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Today’s Teens

I’m not sure if these two pictures have been posted together on the internet before, but if not then it’s long overdue.


The Back to College issue of National Lampoon is famous for its spanking cover, but the Today’s Teens issue from August 1978 inspired a spanking picture of its own. From the prolific pen of Paula Meadows, it first appeared in Janus just a year or two later.


Of course those peace-loving hippy parents would never have resorted to corporal punishment so they have been reimagined as a straight couple, but the connection between the two pictures is clear for all to see, right down to the girl’s lowered left sock.

Mara McAfee did another Lampoon cover which is begging for a follow up too.


Lost Christmas Spanking

Talking about ‘lost’ spanking scenes,i can remember one at christmas in which santa birches a nubile blonde girl-i recall she was dressed in a red ‘baby doll’ with black frilly knickers-this must have been around 1972/3-its probably long since wiped-i think it was on itv.

Can any helpful spanko Santas  add anything to this? It is Christmas after all!!


Sam Taylor Wood

Sam Taylor-Wood Venus

I found another Venus picture. It’s not very big but it has an interesting spanking connection. It’s actually a self-portrait by Sam Taylor-Wood, the director of the 50 Shades of Grey movie. Note that she’s being a little shy and not fully presenting both buttocks to the camera. Hope she won’t let Dakota Johnson get away with doing the same!

Will add this to my Headers page.

It’s been announced this month that there will be TWO versions of the film so they can please both fans of the book and allow the movie to be shown in mainstream cinemas.

What we’re kind of hearing from the fans is they want it dirty… they want it as close as possible [to the book] said producer Dana Brunetti, who has been listening to the demands of the book’s female followers on Twitter.

So after a fairly restrained take on the bestseller for mainstream cinema audiences,  they are now  planning to release a more explicit version soon afterwards.

The first part of the trilogy is set to hit the big screen on February 13 2015.

Updates and Site Maintenance

The Little Hut

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  3. text revised and one redundant post deleted

Spanking Joni Mitchell

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Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

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Sharon Tate in Dance of the Vampires


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What Celebrities Really Think About Their Bottoms – Sandra Bullock

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Brit Bot of the Week – Kelly Brook

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Brit Bot of the Week – Holly Willoughby


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  1. Thanks to Harry for sending me four new Moliere pictures including this little beauty.

The Spanking by Angela Strassheim

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Bells and Whistles

I’ve been adding a few bells and whistles to the site – something I’ve been meaning to do since swapping over to this new theme at the start of the year. There’s now a funky menu at the top of every Spank Statement page with a number of options. Starting from the left:

  • I’ve written a new and updated About page. As I’m no longer solely responsible for a lot of the stuff that gets posted here, the page reflects how the site has evolved into more of a collaborative effort over the last year or two.
  • Next come links to Harry’s awesome FEMEN posts both of which continue to bring in a steady stream of visitors to the site.
  • The Top Ten menu lists the readers who have sent in their favourite mainstream spanking scenes with links to their respective posts. The top page of this menu hasn’t been written yet.
  • Chross’ links have been moved up top from the sidebar. You can still access his various resources directly just as before – simply select an option from the drop-down menu.
  • Headers is another new page about the various photos and artwork that have been used as Spank Statement headers over the years.
  • Most Popular is fairly self explanatory – it’s a simple list of the top twenty posts on the site according to WordPress stats. (I said that Harry’s FEMEN pieces were still bringing in visitors – find out exactly how popular they are by visiting this page.)
  • Testimonials is a collection of quotes from readers that have left positive feedback in emails or comments.

Moving over to the right sidebar, you’ll find that there’s now a feed for a NEW Tumblr blog. There’s always lots of interesting stuff I find on the net that never makes it into Spank Statements, so instead of having it gathering dust on my computer I thought I’d use the Tumblr as a scrapbook for pictures, videos and articles etc. I’ll also post links (or reblog as they call it) to blog posts and other things that catch the eye. There’s only three posts on it so far but in the future, even if the main site hasn’t been updated for a while, there’s a good chance you’ll find new material on the Tumblr at least.

Finally, I’ve added a song lyric extract at the top of the right sidebar. The plan is for this to change periodically using different quotes, quips and bon mots.

Hope you find the changes an improvement.