the punishments and lingering close-ups of the girls faces both before and after. The producer of the show, or someone behind it, is clearly a real spanko.

The first one is especially notable for the look of God-I-wish-the-earth-would-swallow-me-up uncertainty on the face of the pretty redhead, whose partner chooses the dom with the whip.

I’ll post it on here tomorrow hopefully, if I don’t have any problems with the uploading process.

Mama Told Emily Not To Come

The Big Brother pics that I’ve been posting have proved popular, so I thought you might like this video from YouTube which is a compilation of Emily Parr’s best bottom flashing moments.

Thanks due to Zounds for putting it together although I don’t quite get the significance of the music (‘Mama Told Her Not To Come” by Three Dog Night). Anyway make the most of these views as we certainly won’t be seeing any more of Emily after what happened.

Dos Pistolas Gemelas

Dailymotion blogged video
Dos Pistolas Gemelas
1965 Comedy starring Pili & Mili

 “They’re the most annoying people on the planet.”

I had to laugh after reading this quote about Big Brother twins Sam and Amanda in my newspaper yesterday. It was attributed to…the mother of the Cheeky Girls. Oh the irony!

What are the chances of Sam and Amanda starting their own pop career on leaving the house? Madonna’s Hanky Panky would be a good choice for them to cover I think.

Anyway, here’s the link to the video that I promised from the film Dos Pistolas Gemelas (Two Guns for Two Twins) in which Pili and Mili get spanked by Sean Flynn, who I think looks like British comedian Steve Coogan.

I like the way he just holds her under his arm rather than puts her across his knee. This must take quite a bit of strength (or sheer adrenalin!), but it means that Pili (or is it Mili?) is in a particularly helpless position, with her rump in the air and both legs flailing wildly.

The spanking is of above average length and vigour. The cutaway to the onlookers also adds interest – the grimace of the other twin is contrasted with the laughing faces of the old man and woman. She is unable to enjoy seeing her sister spanked, probably out of fear that something similar could happen to her. Which indeed it does…

…in a separate incident later in the film, which I shall upload and post shortly. So stay tuned to The Spank Statement for more twin spanking treats.


You don’t see the slipper used too often in film and TV spankings. There’s no holding back in the delivery either in this clip, which I think comes from a Japanese TV show called Asano.

Frontier Circus

Here’s a little treat for you that I uploaded to You Tube. It’s from the television series Frontier Circus (1962), about a one-ring circus travelling through the American West in the 1880’s. In an episode titled “The Daring Durandos”, Anita Sands plays a feisty high-wire circus diva who John Derek tames with a spanking that is quite serious and punitive in tone.