Reader’s Top Tens – Luther

Luther has chosen to restrict his selections to scenes from the 21st Century in honour of his number one choice! Now I wonder what that could be…

(Editor’s note: *Credit to Chross’ movie database for providing most of the links. * means the link is download only.)

10. 5ive Girls * (Amy Ciupak Lalonde/Jennifer Miller, 2006)

The schoolgirl/ruler combo is not actually a particular favourite of mine, but for those that who do like it, this is likely as good as you’re going to get in a mainstream film (albeit very much at the B-movie, straight-to-video end of mainstream!).

30 5ive1

9. Federal Protection * (David Lipper/Dina Meyer, 2002)

Dina Meyer demands and receives a few good smacks on her very pert behind.

8. Community (Fran Bennett/Gillian Jacobs, 2009)

The scene itself is basically off-screen and played for laughs, but this is still a fine offering. It helps that Gillian Jacobs is gorgeous and the build-up – where she slowly comes to realize what she’s let herself in for but has to go through with it to prove she is not a hypocrite – is delightful.


7. Shoot ’em Up * (Clive Owen/Unknown, 2007)

Clive Owen’s character needs to create a diversion in a crowd – and after spotting an attractive mother smacking her child, approaches her and demands she stops. When she rudely refuses, he simply starts spanking her as she’d been spanking her child. Unfortunately filmed from the front and in a standing position, we don’t get to see a particularly good spanking, but I just love the scenario of the angry mother getting a taste of her own medicine and this movie is such an unlikely source. Rarely for a modern scene, this is very much non-consensual.

6. The Killer Inside Me (Casey Affleck/Kate Hudson & Jessica Alba, 2010)

Two scenes here (there is also sort of a third but it’s a single self-smacker from what I remember). The Jessica Alba scene is rather brutal for my tastes, particularly in light of what follows in the movie, and mostly offscreen – but it is notable not just for featuring one of the most well-known actresses in Hollywood but for a nice build up where Jessica’s character provokes the cop until he reaches breaking point. In a less intense film in another era, it could have then gone to a good old-fashioned OTK spanking.

The Kate Hudson scene is a brief, erotic scene, with Kate writhing in pleasure as her bare bottom gets some sharp smacks. Over all too quickly, but nice while it lasts.

5. Normal Adolescent Behaviour * (Amber Tamblyn, 2007)

This scene occurs in two parts – the first where the young lady broaches the subject and asks for a spanking. Initially her drippy boyfriend finds it all too weird and won’t do it. However, he has a change of heart and gives her what she wants. I haven’t seen the movie but by the ending of the spanking it seems to have a distinct undertone that the spanking has become a punishment due to a disagreement between them about her friends. At this point she cuts it short.

4. The Young and the Restless (Michael Graziadei/Marcy Rylan, 2010)

The spanking is all-too brief, but this scene is still notable as being the closest any recent scene has gotten to the classic old-fashioned scenario of a woman behaving like a brat and earning herself a spanking. Just two smacks are given and not particularly firmly, although the scene gets some credit for at least positioning her so we can see the swats. Her outraged disbelief:

youngandrestless 001

(“Are you insane? You just spanked me!”) and his satisfied ‘someone had to do it’ response are textbook. If only he’d taken her OTK and done it properly.

3. Secretary (James Spader/Maggie Gyllenhaal, 2002)

Quite probably the one that re-started it all, bringing spanking back into mainstream acceptability. There’s not much to say about this one as I can’t believe there’s anyone reading this blog who hasn’t seen it!

2. Weeds * (Demian Bechir/Mary Louise Parker, 2008)

Sudden and sexy spanking in the backseat of a car, this scene is a true classic with Mary Louise Parker’s dress being lifted for some 20 smacks. The subsequent scenes bear the Secretary influence with Mary happily admiring the red marks on her butt in the mirror. This is backed up further in a recent episode by spanking being incorporated into a sex scene at her instigation.

1. Bored to Death (Jason Schwartzmann, Zoe Kazan, 2010)


Attractive young woman suggests some student-teacher spanking role-play in the classroom and this guy (unlike the drip from Normal Adolescent Behaviour) happily obliges, albeit needing a bit of encouragement to spank harder. Once he gets going, it’s an exceptional scene, as sound and realistic a spanking as I can remember in a mainstream production.

