A Million For Marty


Yet another great offering from Sweetspot. It’s an illustration from American Weekly which also appeared in other newpapers during 1938.

The action takes place in front of guests at a party held by an artist, hence the cocktails and the paintings and sculpture that can be seen in the background.

The spanking isn’t really described in the story itself, just mentioned during a conversation between two of the party-goers after the event. Clearly the opportunity to SHOW a spanking was too good to miss though. The artist has done a fine job of filling in the gaps for readers, although the man is spanking her with the sharp heel of her shoe (not a slipper as described in the extract) which looks a bit odd to me.

Smoking at Work

Montana Standard 8-8-1931

More classic 20th Century newspaper drawings from the collection of Sweetspot. This time they are illustrating a short story by David William Moore. The first picture shows the offence of smoking at work and in the second we see the retribution as the boss  “begins scientifically to apply earnest impacts where they would do most good.”

It looks as though the spanking is having a memorable impact on a couple of young male spectators too. It’s interesting that a woman has drawn what would certainly be called sexist today. Gladys Parker was one of the few women cartoonists working in the 1920s and 30s and has a Wikipedia page here.

From Papas Spanking to Movie Star in 6 Jumps


From papas spanking to movie star in 6 jumps

I love the simple but classy linework in this strip the like of which you just don’t see these days. It would be nice to know the name of the artist but I can’t make out the signature. I think it’s Lee something.

It’s a complete little story which just happens to contain a spanking which is always better than a spanking panel in isolation. Another plus point is that we get to see Lilian in an usherette uniform (looking very like an air stewardess too).

The caption writer/artist has gone out of his way to avoid any words that might sound violent or offensive. The father “administers a rebuke to daughter Lilian in the old-fashioned way and on the customary part of her anatomy”.

My only criticism is that the story could have gone on a bit longer. Surely Lilian ended up across the knee of that creepy director too! And knowing Lilian’s luck, after a promising start, her career probably nose-dived and she found herself living back at home. A final panel showing Lilian across Papa’s knee once again would have been a perfect ending with the moral of the story being:

“Be careful who you rebuke on the way up because you’ll probably have to rebuke them again on the way down!”

Many thanks to Sweetspot for sending me this little treasure. There’s more to come from his archives soon.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

This is not a photo shop, it’s for real. The back story is that Ellen von Unwerth did a shoot with Lindsay Lohan  on the Greek island of Mykonos last summer. The pictures were pretty bland, standard fare (see them here if you’re interested) but, typically enough, Lindsay didn’t arrive at the shooting location on time. So von Unwerth posted this bts shot on social media with the caption “THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING LATE!”


Lela & Co

Lela and Co

Let’s kick off the autumn season with a brand new spanking on the London stage. A gold-suited David Mumeni takes the tutu-wearing Katie West (Lela) across his knee in front of a red velvet curtain for a dose of discipline which looks like it might be from a variety show or glitzy musical.

Cordelia Lynn’s new play, which is in fact anything but showbizzy, has received five star reviews. The early scenes deal with Lela’s upbringing in a remote village in an unnamed country and, while none of the notices mention spanking, one talks about a scene in which her father “admonishes” her for ingratitude.

Mumeni plays all of the male characters in a drama which, after a playful opening, turns out to be a harrowing account of a young woman who is forced by her husband into providing sexual services for the soldiers in a war zone.


Lela & Co runs at the Royal Court Theatre until 3rd October.

More Production Shots

Remembering Murray Roberts

worms-head-gower 550 Michael has sent me a message with sad news from a wild and beautiful corner of the British Isles – home to one of the founding fathers of This Thing That We Do:

Hello Valdor, I’ve got some sad news I’m afraid. I’ve just had a phone call from Gower. Murray has died. He hadn’t been well for a long time. He was a lovely fellow; I’d known him for over 40 years. It was through the Janus Bookshop initially, when as a youngster I read its Collectors Corner, something of a forerunner of your marvellous site here.

I told them I’d like to talk with whoever put the Corner together, and he got in touch with me. We stayed in touch ever after – even when he left London (where he had worked though he actually lived in Herts then) I’d go down to Gower to stay with him, particularly latterly when joining his wife to go on the long trip to Australia to see their daughter was getting beyond him.

Latterly too he let me drive his car which was getting a bit beyond him. The previous summer there had been an incident with some sheep when he was driving me from Swansea Station across the moors-LOL. He was a real pioneer in the collection of spanking memorabilia, and a tireless researcher for new material. We spankos all owe him a lot.

He had one or two colleagues in America but on this side of the pond Murray Roberts was the first to record and share mainstream spankings. His seminal Collector’s Corner in Janus was avidly followed by a generation of up and coming spankos including yours truly. I never met him myself but, since starting this blog, I have been contacted by many readers who did know him personally and he will be much missed. He first approached me with the idea of submitting some novel extracts to the Spank Statement and the Library of Murray Roberts series was born. It ran for 3 years from 2009 – 2012. He was a huge fan of Kiss Me Kate and researched many pictures from that musical, and in 2011 he wrote a guest post on the subject. He also supplied rare movie clips to both the Spank Statement and Chross even though his lack of computer skills made this very difficult for him. In October 2010 the Spank Statement posted Murray’s personal list of all time favourite movie spankings. Murray was in his mid 80s and he kept up his interest right to the end. I know he made arrangements to preserve his huge collection of spanking memorabilia. Looking back, I last heard from him in September 2014 when he told me that, despite poor health, he was very much enjoying Harry’s theater series of posts. The view in the picture is one that Murray would have known and loved. As Michael says in his message, we all owe him a lot and I’m sure you will want to join me in paying tribute to the life and work of Murray Roberts. We will always remember him.

Introducing Murray Roberts
Kiss me Kate by Murray Roberts
Reader’s Top Tens – Murray Roberts
From the Library of Murray Roberts
Eloge de la Fessee by Jacques Serguine


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