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Today’s Teens

I’m not sure if these two pictures have been posted together on the internet before, but if not then it’s long overdue.


The Back to College issue of National Lampoon is famous for its spanking cover, but the Today’s Teens issue from August 1978 inspired a spanking picture of its own. From the prolific pen of Paula Meadows, it first appeared in Janus just a year or two later.


Of course those peace-loving hippy parents would never have resorted to corporal punishment so they have been reimagined as a straight couple, but the connection between the two pictures is clear for all to see, right down to the girl’s lowered left sock.

Mara McAfee did another Lampoon cover which is begging for a follow up too.


Impetuous Marie and Reckless Karen


A classic image presented here in superior quality thanks to Sweetspot.

Rather like the vampire spanking in the previous post the unknown artist uses contrasting areas of bright light and deep shade to provide dramatic impact. The light source is a bedside lamp which appears about to topple over in the commotion.

From Impetuous Marie to Reckless Karen…


I’ve added Sweetspot’s  precise dates on the image files.

A Million For Marty


Yet another great offering from Sweetspot. It’s an illustration from American Weekly which also appeared in other newpapers during 1938.

The action takes place in front of guests at a party held by an artist, hence the cocktails and the paintings and sculpture that can be seen in the background.

The spanking isn’t really described in the story itself, just mentioned during a conversation between two of the party-goers after the event. Clearly the opportunity to SHOW a spanking was too good to miss though. The artist has done a fine job of filling in the gaps for readers, although the man is spanking her with the sharp heel of her shoe (not a slipper as described in the extract) which looks a bit odd to me.

Smoking at Work

Montana Standard 8-8-1931

More classic 20th Century newspaper drawings from the collection of Sweetspot. This time they are illustrating a short story by David William Moore. The first picture shows the offence of smoking at work and in the second we see the retribution as the boss  “begins scientifically to apply earnest impacts where they would do most good.”

It looks as though the spanking is having a memorable impact on a couple of young male spectators too. It’s interesting that a woman has drawn what would certainly be called sexist today. Gladys Parker was one of the few women cartoonists working in the 1920s and 30s and has a Wikipedia page here.

From Papas Spanking to Movie Star in 6 Jumps


From papas spanking to movie star in 6 jumps

I love the simple but classy linework in this strip the like of which you just don’t see these days. It would be nice to know the name of the artist but I can’t make out the signature. I think it’s Lee something.

It’s a complete little story which just happens to contain a spanking which is always better than a spanking panel in isolation. Another plus point is that we get to see Lilian in an usherette uniform (looking very like an air stewardess too).

The caption writer/artist has gone out of his way to avoid any words that might sound violent or offensive. The father “administers a rebuke to daughter Lilian in the old-fashioned way and on the customary part of her anatomy”.

My only criticism is that the story could have gone on a bit longer. Surely Lilian ended up across the knee of that creepy director too! And knowing Lilian’s luck, after a promising start, her career probably nose-dived and she found herself living back at home. A final panel showing Lilian across Papa’s knee once again would have been a perfect ending with the moral of the story being:

“Be careful who you rebuke on the way up because you’ll probably have to rebuke them again on the way down!”

Many thanks to Sweetspot for sending me this little treasure. There’s more to come from his archives soon.

Flashman at the Charge

Flashman at the Charge by Frank Frazetta

We haven’t had any artwork on the Spank Statement lately so let’s take a look at this striking picture by fantasy artist/illustrator Frank Frazetta which is dated 1974.

There is a 2012 pastiche by Ferdinand Kreozot, and it’s quite fun to play Spot the Difference.


Kreozot has cartoonified most of the details and added Flashman’s other boot. I prefer the original but the modern version looks even more like he is spanking her rather than just holding her in place. Of course, Frazetta’s painting is itself a pastiche of old paintings of The Charge of the Light Brigade – probably this one of Lord Cardigan leading the charge by Henry Payne.