The scene perfectly balances sexy and funny, with Zoe Kazan’s flirtatious behaviour, perfect positioning, and expressions of pain/pleasure during the spanking – followed by the punchline of the janitor’s inopportune arrival. She strolls off swinging her hips, leaving her man (and us) wanting more – one can but hope it is a precursor for further scenes in future episodes.

Special mention:

Underbelly (Madeleine West, 2009).

A perfect build-up but possibly the biggest wasted opportunity ever!

The post-Secretary boom in spanking scenes is currently yielding rich rewards – particularly on TV, where Weeds and Bored to Death have offered two of the finest mainstream scenes ever, and it’s nice to note that 3 of the 10 scenes here came from this year.

The general pattern of these scenes suggests that consensual erotic M/F spanking is now pretty well acceptable in mainstream productions aimed at adult audiences. However, spanking as punishment is seemingly not as acceptable, although Shoot ’em Up and The Young and The Restless give some hope in this direction.

I’m still dubious whether we’ll again see a mainstream scene like Frontier Gal where a woman is spanked OTK for punishment, but without it being played as sadistic. Nonetheless, the past five years have offered more scenes in mainstream American productions than probably the previous three decades combined, even affording me the luxury of leaving out some good recent scenes (Fish Tank, Sugar Rush, The Private Life of Pippa Lee, several S.American soaps, possibly others I’ve forgotten). Long may it last.

Many thanks to Luther for this thought provoking selection of modern scenes. Please keep the top tens coming. Just send me an email listing your personal 10 best mainstream film or tv scenes and some reasons why you rate them so highly.

11 thoughts on “Reader’s Top Tens – Luther”

  1. Thanks for a great top ten Luther.

    To think that at the start of this century screen spankings were considered a thing of the past. Your selections remind us just how lucky and privileged we are. As someone who grew up during the drought years of the 70s/80s I’m not taking anything for granted. Back in those days I would have crawled over hot coals to see a single one of your nominations.

  2. I take it Luther has learned to simplify since he last posted his ninety five theses on the church door in Wittenburg in 1517.

    Now he’s whittled his favorites list down to ten in keeping with the shorter attention span of post-modern readers.

    Nicely done Luther. And may the young ladies featured in your selections be suitably “reformed”!

  3. The spankee in “Shoot’em Up” is Laura DeCarteret.

    You know what I hate? It’s when people post without looking up the details. 🙂

    (The last two sentences are a reference to the film, which is a laugh-riot.)

  4. Nice job, Luther.

    I agree with your selections, except for three.

    I would include “Alma Gemea” (Brazil, 2005), with Malvino Salvador giving Drica Moraes a terrific over-the-knee spanking; and also “Adrift in Manhattan” (2007), in which Victor Rasuk spanks Heather Graham — against his will, but he does it because she DEMANDS it.

    I would also remove “The Killer Inside Me” (2010) from the list. Why? Because it is exactly the sort of film that would paint the spanking community as evildoers.

    You and I, we like feel-good spankings, right? In other words, we want to feel righteous about witnessing a spanking take place. But nobody will feel righteous about “The Killer Inside Me.” It is sheer, brutal, stomach-turning violence, and will appeal to NOBODY. I wanted to see Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson spanked… but not like this! Aside from the fact that we can’t really see the spankings all that well (Ms. Alba surely used a body double), they are surrounded by male-on-female violence that will turn off just about anyone that sees them.

    I would also omit “5ive Girls” and “Community” from any list I make. Why? Because they are F/F. To me, M/F is the only legitimate spanking format.


  5. Hi Dan,
    I see your point regarding Killer Inside Me. I was in two minds about including that one. I tried to just judge them on the scenes themselves rather than their place within the whole context of the film (in fact, it’s one of the few here where I’ve actually seen the whole film/tv show from which it comes), but appreciate that many would not take that distinction.

