I see your site as THE premier spanking news site on the net. Congratulations. Keep up the good work.

Your work — hell, I’ll say it, your SCHOLARSHIP — is really quite outstanding and entirely unique in this realm. And very much appreciated.

Yours and Chross’  blog are the two most consistently entertaining spanking sites around. 

Thank you for the site, which is among the most literate and intelligent of the many spanking blogs online!

Absolutely brilliant and highly recommended.

The Spank Statement continues to earn its reputation as the best place in the spanking blogosphere for detailed and well-documented excerpts of spanking material from popular culture.

Cudos on one fantastic site.

I’ve just discovered The Spank Statement. What an excellent site!

I’ve been looking over your blog. Heavens to Murgatroid! What a great site! Kudos & Congrats!

Valdor’s blog is certainly the best of its kind! Almost every one of his posts offers new material that is totally new to me, and perhaps most spankos as well!

Yours is one of my favourite and most visited blogs because you do such a great job of it.

You are to be congratulated for entertaining us so consistently regarding this strange idea of smacking women’s bottoms.

You still seem to be maintaining a remarkably high standard.

Your site  gets better all the time!

I’m continually impressed by your ability to find such quality in the realm of obscurity. I enjoy this blog immensely and appreciate your efforts to post “good stuff”. Thank you for bringing the building blocks & memorabilia of spanking to those of us whom are too time~challenged (or lazy) to research it ourselves. Keep up the outstanding work. My day brightens each time I get an email alert that you’ve added a new post.


6 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Talking of french martinet spanking,in the 70’s teen girls and boys we had to wear all day long nylon buttoned overalls,and if we did someting wrong our mothers who had at hand a martinet,( leather flogger), usualy hung on a nail in the kitchen,so ready to use,for small things it was a couple of strokes on your buttocks,but for more serious matters it would be “bare-bottom,up to the age of 16,mum would make you take your nylon overall and clothes off,then you had to bend over a high chair,offering your behind and the martinet whipping commenced,it could be up to 15 to 20 strokes,I can still remember the sound of the martinet on our bottoms,it went” wish-schlack wish-shclack,after that you could’nt sit down for a while plus your buttocks and behind wwere marked by the leather tails,then 30mn hands on your head in the corner,if you moved mum would straighten you up with her martinet,and it was like this in practicly every home. Mothers would buy the martinets in Ironmongers,toy shops or on the market places( I can still see them with their leather tails of leather very pretty blowing in the wind,We were all mostly brought up like this,it’s true that when you received it it did “sting ” a lot and left marks,but it was without danger,and honestly I still think that we were bought up much more better than today,and we has respect for others!,(not like today where kids do absolutely everything they like,or even go to school with weapons?!!,are we not moving backwards ?!!,Anyway we all received the martinet but I allways accepted it,and I don’t call that brutality!

  2. I love your site. From true stories of spanking, to spanking in the media and historical spanking you cover it all. Thank you for all this. Looking forward to more to read !

  3. laurey and I are school teachers all girls private school

    we spank the naughty girls on bare bum

    please write thanks


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