Flashman at the Charge was the title of a 1973 novel by George MacDonald Fraser and Frazetta’s painting appeared on the cover of the Signet paperback edition.

Flashman at the Charge -  Signet

The girl is presumably Valla the beautiful Russian daughter of Count Pencherjevsky and Flashman’s lover in the novel. The Flashman stories are based on the adult adventures of the bully from Tom’s Brown Schooldays so we know the character was very familiar with corporal punishment. He doesn’t spank Valla but she has an aunt Sara who teaches Flash how to enjoy a Russian bath. “A sovereign remedy against our long winters”, Sara claims as she entices him into a hot steam tryst. After a passionate bout with the “saucy little flirt”, which includes a traditional birch whipping, Flashy declares her to be “undoubtedly my favourite aunt”.

Frank Frazetta Art Museum

Ferdinand Kreozot

The Rise and Fall of the Bobby Soxers


In the early 1940s, Hitler was busy trampling Europe underfoot but over in America there was a different kind of terror that was threatening the nation. A moral panic that moved quickly from state to state spread, not by the march of the jackboot, but the pitter-patter of the bowling shoe!

The rebellious teen tribe known as the bobby-soxers was on the rise. Their crimes were too numerous to mention but close analysis of the films of the period reveal that some of the most common included:

  • Using slang
  • Laziness
  • Over the top emotions
  • Careless use of the telephone
  • Dancing to swing and big band music


America had invented the teenager and the guardians of traditional family values promptly came up with an invention of their own:

The Teen Spanking!


Educational insititutions were taking no chances either. In Utah, a brand new intake of college freshers turned up wearing the bobby soxer uniform of sweaters, skirts and ankle socks with bowling shoes. They were lined up and paddled in public as a deterrent. Better to be safe than sorry.


The power of the press was employed to try and suppress bobby soxer rebellions wherever they broke out. The dreaded saddle shoe is clearly visible in this still of Betty Lynn being spanked with a newspaper from the film June Bride (1948).  In the same year,  Betty played another bratty bobby soxer in Sitting Pretty and was threatened with a bottom-warming in that too.


I spotted a very similar scene in Harry’s post on the popular high school stage play Men are Like Streetcars. It tells the story of naughty Maudie Mason a character whose roots lie in the bobbysoxer era even though the play was still being performed into the 1970s.


Soon even rural areas of the country were being defended with necessary force. This is one backwoods bobby soxer who won’t be commiting any of those top 5 sins again in a hurry!


Shockingly, even the all American sweetheart and child star Shirley Temple grew up to be a bobby soxer. See her threatened with a spanking here.

Bobby soxer demigogues included the likes of Frank Sinatra and the less well known, but equally dangerous, Van Johnson. How many teenage girls fantasised about being in the position of June Allyson in the film Too Young to Kiss? Draped across Johnson’s knee, she is undergoing some much needed correction from her leader.


Unfortunately for the bobbysoxers, the authorities were able to exploit a vulnerability in their fashionable attire. Those “poodle” style skirts were just asking to be hoiked up!


While there is little authentic picture evidence of this tactic being employed, an excellent approximation from the early 21st Century shows what it might have looked like.


The raised skirt panty spanking must have proved a very effective weapon as by the end of the decade the bobby soxers were in retreat. At the top of this post we see a student with a comb stuffed down her sock but it was a different kind of hair grooming device which proved their final undoing.The ultimate deterrent was reluctantly put into use against the remaining rebels.



Hairbrush-ima soon had the bobby soxers begging to surrender and behave!

Credits: [Bobbysoxer6] This picture is from Harry’s collection and it’s never been on the internet before.

[utah] JS 666 sent me this version of the famous student paddling picture which is better quality than the one seen on most sites.

{Bobbysoxer5] I found this on Richard Windsor’s blog.

[Bobbysoxer3] I think this is from the website Punished Brats.