Live Fille Next Week

This isn’t part of our regular ‘Fille Files’ series , which will continue later this month on a new site that will be the principal future home for my work. No, this is just a reminder that the Royal Opera House 2015 cinema season continues Tuesday night, May 5, with a live worldwide screening of the current production of La Fille Mal Gardée. The role of Lise will be danced by Natalia Osipova:


And recorded footage that has already escaped onto the internet gives us a couple of glimpses of her from another angle:

2015 Royal Ballet Osipova 02015 Royal Ballet Osipova 1

On Tuesday, if we’re lucky, we’ll get to see that frilly bottom spanked! And whether the Widow’s hand descends or not, on Wednesday there will be a photograph of the spanking scene on my new site. Just don’t click on the link before Wednesday, because there won’t be anything there until then!



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