    The Killer Inside Me was a very difficult & at times plain nasty film to watch, and I certainly wasn’t intending to imply people who are into spanking would also be into the far more extreme violence also shown in the film.

    best, Luther

  6. @ Dan N.:

    “To me, M/F is the only legitimate spanking format.“

    I hope this comment just means: “In my list there would only be M/F scenes because this is what turns ME on / I like.” I hope it doesn’t mean: “I’m only into M/F scenes and therefore all other forms of spanking are wrong/bad/illegitimate.” Because to my mind prejudices and discrimination among kinksters are much worse than any vanilla who doesn’t understand the concept of erotic spanking and thinks that spankos are sick. In my relationship with my partner Ludwig I’m 95% bottom, but I also switch and the fantasies I like to watch on video are actually 95% M/M! Which doesn’t mean that I don’t watch clips with other constellations, too. And it definitely doesn’t mean that I consider other constellations (for example F/F, a constellation I’m not really interested in) as being somehow “wrong”. It’s just not MY kink, but that is a preference and doesn’t allow me to judge other people’s kinks morally. The rule is very simple: If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. From my experience kinksters who judge forms of kink which are different from their own preferences as being “wrong” usually have issues with their kink and/or prejudices against different forms of sexuality. For example people who complain about M/M clips are often simply suffering from homophobia. Quite frankly, it makes me sad to see that there are as many prejudices among kinksters as there are in our society as a whole. So I just hope you didn’t mean it that way…

    And concerning “The Killer Inside Me”: I would be very careful here as well. Of course there might be movies which depict the spanking community in a misleading way and I haven’t watched that film so I can’t say anything about that particular movie. But still it is just a film, a fictional piece of art. So, again this is just a question of taste not of moral judgements. As long as the film wasn’t made in order to manipulate people (like for example political propaganda films from oppressive regimes) it might be tasteless but there are no moral objections.

    And I also would be careful about talking for the whole community as you do when you write that the film scene appeals to “nobody” and that it will turn of “anyone”. I know a few people who like to watch very dark scenarios on film because they are horror fans. One of them is my partner Ludwig. And I can assure you that this interest is just about fictional stories and doesn’t go along with any acceptance of real life brutality. I’m not into horror scenarios, as well as I am for example not into any form domestic discipline. But I would never tell others to practise self-censorship just because someone might get a wrong idea of what erotic spanking is all about. Someone who can’t distinguish fiction from reality most probably won’t be able to distinguish erotic spanking from violence, anyway. So, following your argumentation the only way of dealing with that problem would be to stop practising or filming any form of erotic spanking. And quite frankly, I don’t like that idea. There is no such thing as “illegitimate” erotic play as long as it is safe, sane and consensual and there shouldn’t be any censorship concerning films as long as no actors are harmed and no one is manipulated. Self-censorship in our community to my mind means nothing else but giving up the idea of personal freedom for self-reliant adults and giving in to the stupid and prejudiced.

    @ Karl Friedrich Gauss:

    Your comment about Luther made me laugh. He didn’t only reduce the number of his theses from 95 to ten, he also added some pictures for those who don’t like to read the texts… 😉

  7. @ Dan N.: Basically, Kaelah was trying to find out whether you were merely making a statement about your personal taste or whether you happen to be one of those annoying, narrow-minded people who cannot imnagine that others like different things than they do.

    Your comment left room for both interpretations. On the one hand, you qualifed your statement that “M/F is the only legitimate spanking format” with the prefix “to me”. On the other hand, you made some strong generalisations about how certain spanking scenes will “appeal to nobody” and “turn off just about anyone”, which is, of course, false.

    Tastes about spanking and corporal punishment vary widely. Some people like feel-good spankings, as you do, while others (myself included) like dark, edgy, even disturbing scenarios. The latter might even select “The Killer Inside Me” as their favourite on Luther’s list (I haven’t seen it, so I cannot comment on it).

    You argued that “The Killer Inside Me” should be removed from the list because it is liable to “paint the spanking community as evildoers”. In effect, that would be a capitulation to the ignorant and the intolerant. It is the worst we could do.

    I trust that most adults are able to distinguish between fiction and reality. “The Killer Inside Me” is a work of fiction and the deeds of the violent sociopath therein are totally unlike what happens between consenting adults in the spanking community. Moreover, the fact that you might be turned on by a fictional depiction of violence does not mean that you condone violence in real life (otherwise, all horror film fans would be violent criminals). As I said, I believe that most people already understand this. If a few don’t, we should respond by educating them about the error of their ways, not by hastily self-censoring ourselves.

  8. How about the one (albeit rather innocent) in The Big Bang Theory? I forget the two characters names, because I didn’t watch it that much. The male character caught the female character lying about her health, if that helps anybody.

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